What: Ubuntu Studio Contributors Meeting

When: Sunday, 2011 December 11th - 17:00 UTC
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Where: irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-meeting

Agenda for Meeting

If you wish to discuss anything not in this agenda, please wait until Any Other Business is called for.

Call Meeting to Order

Old Business

previous action items

  • Scott document devel process in the wiki: DONE
  • Scott email list regarding work flows: INPROCESS
  • Jon email list for separate meeting for work flows discussion: INPROCESS
  • Move to bi-weekly formal and informal meetings alternating: DONE
  • stochastic to email list about how much social interaction on new website: DONE
  • Decide alternating meeting times on channel/mailing list later: DONE

Blueprints situation

Master blueprint can be found here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-precise-flavor-ubuntu-studio


Old bugs

Old releases


New bugs

Old releases


Any Other Business

Next Meeting Time/Location

Next Meeting Chair

Action Items and Logs

Action Items

  • astraljava to mark 'stochastic to email list about how much social interaction on new website' as DONE.
  • astraljava to mark 'Decide alternating meeting times on channel/mailing list later' as DONE
  • scott-upstairs to talk with shnatsel about config files in /home
  • scottl to link bug#840144 to livedvd blueprint
  • astraljava to update bug #815101 status
  • Move next formal meeting up two weeks due to Holidays
  • scott-upstairs to chair next meeting

Log and minutes


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