Preliminary format

Tutorials should not contain too many details, and reasonably long in time.


  • "Mixing kick drum track with Ardour" - 5 min, the use of plugins (EQ, Compressor).
  • "Create a folder icon with Inkscape" - 5 min.

The recordings should be made in 1280x720 resolution to give good quality when transferred to YouTube as 720p quality video.


Templates are to be created to make a unified look of the tutorials.

  • Intro frame (2-4 sec): with the Ubuntu Studio brand and the word "Tutorials"
  • Subject frame (2-4 sec) : Description of the tutorial
  • Outro frame (length TBD): Credits to the people involved creating the tutorial, Contact information for Ubuntu Studio and video links to other tutorials.


  • Audio: only the sound from applications used in the tutorial
  • Subs: Simple explanations to what is happening
  • Zooms: Zoom into details for visibility, then zoom out
  • Misc: Added arrows/circles for making sure important details are easy to observe

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