Reasons To Use Launchpad

UbuntuStudio could use the following features of Launchpad quite effectively:

  • Effective Questions and Answers from UbuntuStudio End-Users

    • See this page in Launchpad for more information. As you can see from this link, it is a one-stop ask and answer tool tightly intertwined with all packages and related matters hosted on Launchpad. It also provides quick and detailed email summaries as well as notifications. From an end user perspective, this is a massive asset. It should be noted that although the web interface is completely useful for users, developers and those with busy schedules are able to quickly answer questions solely through the use of their email clients.

  • Bug Tracking
    • Again, being tightly wound with Launchpad, it is logical that bugs discovered by users are registered to the appropriate packages that UbuntuStudio contains. Since it has been a goal of UbuntuStudio to tightly work with the Ubuntu mainline develop system, all packages within UbuntuStudio are already tracked through Launchpad. This prevents a 'doubling' or 'redundancy' of tracked issues. The bug tracking offered through the interlinked Malone system, and offers the upside of strictly email bug interface tools. It also allows for more complicated bug interactions as this multi project bug description asserts to.

  • Blueprinting New Features
    • Every product gets the benefit of having a quick wiki based blueprinting feature that can easily be tracked and cross-linked in Launchpad. This means that if wedderburn, for example, wishes to change certain icon elements, he is easily able to register the specification, set the development path, set notes, and choose a level of development among other details. This quickly allows any interested parties to also engage in the process and track the status. Again, this is of significant relevance to keep busy individuals tracking only the packages they are required to. Again, email offers updates and notifications for quick filtering in any email client.

Problems With Using Launchpad

The majority of the issues with Launchpad thus far for the UbuntuStudio team could be broken down into three distinct categories:

  1. Knowledge
    • Very few people know Launchpad to the degree necessary to fully incorporate the features. This yields potential redundancy in services, and again, a doubling up of resources where Launchpad could viable maintain the bulk of support and service related matters.
  2. Limited Scope
    • Even with a single knowledge point, the system falls apart. Launchpad is designed to be a central 'meeting place' for all things. This means that it is fundamental that everyone involved with UbuntuStudio understands how the relevant parts operate, even if they only know the top-most level items.

  3. Documentation
    • In previous eras and with Launchpad growing at a tremendous rate, there have been issues with documentation. This is no longer the case. There are both downloadable pdfs and an online guide available.

Starting Full UbuntuStudio Integration Before Primary Release

It is critical at this juncture that everyone understand Launchpad's role in the development of UbuntuStudio before the release. The following reasoning is cited:

  • Maximize Resources
    • This obviously assures that bugs, questions, and all related matters are answered once and are met by the proper people to answer those issues. It will also, over time, provide a repository for various questions and answers. UbuntuStudio does not need questions asked in fourteen different locations, bugs cited in sixteen, and helpful folks being lost in a mass of different avenues.

  • Centralization
    • Building on the above concept, Launchpad greatly allows a growing complicated system to be managed and tracked by those that need to without venturing to a plethora of different resource sites.

It cannot be stressed enough that everyone understand this, for any and all information that is released to the external public should point to the proper access points from the onset of the release. This includes the web presence, the inevitable forum distribution, and like areas.

Primary Chief of Staff

It is probably well advised that luisbg be the point head on this project as he is one of the few people involved with UbuntuStudio that has a loose knowledge of all discreet components. He is likely to initially be helped by troy_s and tsmithe. It is critical that this knowledge be extended to every UbuntuStudio team development member once the initial workings are mapped out. No exceptions.

Important Listing of ToDos

  1. Make certain that anyone providing support / link information / etc. is aware of where it is located in Launchpad. This means anyone. Of primary key importance is the web development team to assure that the official team page properly refers to singular channels for support and bug related issues.

  2. Enhance luisbg's understanding of Launchpad to further spread the news to all parties required.
  3. Organize and order the UbuntuStudio project on Launchpad so that all aspects are properly registered in the proper / appropriate manner.

  4. Provide a quick summary for an FAQ basis on the official site.

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