_MMA_: ************************ START MEETING ************************
_MMA_: Ok. Here we go.
_MMA_: We have a good bit of things to get to.
_MMA_: * Openness of our systems/resources * Moving the channels to Ubuntu IRC counsel control * Package status * Recruitment Campaign * Support on #ubuntustudio * Status of various new packages and artwork
_MMA_: But 1st, Jussi needs the floor.
jussi01: heh
jussi01: OK, So here goes
jussi01: I have some Family issues going on in this cycle - we are moving and other stuff is going on. SO... my involvement will fall from here on in.
jussi01: I wont be doing any packaging work, however, I will still have time to be on IRC and things, just not heavy dev stuff
Luis de Bethencourt: this cycle. ok. and next?
jussi01: luisbg: we will see
Luis de Bethencourt: I hope it is a yes
Luis de Bethencourt: my opinion is straightfoward
jussi01: What I will be doing is still looking after IRC and ML stuff
Luis de Bethencourt: do what you can
Luis de Bethencourt: if it is small oh well
Luis de Bethencourt: we all have lives
Luis de Bethencourt: :)
Luis de Bethencourt: but stay around and help unless a little
jussi01: luisbg: yes, that was my intention
Luis de Bethencourt: awesome
jussi01: So, this means someone will have to look after sooper loopers update.
jussi01: Other than that, any questions?
_MMA_: Not from me.
Luis de Bethencourt: is that update needed to be done now
AstralJava: I'm cool.
Luis de Bethencourt: or is this when a new version of the software comes?
jussi01: luisbg: its on its way - just needs to be made sure that it happens
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: ok, cool
Luis de Bethencourt: I'm cool too
jussi01: ok great. Im done. _MMA_ whats next?
_MMA_: Sad to see Jussi but Im sure we all understand.
_MMA_: Moving on.
_MMA_: * Openness of our systems/resources (and what that means)
_MMA_: Recently there was a small issue with with getting to some scripts we rely on for different notifications.
_MMA_: Now personal issues aside this got me thinking.
_MMA_: What if something happened to any of us that control a particular service for the team/project.
_MMA_: ?
_MMA_: So this lead me to deciding that *anything* created for the management of the project be open and accessible.
Luis de Bethencourt: as an open project we need to be decentralized, "institutions" need to be avoided by being open
_MMA_: ie: If someone has a bot we rely on. The latest version should always be out there so if something were to happen another could grab the code and get things running again.
Luis de Bethencourt: so we are the more plane as possible
***jussi01 concurs with this
Luis de Bethencourt: I include to Cory's example if we need a slight change in that bot
Luis de Bethencourt: and the person with the code doesnt have time to do so
Luis de Bethencourt: we have to work as a newtwork of responsabilities :)
_MMA_: Any questions/thoughts?
AstralJava: Easy, upload everything under our team in lp.net
jussi01: the IRC channels?
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: this channel is open
jussi01: no, I meant ownership
Luis de Bethencourt: is ubottu accesible?
_MMA_: We'll get to IRC.
jussi01: luisbg: its on lp
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: an other topic in the agenda
_MMA_: AstralJava: Im more looking for input on the idea.
_MMA_: Ill talk about implementation in a sec.
Luis de Bethencourt: when we finish with this topic I want to say something
_MMA_: Anyone have issues with this?
jussi01: there still needs to be cntrol on who can do stuff with some things...
AstralJava: No issues whatsoever, our _current_ services must be open.
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: what do you mean?
_MMA_: AstralJava: Current and future.
Luis de Bethencourt: AstralJava: that means closing the ones that arent, correct?
AstralJava: _MMA_: Yes, current and future.
Luis de Bethencourt: _MMA_: yes, not using anything unless it follows the policy
_MMA_: Say if a bot or scripts are made for the project. A copy needs to be sitting somewhere other than someone's hard drive.
_MMA_: *In case* something happens. We've seen this before with imbrandon.
