Due Date


XFCE settings and UI mockup


May 20

req'd to confirm DE and UI

confirm DE and UI

Studio Team

May 27

required to original seed update

original seed update

CKontros and SLavender

June 10

DE, UI, LV2, language packs

-lowlatency kernel testing

ailo and SLavender

May 31

req'd for -lowlatency kernel in repo

-lowlatency kernel in repo


July 30

will require add'tl seed update

prioritize documentation

ailo and SLavender

May 31

req'd for begin documentation

begin documentation

ailo and SLavender

June 30

continue through next cycle

define website theme


June 16

req'd for define website content/features

define website content/features

Studio Team

July 21

req'd for deploy website

decide on website hosting

Studio Team


req'd for deploy website

deploy website


Sept 1

req'd for populate website

populate website

Studio Team


req'd for live website

live website

Studio Team

Oct 17

req'd for announce website

announce website


Oct 24

working -controls


June 30

req'd for testing -controls

testing -controls

ailo and SLavender

July 31

req'd for update -controls

update -controls

ailo and SLavender

Aug 31

req'd for updating -controls

update artwork



menu structure

? (SLavender)

Sept 29

Update the website

  • Wrap up new theme by 16th of June (Jorge)
  • Discuss content/features with team (July 21st). Potential (Drupal-based) features:
  • Decide whether to move website to own server
    • Cons - requires hosting budget (means of funding would have to be discussed)
    • Pros - more autonomy & flexibility, leading to increased potential for collaboration

  • If site to remain in current server, then obtain access from Canonical for Scott Lavender ASAP (and others?)
  • New website deployment target date: September 1st. Staging will happen earlier, so that design/structure/potential content can be reviewed and discussed.

live installer

lets push this to 12.04 (or further as needed)

UI change

we should have something to look at soon showing XFCE and AWN and a more specific direction. this is something we should be working on in the next few weeks as well so we can test. start testing around the first alpha?


discuss what is realistic with Dick MacInnis ASAP.


  • UI testing - as needed
  • kernel testing
  • firewire tests
  • expand into specific package tests?
  • iso testing as per http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/

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