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Log of 2009-10-12 Meeting Minutes

<stochastic> Hi all, the Ubuntu Studio developers meeting is about to get underway. If everyone could refer to the proposed agenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings/2009Oct12

<stochastic> okay, so let's call this meeting to order.

<stochastic> who all is here?

<luisbg> hello everyone

<luisbg> brb

* TheMuso is here.

<abogani_> Same for me.

<stochastic> okay, well it looks like attendance has improved from last month's attempted meeting

<stochastic> Lets look over the importance of the meeting topics. Are there any that we should deal with first?

<TheMuso> website update

<TheMuso> I think we have had complaints that it is badly out of date.

<luisbg> TheMuso, yes

<luisbg> we have tried to find a web designer to join the team and update the web

<luisbg> and so far no success

<stochastic> I have some web experience/capabilities

<luisbg> anybody offers a different approach? or wants to take on the task of finding this person?

<luisbg> stochastic, the ubuntu studio website is done through the Drupal framework

<luisbg> do you have any experience with Drupal?

<stochastic> yes I'm familiar with Drupal, currently manage about five drupal installs

<stochastic> but I don't have access to our website, and the bzr branch changes look like they haven't been pushed in a while

<luisbg> stochastic, I can give you admin access to the website

<luisbg> with that you can update the bzr or create and push a new branch to launchpad

<luisbg> I dont really mind which version control method you use

<luisbg> Smile :)

<stochastic> luisbg, okay, I'll treat that access with respect

<luisbg> I'm happy with versioned tarballs kept in the actual website if that means you are going to update the website more happily Smile :)

<stochastic> well I think bzr might be fine, provided it is kept up to date

<luisbg> so ping me sometime after the meeting and I will grant you access

<stochastic> will do

<luisbg> preferably tomorrow (getting late for me)

<luisbg> happy with drupal and bzr

<luisbg> you are the man for the job Wink ;)

<luisbg> topic finished unless someone else has something to say

<luisbg> TheMuso, ?

<TheMuso> Not about the website

<stochastic> okay, next topic: Release Artwork

<luisbg> wait

<luisbg> the website has a very quick subtopic

<luisbg> everybody in the team is comfortable with stochastic and myself selecting what the actual updates will be?

<luisbg> first it will be content update (I've tried to update all the links at every release but I'm sure there are some stuff I've

missed) <luisbg> then trying to match the aesthetics to our current themes

<luisbg> later... and if time permits it: adding new interesting content

<TheMuso> luisbg: Whatever. I am no web guru.

<luisbg> ok Smile :)

<luisbg> so just for minutes sake...

<luisbg> attendants are TheMuso, stochastic, abogani, and myself

<luisbg> anybody else?

<luisbg> stochastic, the floor is yours again

<stochastic> okay, next topic: Release Artwork

<stochastic> I simply put this on the schedule hoping that a bit of co-ordinated release advertising might be possible

<luisbg> ckontros should know about this

<luisbg> but he isnt here

<luisbg> we've been sending missing pings for a few weeks now

<stochastic> I think 9.10 is one of the better releases we've had since 8.04 and I'd like to see much of the userbase try it out

<luisbg> he is busy adapting back home

<stochastic> ckontros did mention he'd be reading these minutes

<luisbg> TheMuso, do you remember if there was a theme change in 9.04?

<TheMuso> luisbg: There was a slight theme change in 9.04 if I remember correctly, at least on the desktop

<luisbg> that's good news

<luisbg> because more than a year ago we decided to update the art every _other_ release

<TheMuso> Right

<luisbg> except wallpapers

<luisbg> which we usually just explore flickr for some good artsy high res suitable stuff

<TheMuso> Right

<luisbg> I can take that task

<luisbg> I will ping Cory to see if he wants to do it (he usually has spotted some stuff before he even needs to LOL)

<luisbg> and since he is the Art Lead

<luisbg> confirm the above said with him and decide who takes the task of doing it

<stochastic> speaking of that, one topic from last meeting's agenda was Dashua as the new art lead

<luisbg> so I'm basically taking the task of getting the task done Wink ;)

<stochastic> do we want to touch on Dashua?