Luis de Bethencourt: _MMA_: that was dangerous
Luis de Bethencourt: and backups saved us
_MMA_: Yes.
Luis de Bethencourt: if he was the only one with a copy
Luis de Bethencourt: only one master copy we depended one
Luis de Bethencourt: the website would've needed to be redone, loose time to publish, etc
_MMA_: Ok. So where this stuff will be is simple. We'll make a bzr branch with our crap in it. Ok?
Luis de Bethencourt: +1
_MMA_: We'll hammer out the details on the ML.
jussi01: +1
_MMA_: Anyone else?
jussi01: AstralJava: ?
AstralJava: Yeah I'm fine.
AstralJava: Already told it. :)
_MMA_: Related topic:
_MMA_:  * Moving the channels to Ubuntu IRC counsel control
joejaxx: hi ?
Luis de Bethencourt: I just wanted to say that Launchpad is going to be the exception for some time
jussi01: joejaxx: !!
Luis de Bethencourt: since it is going to be open soon
Luis de Bethencourt: joejaxx: hey!
_MMA_: Ok. Lets freeze.
joejaxx: not really feeling well
_MMA_: 1 sec guys.
Luis de Bethencourt: ok
joejaxx: luisbg: please do the following
joejaxx: luisbg: /msg ChanServ SET #ubuntustudio FOUNDER luisbg
_MMA_: jowjaxx: Shall I go?
joejaxx: /msg ChanServ SET #ubuntustudio-devel FOUNDER luisbg
joejaxx: sure
_MMA_: Damn typo.
Luis de Bethencourt: [20:59:34] <joejaxx> /msg ChanServ SET #ubuntustudio-devel FOUNDER luisbg
Luis de Bethencourt: oops
Luis de Bethencourt: sorry
Luis de Bethencourt: we still have to talk about the irc channel ownership
Luis de Bethencourt: it was the next topic in the agenda
joejaxx: i know but you still need to do that
Luis de Bethencourt: just did
Luis de Bethencourt: joejaxx: lets PM that and keep the meeting going
_MMA_: Ok. There was a little issue the other day that prompted the "open systems" thing.
_MMA_: It revolved around a philosophical difference but got personal.
_MMA_: And it should not have.
_MMA_: I wanna say this:
_MMA_: Anyone can contribute to this project no matter their free-software religious beliefs.
_MMA_: :P
_MMA_: But...
_MMA_: The resulting work needs to be available to all. :)
_MMA_: Sorry. Im slow to type.
Luis de Bethencourt: May I have to floor?
_MMA_: Sure
Luis de Bethencourt: I guess by now most of the people know about the incident so no need to go on about it
Luis de Bethencourt: and should be in the past
Luis de Bethencourt: but
Luis de Bethencourt: I want to publicly apologize to joejaxx for taking a management conversation to a personal level
Luis de Bethencourt: and falling into words that can be taken offensively through irc
Luis de Bethencourt: I shouldve kept cold minded
Luis de Bethencourt: and I promise it wont happen again
Luis de Bethencourt: so I want to ask joejaxx for his forgiveness as I do respect him
Luis de Bethencourt: and would like to still work with him together in this project
Luis de Bethencourt: if he grants me that favor and pleasure
_MMA_: joejaxx: You wanna say anything?
joejaxx: yeah
_MMA_: Shoot
joejaxx: i am taking a indefinite break from the project
joejaxx: i already transferred most stuff over already
joejaxx: the domains will still have to wait though
joejaxx: 1and1 are being ignorant about giving me with transfer codes
joejaxx: but as soon as i get them i will be giving them to lans (i think that was his irc nick ) through email
joejaxx: and they will be canonical property
_MMA_: joejaxx: I'd rather you not beat around the bush. Why an "indefinite break".
_MMA_: ?
joejaxx: ?
