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Why would the Ubuntu Studio team consider targeting a new audience?

There are several reasons

  • new audiences provide:
    • more users (we want more users, right?)
    • more potential testers
    • more potential bug reporters
    • more potential users transitioning into -dev group

recognition, press, respect, advocacy, allows us to progress into other audiences (pro audience perhaps), support contracts

Potential Audiences

List of potential new audiences with description, scope of possible needs, pros, and cons.


DJ's for playing music for a live crowd.

Scope of Needs

Perhaps only a few stable applications (perhaps TerminatorX or Mixxx) and a stable system.


Limited required applications and they are already in default installation.


Not a large audience.


Podcasters stream, record, edit and release their own podcasts.

Scope of Needs

Pervasive sound server (JACK with Pulse Audio), streamer (icecast), minimal editor (Audacity) and Skype.


Most of the required applications already in default installation and/or in Ubuntu repositories. So setting up a turnkey podcast system may be fairly easy.


Not a large audience. Skype not in repositories.

University Audio Lab

Audio lab in a university.

Scope of Needs

Who bloody knows? But rlameiro, stochastic, and ScottL all probably have access to one (or several) and could ask.


  • universities are probably easily assessable (i.e. have fixed address, fixed hours)
  • universities can probably readily quantify their needs
  • universities probably have motivation to minimize their costs/budgets
  • universities might be motivated due to an open source program
  • could be viewed as advocacy as students take this experience with them and influence others
  • provide stress testing
  • huge numbers of users
  • users who probably have free time on their hands
  • university students are inquisitive and might provide higher percentage of -dev candidates than nominal users group
  • university students might want to install on their personal computers since Ubuntu Studio is free
  • university use is good advertisement/endorsement for Ubuntu Studio
  • university use could also translate into high school/junior high/elementary adoptions as well


Don't know yet what they want or need.



Scope of Needs

Probably need to record either live instruments (ala band setting) or record synthesized instruments (ala MIDI).


motivated to save money


probably not inherently knowledgeable about Linux

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