• Begin Meeting
  • Agenda amendments
  • LV2 Packaging:
    • continue LV2 packaging plan - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TaskLV2Inclusion

    • might focus on getting these into Debian first
    • quadrispro has already commented he wanted to do the vocoder, perhaps he can help with others
    • any others with packaging experience and want to help?
    • can Debian Multimedia Team also help?
  • JACK2 / Pulse Audio Integration:
    • this is looking good already because JACK2 is in Debian already (per TheMuso on IRC)

    • TheMuso is apparently tracking this

    • crimsun, TheMuso, and persia have talked on IRC about how to proceed and might discuss this at UDS with Free

  • Network Manager
    • user's troubles was a bug in gnome-network-admin that left options not shown or changeable
    • Ricardo (rlameiro) reported it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/570828

    • how soon can a fix be expected for users?
    • Is it possible to do a ISO re-spin, if the bug is corrected?
      • however, we still might consider testing NetworkManager again

      • whatever the decision going forward, we should document it and post to the -user mailing list
  • Ubuntu Studio Controls Update and Redesign
  • Ubuntu Studio Applications Backporting
    • discussion between John Dong and myself after Jussi poked me: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2010-May/002364.html

    • John suggested using "official" Ubuntu Studio backporting PPA because:
      • it's like kubuntu
      • it allows us to maintain control
      • it doesn't overload the already overworked backports team
      • provides proving grounds that backported apps have quality
      • then can be included in official Ubuntu backports repository
    • if we don't want to use Ubuntu Studio backports PPA then we need small group to test and provide vocal feedback in backport bugs
  • Update Website
  • Reduce Delta Between Ubuntu Studio and Debian
  • Testing Procedures
    • in order to help (and encourage) our users to test we should develop testing procedures
    • since stochastic is lead of ubuntustudio-testers group can he help develop procedures

    • ScottL offers to assist develop the procedures and document it on help.ubuntu.com
  • Ubuntu Studio Documentation
    • establish uses for help.ubuntu.com vs. wiki.ubuntu.com
    • suggested direction:
      • help.ubuntu.com is community facing documentation
      • wiki.ubuntu.com is for developers and contributors to organize for release
    • document this decision and email users


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Action Items

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