_MMA_: joejaxx: Are things square with you and Luis or is there something else?
joejaxx: i do not let things happen a third time
joejaxx: so i will have to resign
joejaxx: unfortunately
_MMA_: I can't remember *any* other issues before this.
joejaxx: that has always been my rule of thumb in life
joejaxx: this is the second time this has happened
joejaxx: or that was
joejaxx: rather
_MMA_: SO this also means you're not willing to take the olive branch, swallow pride and take Luis at his word?
joejaxx: _MMA_: i apply the two strike rule to everything
Luis de Bethencourt: I beg to differ, this is the first time it happens (I remember it with shock :P) but I will extend the olive branch of peace and getting square
_MMA_: Still not a direct answer.
Luis de Bethencourt: indefinitely
Luis de Bethencourt: so you are always welcomed to accept my apologies
Luis de Bethencourt: and if your relation with the project cant be helped now or in the future
joejaxx: i accept your apology but i also have to adhere to my own rules
Luis de Bethencourt: I dont want you to leave with hard feelings
joejaxx: no hard feelings
joejaxx: i just have always had a two strike rules
joejaxx: in any situation
_MMA_: joejaxx: I honestly think it's a smack in the face to me and the project to not patch things up.
_MMA_: I can understand if there's more but just over this? No.
joejaxx: _MMA_: i accepted his apology
_MMA_: joejaxx fails. :(
joejaxx: and there are not hard feelings
joejaxx: s/not/no/g
***Luis de Bethencourt is sadend by this
_MMA_: joejaxx: Then there is no other apparent reason to leave.
Luis de Bethencourt: joejaxx: since the two strikes rule is with the future lead of the project and not the current
Luis de Bethencourt: can you at least stay involved until the end of this release?
Luis de Bethencourt: meanwhile Cory is the leader
joejaxx: i do not know
joejaxx: i have to think about it
jussi01: Ok, luisbg has limited time - should we not get on with the other stuff?
_MMA_: joejaxx: I know you well enough. Are you really gonna think about it or are you just staling?
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: thanks :)
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: but this is important
joejaxx: _MMA_: i would not say it unless i meant it
joejaxx: and i really do not feel well
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: I am already late but I guess I'll miss part of the other topics
joejaxx: i have not even said 'lol' during this entire thing
Luis de Bethencourt: please do
Luis de Bethencourt: once
AstralJava: You have now. :D
Luis de Bethencourt: AstralJava: bastard
_MMA_: joejaxx: SO when will we expect an answer?
joejaxx: when i "lol" i actually laugh in real life, i do not feel like laughing at the moment
joejaxx: _MMA_: Wednesday
_MMA_: ok.
_MMA_: Moving on.
_MMA_:   * Moving the channels to Ubuntu IRC counsel control
_MMA_: jussi01: What is involved with this?
Luis de Bethencourt: its the policy of the official ubuntu projects
jussi01: 1 sec
Luis de Bethencourt: and it is part of the horizontal decentralized responsabilities and ownerships
jussi01: addong this for starters: [22:47:41] [freenode:ChanServ:ChanServ] 3 UbuntuIrcCouncil +votsriRfA [modified 4 weeks, 1 day, 09:58:28 ago]
_MMA_: jussi01: Where?
jussi01: But its best that we get price child involved with this - as he is actually on the council
jussi01: _MMA_: access list
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: very true
Luis de Bethencourt: and he has helped us before
jussi01: I will have time to take care of that and ping people where necessary, iof you like
_MMA_: Sure. Ok. Well lets put implementation aside.
_MMA_: ANyone have an issue with this?
jussi01: not I
Luis de Bethencourt: +1
AstralJava: I'm cool.
_MMA_: rexbron, TheMuso?
jussi01: pricey is around now, shall I ask him in?
Luis de Bethencourt: jussi01: nice, please do
_MMA_: Sure. Have him pop in.
joejaxx: /win 21
PriceChild [i=pricechi@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.pricechild] entered the room.