<luisbg> we can pass this discussion through him

<stochastic> okay

<luisbg> maybe he has some wallpaper proposals or would like to do that himself

<luisbg> but the pressure of a new kick-ass theme... is for 10.04

<stochastic> I recall him saying he's planning on getting much more involved in 10.04

<luisbg> then it matches our schedule perfectly

<luisbg> in my experience watching Cory do it before

<luisbg> art themes are much more work than first expected

<TheMuso> indeed

<luisbg> stochastic, can you take the task to push Dashua a little once we close this release

<luisbg> so he starts working in the new art from day 0

<luisbg> it wont work if he lets it for the last month

<stochastic> luisbg, yes, will do

<luisbg> great! thanks

<stochastic> Okay, anything else to say on artwork updates for 9.10?

<luisbg> nai

<stochastic> Wiki documentation updates for 9.10 release?

* luisbg hides

<luisbg> :P

<stochastic> much of our documentation id decrepit

<luisbg> yes

<stochastic> *is

<luisbg> I am aware of

<stochastic> I think this is a task that we can push the community to help out with

<luisbg> so who was the responsible of documentation?

<luisbg> stochastic, what do you mean with that?

<luisbg> do you care to explain in more detail?

<ScottL> I agreed to help with documentation and I shall

<stochastic> I mean publishing a request on our users mailing list for people to edit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ to get it up to date for 9.10

<luisbg> ScottL, Smile :) hello

<ScottL> my in-laws moved in with us and I lost room/time

<ScottL> 'ello all

<stochastic> hello ScottL

<luisbg> ScottL, do you have time to manage what stochastic mentioned?

<TheMuso> Hey ScottL.

<luisbg> it consists in checking all the edits in the wiki

<ScottL> luisbg: yes, I am wrapping up other items this week and can give time to the wiki

<luisbg> ScottL, I can send an email to the user list

<luisbg> get some motion happening

<stochastic> the three pages I listed on the agenda were ones I thought were in particularly bad shape

<luisbg> and then you can join in later and review the edits

<stochastic> those might need a mention in the e-mail to the users list

<luisbg> stochastic, very true

<stochastic> okay anything else to say on Documentation updates?

<luisbg> ScottL, do you agree?

<ScottL> luisbg, yes (sorry at work)

<luisbg> ScottL, no problem

<luisbg> stochastic, next topic Smile :)

<stochastic> alright, Kernel updates

<luisbg> this one is for TheMuso

<TheMuso> Ok. I am proud to say that we will ship 2.6.31 RT for karmic.

<luisbg> \o/

* luisbg jumps from his chair and does the MC Hammer dance

<luisbg> Hammer Time

<luisbg> TheMuso, sorry :S, continue

<TheMuso> I am currently working on ensuring that we have the latest ubuntu mainline code + rt patch for kernel freeze, this thursday.

<TheMuso> I still need to ensure that nvidia and fglrx dkms packages build against the RT kernel, so if anyone can help with that and can help patch them if need be, that would e much appreciated.

<luisbg> and help testing

<stochastic> I'll try to find time to give the fglrx driver a test in my VM

<abogani> I hope to fix fglrx in two days.

<TheMuso> I am pretty sure that the 185 nvidia drivers are ok, since I patched them

<TheMuso> Ok bare in mind that we freeze for RC as well this Thursday, and after that, we don't unfreeze.

<abogani> Ok

<TheMuso> So it will be harder to get fixes in, and they will need good reasons.

<stochastic> so is there any update strategy for 9.10 RT kernel?

<TheMuso> stochastic: What do you mean exactly?

<stochastic> that's the actual topic on the agenda

<abogani> That point is mine

<stochastic> "update strategy"

<abogani> Who update rt kernel before release?

