What: Ubuntu Studio Contributors Meeting

When: Sunday, 2011 November 6th - 17:00 UTC
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Where: irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-meeting

Agenda for Meeting

If you wish to discuss anything not in this agenda, please wait until Any Other Business is called for.

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Old Business
    • Oneiric released
    • current website updated and noted that oneiric isn't recommended
    • email went to mailing list saying same thing
    • new website is being developed
    • scott went to UDS and learned lots of good stuff
  • new process for ubuntu studio development this cycle
    • working with release team properly this cycle
    • scott will explain more
  • release planning for Precise
    • please look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ReleasePlanning

    • as a group we need to evaluate what is currently shown for precise and agree which tasks should (and CAN) be done
    • is this too much to do this cycle? not enough? should something change?
    • one a lists of tasks for precise is set scott will register them with release team
  • updating seeds based on work flow
    • we need to make decision now on which work flows we will support during installation
    • scott needs to get this information in a block-chart to cjwatson ASAP
    • do we have a use case for 'light-install' ?
  • meeting schedule
    • how often?
    • on alternate meetings should we adjust time?
    • can we use "informal" meetings too?
    • alternate "informal" and "formal" meetings?
  • Any Other Business (all/anyone)
  • Next Meeting Time/Location
  • Next Meeting Chair - ScottL will be chair

action items and logs

  • Scott document devel process in the wiki
  • Scott email list regarding work flows
  • Jon email list for separate meeting for work flows discussion
  • Move to bi-weekly formal and informal meetings alternating
  • Decide alternating meeting times on channel/mailing list later
  • stochastic to email list about how much social interaction in new website
  • ScottL to be next meeting chair


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