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Log of 2009-11-09 Meeting Minutes

[07:01] <stochastic> Hi everyone.  Who all is here for the Ubuntu Studio Developer's meeting?
[07:02] <TheMuso> Hey stochastic.
[07:02] <stochastic> hey TheMuso
[07:03] <stochastic> TheMuso are we the only two here?
[07:03] <TheMuso> stochastic: So far.
[07:05] <stochastic> Well should we proceed with discussion of the agenda?
[07:05] <stochastic> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings/2009Nov9
[07:06] <TheMuso> Since there is only the two of us atm, I don't really feel like going through it, since I've just had a day of work. If others were in attendance, I'd be ok with it however.
[07:06] <jussio1> ö/
[07:07] <TheMuso> stochastic: However if you want to, thats fine with me.
[07:07] <jussio1> stochastic: go for it
[07:07] <stochastic> hi jussio1
[07:07]  * jussio1 slaps whoever invented mornings...
[07:08] <stochastic> well since jussi is here now, I think it's worth at least skimming through the topics
[07:08] <TheMuso> ok
[07:08] <stochastic> so Discussion of Karmic
[07:09] <stochastic> are users happy?
[07:09] <stochastic> there were lots of upgrade issues I heard about
[07:09]  * TheMuso thinks so, overall. It doesn't help that we have some users giving bad information to help others out of a bind.
[07:09] <jussio1> as long as the RT kernel works, most users are happy.
[07:09] <stochastic> yeah, in general people like Karmic
[07:09] <TheMuso> stochastic: Well since we don't have enough man power to even test fresh installs, I am not surprised users have upgade issues, since we don't really test it.
[07:09] <jussio1> how is it running? whats the status?
[07:10] <stochastic> jussio1, you mean the RT kernel?
[07:10] <TheMuso> jussio1: Overall the RT kernel is doing very well. I think a few users are having issues with suspend/resume, but we don't promote that as something we support.
[07:10] <jussio1> yeah
[07:10] <jussio1> TheMuso: ok, great.
[07:11]  * jussio1 is a little bit out of stuff atm. 
[07:11] <stochastic> has any user reported the Swami thing?
[07:11] <TheMuso> Well I made a note during karmic that swami needed updating, but never got back to doing it.
[07:12] <stochastic> yeah, okay, I haven't heard anyone saying that the soundfont support is broken in any way
[07:13] <stochastic> anything else to say about Karmic?
[07:13] <TheMuso> not from me
[07:14] <stochastic> Okay Lucid:
[07:14] <stochastic> Jack into Main
[07:15] <stochastic> what are we needing to do at this stage?  wait for some debian syncs?
[07:16] <stochastic> TheMuso, jussio1, are you two planning on helping with this move of jack into main?
[07:17] <jussio1> stochastic: not overly, there are others who are interested. Ive many many things on my plate atm. Although I may be able to do some testing if required.
[07:17] <TheMuso> stochastic: Yes, I need to review all the pieces first, and take appropriate action, will take care of it once initial merges/syncs are out of the way.
[07:17] <stochastic> TheMuso, okay great.  I think libffado may need a sync request.
[07:18] <stochastic> TheMuso should a schedule be built for this project?
[07:19] <TheMuso> stochastic: I don't think so.
[07:20] <stochastic> okay, anything else need to be said about Jack in Main?
[07:20] <TheMuso> nope
[07:21] <stochastic> okay I put growth in Graphics and Video metas on the agenda because I'd like to see a more balanced userbase
[07:21] <TheMuso> No omment, not a user of these
[07:21] <TheMuso> comment
[07:21] <TheMuso> I just add/remove whats asked for.
[07:21] <stochastic> fair enough
[07:22] <jussio1> hrm
[07:22] <jussio1> I think we have to cater to the users out there.
[07:22] <stochastic> I'll consult with some people on what new possible tweaks we might offer.  The Video package might see some stable and user friendly editors coming in Lucid.
[07:23] <stochastic> jussio1, you mean our current userbase?
[07:25] <stochastic> okay, well constant meta package consultations need to be looked into anyway
[07:25] <jussio1> stochastic: I mean that we need to check that we have users actually using the features we offer. if not, we need to consider dropping some.
[07:25] <stochastic> true
[07:25] <TheMuso> jussio1: Agreed, disks are big as it is, if we can cut them down as much as possible, then that would be good.
[07:26] <jussio1> Perhaps some sort of user survey or something is in oreder. (havent really thought it through)
[07:27] <stochastic> Should we plan on sending an e-mail to the users list to gauge interest in applications?
[07:28] <stochastic> I'll happily do this.
[07:28] <TheMuso> sounds like a good idea
[07:28] <jussio1> stochastic: email might be a bit long, given how many apps we ship
[07:28] <jussio1> perhaps an email with a wiki link?
[07:28] <jussio1> or somethign similar.
[07:29] <stochastic> jussio1, okay that might work too
[07:29] <jussio1> but yeah, some sort of user feedback is important.
[07:29] <stochastic> okay anything else to say on this topic?