<abogani> s/before/after

<TheMuso> Well, I think we have to watch out for kernel SRU patches, and determine whether any of those are something we need to apply. Certainly security patches need to be taken into consideration.

<abogani> TheMuso: No way.

<abogani> Kernel team send me to MOTuers. And MOTUers send me to kernel team. And that since Intrepid.

<abogani> This is why substantially rt kernels aren't ever well maintained after release.

<TheMuso> abogani: I don't mean ask the kernel team to do anything. I mean we follow the git tree for the karmic kernel, and fi any users report similar issues with rt as have been reported against mainline, then we get the patch and get it tested, and an update released.

<TheMuso> abogani: Yes I know, which is why we need to step up our efforts to do so ourselves. There is no problem updating universe packages after release, as long as we have users affected with users that need fixes, and security updates, there shouldn't be a problem, we simply follow the update process as normal.

<abogani> FYI I never able to upload a single update through MOTU.

<abogani> Is there a way to obtain per-packages upload rights???

<TheMuso> Ok, I must admit I didn't make an effort to see the rt kernel updat

ed with important fixes either. <TheMuso> abogani: yes there is

<abogani> TheMuso: By the way, Thank you fo

r your invaluable work for RT kernel in karmic. <TheMuso> abogani: No problem. It is easier when upstream are regularly churning out patches.

<stochastic> okay, so is that all that needs to be decided/discussed for the kernel?

<stochastic> for now anyway?

<TheMuso> I think so.

<abogani> Yes of me

<TheMuso> abogani: good call re the rt-pae flavour

<stochastic> Next Topic: Any major bugs need fixing before release?

<abogani> I'm just download fglrx-kernel-source source package...

<stochastic> Bug #374733 maybe?

<ubottu> Launchpad bug 374733 in swami "Swami needs updating to latest SVN." [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/374733

<TheMuso> If it is done, it has to be done in the next 2 days.

<stochastic> eek!

<stochastic> what about as an update or backport to Karmic?

<TheMuso> Yes thats possible

<stochastic> TheMuso, were you working on this previously?

<luisbg> sorry I wont have time in the next two days to tackle that Sad :(

<TheMuso> stochastic: I was looking into it at some point, but don't know why I didn't get back to it.

<stochastic> nor will I

<stochastic> hello ckontros

* ckontros waves

<luisbg> hey ckontros Smile :)

<TheMuso> Hey ckontros.

<abogani> abogani: Hi ckontros!

<ScottL> hi cory

<stochastic> so at this point the Swami update will most likely be a post-release update/backport

* ckontros sits back and watches for now. (phone call)

<stochastic> should we put anyone in charge of tackling the Swami update?

<luisbg> stochastic, it seams like it

<luisbg> stochastic, yourself? ;{

<luisbg> :P

<TheMuso> Deending on how it gets updated in lucid, I could help with getting it backported.

<stochastic> okay I think either TheMuso or myself should be able to get it done

<stochastic> any other important bugs before release?

<stochastic> if not, then there's just two last minor discussion points I'd like to touch on

<TheMuso> Sure

<luisbg> go ahead

<stochastic> first, in ubuntustudio-menu Xjadeo, our new jack-synced video player, appears in the main Sound & Video menu

<stochastic> I'd committed a change to bzr to fix this. if it could get pushed before release that'd be good

<TheMuso> stochastic: Right, will get to it after the meeting.

<stochastic> second, in the Desktop meta, there's a note in the code:

<ckontros> Well, if its a player, /should/ it go in the submenu?

<stochastic> * update-notifier # Re-visit for karmic

<stochastic> ckontros, it's part of the video meta package, I thought instinctively that it should be put into the submenu

<luisbg> players should go in the main list

<ckontros> stochastic: Typically, it was tools that went in the submenus. I'm not nitpicking. I shoulda mentioned the rational before.

