Please edit at will.

  • Begin Meeting
  • Agenda amendments
  • Review of accomplishments since last meeting
  • RT or low-latency kernel plan
    • testing progress?
      • how has -generic tested?
      • how has -lowlatency tested?
      • how has -rt (PREEMPT) tested?
    • documenting testing
      • can we document procedure?
      • are the results being recorded?
      • how can we get more people testing?
  • Website plan
    • stochastic to set up a meeting for those interested
  • Plymouth theme
  • Ubuntu Studio Team
    • Welcome quadrispro
    • Note Luke's current responsibilities that will require someone else to handle after Lucid
    • Will Cory be involved?
    • Is Luis still involved?
    • Who will be project lead?
    • Who can provide direction?

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