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Create a version of Ubuntu focused on multimedia creation. Metapackages will be created and put in the Universe repository to create default sets of multimedia creation applications. These packages will ease both installation from an existing Ubuntu installation and the creation of an Ubuntu Studio installation CDs.


Ubuntu itself comes with a lot of applications suitable for general desktop use but is not as suitable for machines used for dedicated multimedia production. There are also many applications useful for multimedia production that are not installed in Ubuntu.

Use cases

  • John wants to create a mobile studio setup for audio recording only but is not sure what Linux applications to install. He downloads a Ubuntu Studio disc and installs the Ubuntu Studio base and the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage.
  • Eric is a 3D artist that wants a complete suite of apps on his Ubuntu box so he installs the ubuntustudio-graphics metapackage.
  • Maria has a dedicated machine for video work. She installs Ubuntu Studio so that she has video editing/creation apps without many of the default Ubuntu apps that she doesn't need.
  • Chris wants to install on a laptop as a MIDI/Audio sequencer system with synthesizer (DSSI) plugins for a complete 'studio in a box'


To create a disk and metapackages for users to install a multimedia editing/creation workstation based on Ubuntu. To track and fix bugs related to applications/hardware we focus on.


  • Determine what applications are included in Ubuntu's base install that arent needed in Ubuntu Studios.
    • Likely candidates for removal: Open Office,
  • Create a list of applications to be used in each metapackage suite.
  • Create the "Look and Feel" of Ubuntu Studio.
    • We are going for a darker, Ardour-like feel. See HERE and HERE

  • Give users the choice as to which suite of apps they want to install at boot by choice of tasksel on the Alternative Disc.
  • Build Alt disks.
  • Continue to work closely with the Ubuntu community to better the multimedia apps for Ubuntu and its derivatives.



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