Scratch pad for developing questions for a user survey. Reasons for questions should also be included.


32 bit or 64 bit machine?

gives an idea of which architectures are being used

single, dual, or quad core?

give indication of users capabilities (i.e. jackdmp)

laptop or desktop computer?

which hardware paradigm to support

audio interface - pci card, firewire, usb, or other?

helps us understand which interface to support

video card - onboard, ati, nvidia, other?

which video drivers to support

is this computer used for work other than multimedia creation?

developing our user's needs

what else do you use this computer for?

user's needs


full install or "upgrade" from vanilla ubuntu?

which installation vector to support/develop

|| what other applications do you routinely install after studio installation? || might include these in metapackage or -controls


Do you create multimedia professionally?

user's experience

do you use Ubuntu Studio professionally?

user's experience

do you make money using Ubuntu Studio?

user's experience

do you use Ubuntu Studio for live gigs?

user's experience


can you explain your workflow for multimedia creation?

user's needs


do you record live instruments or do you record MIDI instruments?

user's needs

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