[07:30] <TheMuso> no
[07:30] <stochastic> I think we can safely skip over the next two agenda points "updated packaging whishlist" and "motin's suggestion regarding using the ubuntustudio ppa for jack package testing"
[07:31] <TheMuso> right
[07:31] <stochastic> anyone want to talk on those points?
[07:31] <stochastic> the next item is Kernel Plan
[07:31] <TheMuso> We don't know what mainline kernel will be used for lucid yet, so can't do anything else till we know that.
[07:31] <TheMuso> thats pretty much it atm.
[07:32] <stochastic> fair enough
[07:32] <stochastic> next item is Ubuntu Studio Controls
[07:32] <jussio1> is there a reason we cant stick with an older kernel?
[07:33] <TheMuso> jussio1: It breaks different pieces of the userspace stack in weird and wonderful ways.
[07:33] <jussio1> :(
[07:33] <jussio1> hrr
[07:33] <TheMuso> jussio1: We had a mis-aligned alsa stack in hardy, and it broke things in painful ways for some people.
[07:33] <jussio1> right. moving n then
[07:34] <stochastic> Alex has recently expressed in a need-packaging bug that he's too busy right now to devote much time to Ubuntu Studio so I don't imagine he'll be around to help with Controls updates
[07:34] <TheMuso> right
[07:34] <jussio1> alex?
[07:34] <stochastic> rexbron
[07:34] <TheMuso> s/alex/andrew/
[07:34] <stochastic> whoops
[07:34] <stochastic> sorry
[07:35] <TheMuso> np
[07:35] <stochastic> Is Luis knowledgeable in the Controls code?
[07:35] <TheMuso> I believe so.
[07:35] <stochastic> Cory was saying Luis and Andrew should be penned in to migrate Controls to GTKBuilder
[07:36] <jussio1> its python anyway, and not too large, so if we can find a new someone they could learn reasonably quick.
[07:36] <stochastic> but we also have a number of Controls bugs we need to tackle.
[07:36] <stochastic> I'm partially knowledgeable with the codebase
[07:36] <stochastic> a new developer would be a great thing
[07:37] <TheMuso> right
[07:37] <stochastic> jussio1, do you have anyone in mind?
[07:38] <jussio1> no
[07:38] <stochastic> okay, well in conversations with everyone keep this project in the back of your head
[07:38] <stochastic> anything else to say on Controls?
[07:40] <TheMuso> no
[07:40] <stochastic> Next on the agenda is the artwork to be used project-wide, but Cory isn't around.  I trust he has a plan.
[07:40] <stochastic> I sure am glad Cory has time to work on this
[07:41] <stochastic> last Lucid-specific topic is "What elements need to be added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/LucidTaskList "
[07:42] <stochastic> I think we need to announce this page a little bit and try to get new team members to chip in a bit through those projects.
[07:42] <jussio1> yes.
[07:42] <TheMuso> right
[07:42] <TheMuso> agreed
[07:42] <jussio1> and we need to be a little more open with "team membership". it needs to be a little less "exclusive" so people feel more comfortsble contributing.
[07:43] <TheMuso> The ubuntustudio-dev team? I don't agree.
[07:43] <TheMuso> The team has write access to seeds and packaging branches in bzr.
[07:43] <TheMuso> IMO one has to earn their access to that data.
[07:43] <jussio1> TheMuso: I dont mean adding people to it, but there needs to be something further for casual contributors - similar to erics testing team
[07:44] <TheMuso> jussio1: Ok thats fine then.
[07:44] <stochastic> speaking of the Testing Team, that's the final agenda topic
[07:44] <stochastic> Cory was the only one to speak out with any form of opposition/critique on the mailing list
[07:45] <TheMuso> I am fine with it.
[07:45] <jussio1> big +1 from me.
[07:45] <stochastic> Okay, I'll go ahead with the plan and we can talk about how successful it is as it progresses
[07:46] <TheMuso> Ok great.
[07:46] <stochastic> Can I assume I should subscribe ubuntustudio-dev as members of the testing team?
[07:46] <TheMuso> yup
[07:46] <stochastic> great.
[07:46] <stochastic> anything else to say before we ajourn the meeting?
[07:46] <TheMuso> not fro me
[07:47] <jussio1> nope
[07:47] <stochastic> oh, we need to sort out a re-scheduling of meetings
[07:47] <TheMuso> not enough of us here to make a decision on that
[07:47] <stochastic> I guess the Mailing List is the best medium for that
[07:47] <TheMuso> I can be flexible with those times, so I'd rather leave it up to others
[07:47] <TheMuso> s/those times/times/
[07:47] <stochastic> okay
[07:48] <stochastic> jussio1, you have any preferences?  talk was about moving the meetings to Sundays
[07:50] <stochastic> Well I think we can cal the meeting over now.  Thanks for showing up TheMuso and jussio1.
[07:50] <TheMuso> stochastic: np thanks guys.
[07:52] <jussio1> stochastic: this is ok. euro day is generally good.
[07:53] <stochastic> jussio1, okay I'm sure we can work around that.  Watch for announcements/discussions on the mailing list
[07:53] <stochastic> ttyl

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