This is the page for users to contribute feature request ideas to Ubuntu Studio. The page will continually be updated. We will comment on things as much as possible. Give ideas a Yes/No vote.


  • Please check at https://launchpad.net/projects/ and register projects/packages there as well.

  • Jigdo download so users don't have to get the whole image, just the bits missing from a "regular" feisty image.
  • This will happen for Hardy. -C.Kontros
  • A Specific "team" for each part of ubuntu-studio i.e. Audio team, Video Team, and Graphics team. This way, users with the same interests can get together and work to develop specific parts of ubuntu-studio
  • I'm not sure what benefit this would provide. Please take this idea to the ML. -C.Kontros

  • Wiki pages for getting started, tutorials, best practices, walk-throughs, troubleshooting, etc. I think the biggest stumbling block is how to get started for new users. There should be detailed info about jack, how jack connects to ardour, how to use ladspa plugins, how to use soft instruments with ardour, etc....
  • There is already a place for this. HERE It's up to everyone to develop the documentation. -C.Kontros

  • Simplicity, but with options: The default-out-of-the-box install should not have too much duplication in packages for a given function. Clearly some packages will offer features that others do not, and so would be complimentary, but too many options on the screen & menus can be a little paralyzing, distracting at least, even for experienced users. Make it easy to acquire the "secondary" set of packages but be choosy about the default set. As a cut-off criteria, packages that are still in beta, or are not feature-complete (by their own description), or do not have a "stable" rating (on a site such as freshmeat.net) should be omitted from the default install. -JW

  • Please keep the package names below alphabetically sorted. This would allow an easier reading and editing, except those findable now in the repository, which should be listed apart. As well it will help packagers to find out what were not yet packaged.
  • Extending the notion of "Studio" in Ubuntu Studio, to fit the needs of Web Designers (WYSIWYG editors for webpages, text editors etc.) and Web Developers (IDEs, text editors, apache, mysql/postgresql, php/perl/ruby/python, ftp-server).

Package Wishlist

Audio: (not yet in the repository)

Audio: (not yet in the repository, but available in launchpad PPA's)

Audio: (now in the repository)

Video: (not yet in the repository)

Video: (now in the repository)

Graphics: (not yet in the repository)

Graphics: (now in the repository)

Multimedia Programming: (not yet in the repository)

Multimedia Programming: (now in the repository)

DTP (Desktop Publishing): (not yet in the repository)

(surelly there are some interesting unpacked projects somewhere! please help us finding them! =) )

DTP (Desktop Publishing): (now in the repository)

(this should be a own section, don't delete it please.. all software related to press, prepress, layout and other stuff around the printing and designing area could be placed here...)

  • Scribus (the open-source reference in DTP - with PDF X/3 support, color management etc.)
  • LyX (the WYSIWYM for the LaTeX environment - for high quality typesetting - which OpenOffice or other text processing software you don't get the quality of typesetting you have in a book for example.


Other: (not yet in the repository)

* Celtx (http://celtx.com/) - Media pre-production software. Caters to stage, screen, radio drama and comics. A great tool for writers, directors, producers and array of other production staff. It has proven to be the corner stone of many independent productions.

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