Luis de Bethencourt: hello PriceChild
_MMA_: Ok. Settled. We'll put the channels in-line with other Ubuntu projects under the care of the IRC Council.
jussi01: Hello PriceChild
PriceChild: Allo there.
_MMA_: \m/
PriceChild: :/
Luis de Bethencourt: \o/
_MMA_: jussi01: If you like, and Joseph can, please work in PM to get this done.
Luis de Bethencourt: PriceChild: can we have this channel owned by the ubuntu irc council?
Luis de Bethencourt: we should move the meeting on
Luis de Bethencourt: I have to go 5 minutes left
_MMA_: Moving on.
PriceChild: If you want.. but I'm not sure why?
Luis de Bethencourt: before I get spanked because Im too late for the family thing
_MMA_: PriceChild: We'll talk later about it.
Luis de Bethencourt: :P
PriceChild: Sure.
_MMA_: * Recruitment Campaign
_MMA_: I have basic non-groundbreaking ideas for getting new members.
Luis de Bethencourt: I have very few
Luis de Bethencourt: so I wanted this meeting to ask people to think about it
persia [n=persia@] entered the room.
_MMA_: I'll put up a post to the list soon I expect ideas from the team on.
Luis de Bethencourt: and try to create a multi attack plan for this topic
_MMA_: Hi Emmet.
Luis de Bethencourt: Hey persia :)
persia: Sorry I'm late
Luis de Bethencourt: no problem
joejaxx: /win 81
_MMA_: I just have the normal, "Post here and there." type of ideas.
Luis de Bethencourt: my ideas are blogging about stuff we need and asking for help
Luis de Bethencourt: see who replies to that
_MMA_: "We need you!" and all.
Luis de Bethencourt: talk about recruiting support in the forums
Luis de Bethencourt: mailing list
Luis de Bethencourt: etc
_MMA_: Yes.
_MMA_: Various ML actually.
Luis de Bethencourt: but we need to recruit two types of contributors
Luis de Bethencourt: developers and supporters
_MMA_: Anyone have any quick ideas now for the record?
Luis de Bethencourt: so we need to write those uncle sam propaganda
Luis de Bethencourt: and move it around in the correct mediums
_MMA_: Anyone other than Luis?
***AstralJava ain't so good with marketing, so I'll leave it to you lads. I'll just stick to my pbuilder and all that. :D
_MMA_: :P
Luis de Bethencourt: AstralJava: lol
Luis de Bethencourt: any native english speaker wants to help me with the writing of this?
_MMA_: I will. We'll do it together.
Luis de Bethencourt: my spanglish is funny but not much else
***_MMA_ grabs Luis's hand lovingly.
***Luis de Bethencourt holds _MMA_'s hand
Luis de Bethencourt: so gay
_MMA_: Ok. Moving on.
Luis de Bethencourt: this is my time guys
Luis de Bethencourt: sorry I cant stay for the rest
_MMA_: Later Luis.
jussi01: ok luisbg have a good one
Luis de Bethencourt: I have told Cory my opinions about the rest of the topics and I'll scroll back in a few hours
Luis de Bethencourt: bye everybody
_MMA_: * Our Package status's's'sss'ss'ssss (statusi)
jussi01: lol
_MMA_: :P
_MMA_: Ok. I think we know where Pencil is. Or do we?
AstralJava: In REVU.
AstralJava: Also built on my PPA.
_MMA_: AstralJava: What about those others you quickly took up?
AstralJava: Rakarrack in REVU too, but strangely didn't build in PPA.
AstralJava: Built fine on Intrepid pbuilder though.
AstralJava: minicomputer I haven't had time for, yet.
jussi01: AstralJava: nice work!
AstralJava: Cheers.
AstralJava: Pencil sources under team's bzr branches also.
AstralJava: Rakarrack getting there once I figure out what the problem is.
