Ubuntu Studio Intrepid Release Goals

  • Art refresh
  • Package updates where appropriate
  • Multi-processer JACK (jackdmp)

    • What needs to be done here to enable this? (rexbron)
      • New package process.
    • Talk to Paul Davis to find out what differs between mainline.
  • PPC port
    • Ensure amd64 packages are making use of particular CPU flags such as SSE, etc.
  • Wiki review and refresh
  • Process documentation.
  • Examine the possibility of using the GTk installer.

Decisions made in the meeting the 13th of June

  • Make the #ubuntustudio-devel channel public.
  • Complete 2 new packages. "Pencil" (Janni will do this) and "jackdmp" (Luke will do this) Look at updating Superlooper.

  • Luis de Bethencourt will lead Ubuntu Studio for Intrepid +1

  • Luke to look after -audio package list. Andrew for the -video package list. Cory takes -graphics and still creates the "look&feel" of Ubuntu Studio.

  • we'll have regular meetings @21:00 in the 2nd week of every month. Alternating between Fridays and Sundays. (schedule to follow soon)

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