This page is for the outlining of Ubuntu Studio's new direction.


*PPA for tested and trusted pkgs. Kernels, new apps ect. All with the intention of getting anything we can eventually into Ubuntu.

**hopefully by 12.10 or so, we will not need a custom kernel anymore

*No installable releases. (/Possibly/ spinning an add-on disk (i think Edubuntu does this) or LTS only releases.)

*We would become an add-on and desktop agnostic.

*Theming can be done to support KDE and XFCE.

*Continue development of "Controls" to allow users to set things easily.

*Clean up our LP pages. As changes happen to LP so do our pages. Things feel/look very convoluted and need love.

Target Audience

in the IRC, we have discussed the target audience, and have somewhat decided that the new user (new to audio/video/graphics, and new to linux) is our target. there are no other multimedia distros currently catering to those users

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