_MMA_: Ok. So was that all? I knew it was only a couple. What about superlooper? What is needed on it again. A merge/sync?
cody-somerville left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
_MMA_: jussi01 ^
AstralJava: No other from me, but I can look on something else if need be. Took a quick look on what the status is with intrepid/sid relation, but nothing there that required imminent action.
jussi01: _MMA_: yeah, when its done in debian - also some prodding the maintainer when the required lib hits debian (rubberband)
_MMA_: Ok. DO what you can and *please* poke someone for help.
AstralJava: Prodding the maintainer?! Please elaborate.
jussi01: AstralJava: the debian maintainer said he will update it when rubberband hits debian, as soon as that happens, he should be prodded to do it...
AstralJava: Right'o.
_MMA_: Moving on.
_MMA_: * Support on #ubuntustudio
_MMA_: I have no clue about this one. Maybe Jussi does?
jussi01: yes
jussi01: Its mostly been addressed, but we need to be in the channel giving help where we can. Ive noticed in the last few day a fantastic jump in questions actually getting answered in channel - just cause a few more people are around.
jussi01: So please, try to be in channel over there if you can.
AstralJava: Gotcha.
jussi01: Its been good also the fact that things have bneen happening have encouraged others to speak up, as they see other people talking
_MMA_: But it's still You and I Jussi. Who else has chimed in?
jussi01: AstralJava:
jussi01: and luisbg also
jussi01: but we need to see more - even if its only giving 5mins here and there
_MMA_: DO you have any other ideas as to how to address this?
jussi01: _MMA_: I feel it will grow as people see that there is viable help in there, then when there are people asking, people learn and tell others etc
jussi01: But maybe a ML post would also be in order
_MMA_: Ok. Cool.
_MMA_: Moving on.
_MMA_: * Artwork status.
_MMA_: I ain't got shit.
_MMA_: :P
AstralJava: How's your help raid coming up?
_MMA_: But I will say, I have many ideas floating around just have to pick a direction.
_MMA_: ?
AstralJava: I thought you were gonna recruit people for that.
jussi01: _MMA_: do you think you might put a couple of "directions" together and we can say "yeah! lets do that one" ??
_MMA_: As far as art goes, we'll see. I has 3 on the hook but as always no talk from them in weeks.
_MMA_: jussi01: It's honestly easier not to. But sure. I'll try. :)
jussi01: :D
_MMA_: s/has.had
_MMA_: gah. whatever
_MMA_: I was wondering something.
_MMA_: Well wait.
_MMA_: That's the end of "official" topics.
_MMA_: Anyone got anything else?
AstralJava: Well I was gonna ask about documentation.
AstralJava: What's the status on that?
AstralJava: What plans? Schedules? Roadmaps?
_MMA_: AstralJava: Well murat might be fucked.
AstralJava: Ouch.
_MMA_: It *looks* like he's gonna get pulled into military service.
AstralJava: By a baseball bat rolled in glass shards?
AstralJava: Yep, that's it then.
AstralJava: :D
AstralJava: Seriously, sorry to hear that.
_MMA_: So, we're in a holding pattern for now.
AstralJava: Ok.
_MMA_: But not long. I'll try to move it along soon.
_MMA_: Ok. I have one last idea/thought.
_MMA_: I was watching the # of Ubuntu-related questions on the linux-audio-users ML. They are quite large.
_MMA_: I was thinking about a possible merge. I kinda think it would be neat for people to go for help on our apps and not a seperate list just for us.
jussi01: _MMA_: I like that idea
_MMA_: *LOTS* of questions have the same answers.
_MMA_: I jusr saw a Debian user asking about the whole limits.conf settings thing.
_MMA_: *just
_MMA_: Any more?
AstralJava: Hmm... what you reckon we should do then? We all join that list and take our business over there?
_MMA_: Just the support channel. I'd still have to talk with those guys. Its all just an idea.
_MMA_: Anything else?
_MMA_: ************************ END MEETING ************************

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