What is Ubuntu Studio?

An Official Flavor of Ubuntu

Being an official flavor of Ubuntu means the following:

  • Ubuntu Studio shares repositories with Ubuntu, as does other official Ubuntu flavors. This means you can install the same packages from any official Ubuntu flavor. The main difference between flavors is which packages and settings get pre-installed when installing using one of the installer ISOs.

  • Most of the multimedia packages provided by Ubuntu Studio are directly imported from Debian repositories, which means we do not package them. Read more about Debian/Ubuntu here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian

Ubuntu Studio and Free Software Licenses

FLOSS stands for Free Libre Open Source Software. With some minor exceptions, such as non-free wifi drivers in the kernel, all the applications you get with Ubuntu Studio are truly FLOSS.

Volunteer Project

Ubuntu Studio is a community project, developed by volunteers. We develop Ubuntu Studio on our free time, and our only goal is to make Ubuntu Studio a great, free OS for linux multimedia.

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