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Assembling blueprints here for the 13.04 cycle.


Blueprints Draft for 13.04


User documentation

  • Migrating from other OS's (Windows, Mac) ADDED

  • Hardware Support (possible hardware matrix for audio devices) ADDED

  • System configuration (drivers, codecs, monitor calibration) ADDED

  • Workflows ADDED

    • Audio ADDED

    • Graphics ADDED

    • Video ADDED

    • Photography ADDED

    • Publishing ADDED

  • tutorial videos - identify a select few and make them and host on youtube ADDED

  • tutorials/walkthroughs - can be videos, libre office, html formats. ship on image. for important, core items. Covered by user guide

  • help/faq shipped on image - can be text file or html or whatever ADDED

  • user docs - in the wiki or the website, we should pick one and do it (currently being developed at the community wiki) ADDED

  • Document all steps of Ubuntu Studio development ADDED

  • Create reference for all development tasks ADDED

  • Create database of all Ubuntu Studio related sources ADDED

  • dev docs - reconcile "contribute to development" and kaj's pages (When developer documentation is mature enough, integrate it with the support section on the website) ADDED

  • mission statement - create one that define and documents target audience, use cases, hardware supported (something like this? ADDED

testing documentation

  • create docs that walk new people into helping with testing ADDED

  • hardware testing/documentation - we should prioritize which hardware we want to support, test it, fix it (if required and possible), and document all. do we support firewire? usb? (covered by user docs, and the possible HW matrix)

Public Relations

  • list of places to make announcements, hashtags to use, standard announcement verbiage, and links to various resources like banners/other graphics ADDED

  • Find ways to attract developers to Ubuntu Studio ADDED

  • Start making routine news postings on social channels/websites/mail lists ADDED

R-Workflows and Metas

  • Fix upgrade so that photography and publishing metas are included (LP #1066401)

  • SRU the above to 12.10

  • Change GRUB config to label our partition a Ubuntu Studio with the kernel type (generic or lowlatency)


  • Possibly add LMMS to seeds ADDED

  • Possibly replace XFCE mixer with qasmixer (or just adding it to the mix) ADDED

  • Decide whether to add volti (volume control in systray for alsa) ADDED

  • default jack settings - set reasonable, yet sane, default jack settings ADDED

  • audio plugins - we ship a large amount, can this be cleaned up ADDED

  • audio plugins - can we create a list of popular ones with example settings ADDED

  • Add audio group as a default group for newly created users (not only the first user) ADDED


  • Add a screencast application ADDED

R-PerformanceTesting (used to be "performance")

Testing system tweaks for the different workflows

  • Finish audio-testing script (ailo) ADDED


  • ubiquity plugin - allows users to choose which packages to install during installation ADDED

  • Make wubi.exe also support Ubuntu Studio (bug #1070682) ADDED


  • Ask for user contributed artwork on the website (wallpaper at the very least) ADDED



  • Startup System Check Script: Idea: set audio device for jack at first login (will require persistent card selection, based on name: how does Pulseaudio do it?) ADDED

  • Startup System Check Script: "first start" notifications - can point out help/faq doc, tutorials, walkthrough, etc locations or important settings ADDED

  • Startup System Check Script: Check the system for settings needed for good performance. If something is lacking, send notification. ADDED


  • Ubuntu Studio Controls: Option to keep it in the systray with a dropdown menu ADDED

  • Ubuntu Studio Controls: Administer user realtime privilege (not only currently logged in user) ADDED

  • Ubuntu Studio Controls: Killall jack button, killall pulseaudio button ADDED

  • Ubuntu Studio Controls: Make settings for graphics and videos (as done here) ADDED


  • workflow manager: (for installing/removing work flows) ADDED

  • workflow assistant: (for starting applications within a work flow) ADDED

  • workflowpanel: UI changes depending on workflow in use ADDED


  • Decide how to handle ubuntustudio-bugs team and mail list ADDED

  • lowlatency kernel - finish coordination with UKT and start maintaining it (underway) ADDED

  • start having meetings ADDED

  • "support" sub-menu in the desktop main menu TODO: VERIFY THIS ISN'T DONE ALREADY OR FLESH IT OUT MORE ADDED

  • multihead - improve the persistance or document how to fix it ADDED

  • backports team - start backporting to precise ADDED

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