<luisbg> editors inside audio and video subsections

<stochastic> but it's a player that is used in production

<stochastic> it doesn't play any audio itself, just syncs video playback with jack transport

<ckontros> stochastic: How so? Can you give a link or use case?

<ckontros> I /think/ I know what you're gettin' at though.

<stochastic> http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/doc/

<stochastic> it's meant for creating soundtracks to video

<stochastic> usually used in conjunction with Ardour

<abogani> Anyone have a ATI video card for test fglrx driver?

<stochastic> abogani, yes I do

<abogani> stochastic: Arch?

<ckontros> stochastic: Ok. I see what is meant. It's not just a simple player that uses JACK.

<luisbg> abogani, all my workstations are nVidia

<stochastic> ckontros, nope, it's clearly a production tool

<abogani> luisbg: Same here! Wink ;)

<stochastic> abogani, 32bit install right now

<luisbg> ckontros, Im starting to agree with stochastic

<ckontros> As do I.

<luisbg> his argumentation makes sense

<luisbg> Smile :)

<abogani> luisbg: Do you have a change to test all nvidia drivers? In particularly .96 seems completely untested....

<luisbg> abogani, my company has an angreement with nVidia to make workstations with that vendor Smile :) very hard to find ati stuff here

<luisbg> abogani, change/chance? and I will have one in a few days

<TheMuso> abogani: I have a card that I could test 173 with.

<TheMuso> for nvidia

<abogani> luisbg: Yes sorry. Too much time away from IRC Smile :-)

<abogani> Sorry guys I have only one 185.

<TheMuso> abogani: thats fine, we test what we have to hand.

<abogani> stochastic: Do you prefer package or build procedures for fglrx driver?

<stochastic> abogani, I prefer not to touch fglrx if at all possible Wink ;)

<stochastic> but in all seriousness, I don't have very much free time over the next few weeks to do a test. I'll try, but can't promise.

<abogani> TheMuso: Seems that ATI remove completely RCU stuff so fix should be easy as remove my old patch (or instruct DKMS to use this patch only for kernel <= 2.6.28).

<TheMuso> I think we can test if the package builds, but unless someone has a card to test with, we can't be sure it will run

<stochastic> I always just recommend the open source radeon driver whenever possible

<TheMuso> abogani: Ok I'll have a look when I get to it.

<abogani> stochastic: Good suggestion.

<TheMuso> Not to mention KMS goodness.

<TheMuso> for the open source version.

<ScottL> I have an ATI 1300 on my recording machine

<abogani> Perhaps users involved in #159941 can help in test?

<TheMuso> bug #159941

<ubottu> Launchpad bug 159941 in linux-rt "fglrx driver does not work in RT kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159941 <TheMuso> yeah good idea.

<TheMuso> I can make sure we have a buildable/installable package at least.

<stochastic> okay guys I need to run very soon

<TheMuso> stochastic: Ok thanks for helping to run the meeting, and thank you all for your help with studio. Hopefully we can pick it up more for lucid.

<stochastic> Just a reminder that the next scheduled meeting is November 9th at 7am UTC (07:00)

<TheMuso> Right

<ScottL> will someone post the logs so I can read the parts that i missed? (at work, came in late)

<stochastic> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings

<luisbg> thanks stochastic Smile :)

<TheMuso> there is also logs.ubuntu.com for IRC iirc

<ScottL> TheMuso: thanks

<stochastic> http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/10/12/%23ubuntu-meeting.html

<ScottL> do we want to post the logs at wiki.ubunut.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings ? if so I will

<TheMuso> If people want to do that, go ahead imo

<luisbg> I think the same

<abogani> ScottL: A link to irclogs could be useful.

<luisbg> if anybody wants to do it... go for it

<ScottL> I will take care of the log and the link

* stochastic is gone. See you all later.

<TheMuso> thanks folks.

<ScottL> * leave good day Smile :)

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