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  • Begin Meeting
  • Note agenda
  • Agenda amendments
  • Note this is a recurring meeting to be held first Sunday of every month
  • -lowlatency kernel
    • still testing
    • waiting for 2.6.39 to stabilize
    • should get it into Ocelot
  • ubuntustudio-controls
    • still updating
    • was removed from natty because functionality is either not needed or broken
    • have plenty of time to update for Ocelot
    • can SRU back into Natty (and maybe Maverick and Lucid with changes)
  • future of ubuntu studio
    • gnome is changing to gnome-shell (gnome3)
    • ubuntu is changing to unity and then wayland
    • how will this affect ubuntu studio
    • should be base on lxde, xfce, or something else?
  • artwork
    • Dick MacInnis is our new art lead

    • if you have artwork or suggestions send it to him
  • website
    • Brian David, stochastic (?), and Kokito are working on this
    • what is the purpose/goal of the website update


  • blah

Action Items

  • blah

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