The purpose of this wiki page is document multi-head (multiple monitor) testing completed during the Precise development cycle.

This page will define the test use cases, the packages tested,

dual head testing in XFCE

there were 2 test cases i used for dual monitors. these cases are described as follows...


this would be for a presentation maybe. having the same image on both the main display, and a secondary display, such as a projector.


this would be where the desktop is actually extended onto both monitors making one big desktop.

mirroring tests

mirroring the display is quite simple with the included tool from XFCE/Xubuntu located in the menu under "settings" - "settings manger" - "display". also, the package LXrandr provides similar functionality.

spanning tests

to enable, and manage dual head spanning, the only tool that worked for me (with a GUI) was arandr. the different displays were easy to find, configure and rotate using the GUI arandr.

arandr and 'monitor settings' in the menu have the same icons.

* between these 2 tools, we can cover whatever the end-user needs.

failed packages, and why

grandr failed. i couldnt enable spanning with it, and there were quite a few 'greyed-out' options.

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