What: Ubuntu Studio Contributors Meeting

When: Sunday, 2011 September 4th - 17:00 UTC
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Where: irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-meeting

Agenda for Meeting

If you wish to discuss anything not in this agenda, please wait until Any Other Business is called for.

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Old Business
    • website udpate - new website is impractical right now, ScottL will see about updating current one
    • thanks everyone involved in Beta1 testing, especially astraljava
  • New Business
    • XFCE migration - how is it going?
    • lightdm - is it working now with background?
    • new audience - musicians moving to and unfamiliar with Linux?
    • Beta2 testing is coming
    • new meeting schedule for twice a month (in contrast to once a month) for oneiric+1 ?
  • Goals for Oneiric+1
    • live dvd
    • lowlatency kernel
    • new UI or theme for xfce
    • new documentation
    • links/documentation on desktop/menu for new users?
    • how can we make is more simple, clean, easy for users?
  • Team structure / Strategy document
  • Improving workflow
    • Use a public specification tracker (LP blueprints?)
    • Write/update workflow guidelines
    • Communicating with community, attracting contributors
  • Any Other Business (all/anyone)
  • Next Meeting Time/Location
  • Next Meeting Chair

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