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Click on our FAQLink to see our FAQ including:

  • List of applications
  • How to install other applications
  • What is U/S
  • Why certain apps were chosen


Want to understand how to rip CD's or other non-audio/video/graphical stuff? The regular stuff that everyone else does? See our HowDoI wiki page.

Help with Development

We would LOVE to have you help us with development.

Not a "developer"? That's cool, because we still need you!

Contributors are welcome also. See our HelpWithDevelopment page for how you can help!

Introduction to Ubuntu Studio
Want to know what Ubuntu Studio is? Don't know JACK? Can't tell the -lowlatency kernel from a -generic kernel with uname?

Learn more about FOSS and Ubuntu Studio by clicking on our LearnUbuntustudio link.

Need to know about hardware? Want to know what is recommended? Or the minimum requirements? Confused about the differences between USB, PCI, and firewire audio interfaces?

Then the HardwareLink is where you want to go.

Want to install Ubuntu Studio? We can help.

Learn to install Ubuntu Studio from DVD for a full install or "upgrade" from a vanilla Ubuntu install HereLink.

The default installation not enough for you? Want to squeeze more out of your system?

Then check out our OptimizationLink page!

Using Ubuntu Studio
Want to learn how to use the applications in Ubuntu Studio? Then this is the link for you.

Follow our work flows or spend time with a detailed YouTube tutorial video on our UsingUbuntuStudio page.

Confused or need help?

Click HereLink to see information about our IRC, mailing list, and carrier pigeon support channels.

Trouble Shooting
Like to figure stuff out yourself? We do too!

See our TroubleShooting page to figure it out!

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