Provide documentation on the three components of UbuntuStudio such that a new user will be able to easily get up and running, with little guess-work on the installer's behalf as to, say, how they want their system to work. The set-up is likely to be customised, and thus having an automatic system is likely to not be very effective.


The UbuntuStudio documentation should be enough to teach a new user about the various components of their system and how to use them, to a slight extent; maybe even example configurations. It should provide the user enough information so that they can expand, and become more advanced under their own steam. This is for two reasons: we want the user to learn by doing; and we don't want to expend too much effort.

Use cases

  • Bob doesn't know how to use the new plethora of applications he has installed for his shiny new audio workstation. He looks for documentation, but finds that that available is out-of-date and few and far between.
  • Anna has upgraded her graphics shop from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu. She is very into the free software movement, but feels daunted by having to learn a lot on her own. She looks to the high-quality default documents, and praises their quality over those provided by Windows Help.


There should be a "docs" package that will provide this documentation. We should inherit the structure from the current Ubuntu default documentation, as in a default page in Yelp, or from Arch, which provides a menu section with launchers pointing to online documentation. Of course, our documents could be stored locally.


  • We lack man-power, and time. As available labour increases, the amount of time required decreases.
  • The package couldn't assume that it would be the default set; someone may want to install it onto a running, vanilla, system. the job of setting defaults should be down to the installer



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