Please note: The code is alpha. It does not eat the data on the authors machine, but keep in mind, you use at your own risk.

With that out of the way, the mainline development branch can be found here.

If there are any features that you would like to see in -controls, send an email to or file a bug against the project

Specifications of the Ubuntu Studio Settings App

This is a small app proposed to provide users access to commonly hand-edited settings on a A/V production system.

Completed Features

  • Memlock - "@audio - memlock 512000" will be able to be changed in /etc/security/limits.conf
  • Enabling access to firewire (both for video cam and sound card),
    • Changes /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules (for better or for worse)
    • Enabling this on a multi-user/network PC is a major security issue! Use at your own risk!

Proposed Settings

Rejected Features

See lp: #172923 for rational.


We will base the UI off of the "Appearance" preferences. Something like this but smaller:


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