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  • 18:03:22 <bobweaver> #startmeeting

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    18:03:44 <bootidsa> Bettr give website for reference .. , i'll shutup now...

    18:03:46 <bobweaver> IdleOne, plz help me with bot ! lol

    18:04:05 <bobweaver> Agenda Documentation: The wiki is kinda old and refers to unity 2d a whole lot

    18:04:24 <bobweaver> so I got a email asking me "how to help with docs "

    18:04:29 <jhodapp> hello all Smile :)

    18:04:32 <bobweaver> I noticed alot of things

    18:04:42 <bobweaver> all the Unity 2d stuff needs to come down

    18:04:46 <bobweaver> agree ?

    18:04:53 <tgm4883> yea

    18:04:58 <tgm4883> I see no point in having it up there

    18:05:04 <bobweaver> like the getting involed pages

    18:05:18 <bobweaver> any nahs on this ?

    18:05:26 <tgm4883> the getting involved pages should point out how to contact us to help

    18:05:29 <bobweaver> hello jhodapp

    18:05:32 <tgm4883> and also link to the demo stuff

    18:05:44 <tgm4883> but definitely remove the "building ubuntu tv 2d stuff"

    18:05:54 <bobweaver> so like add a link to the old stuff in the new page tgm4883 ?

    18:06:12 <tgm4883> eh, no

    18:06:19 <bobweaver> explain plz

    18:06:26 <bootidsa> i vote to change the wiki to 3d as described .

    18:06:27 <tgm4883> write a quick summary of how to demo the stuff via the PPA you made

    18:06:41 <bobweaver> ok

    18:06:42 <tgm4883> remove the "this is how you build it", until you can build it on unity 3d

    18:06:55 <bobweaver> tgm4883, there is good news on that btw

    18:07:12 <tgm4883> you can build it and all our work is finished? Smile :)

    18:07:25 <bobweaver> anyone else got anything to says about doc's ?

    18:07:35 <CrestedNewt> I am happy to help out here

    18:07:40 <bobweaver> lol tgm4883 never

    18:07:57 <bobweaver> CrestedNewt, that would be great would you see me after the meeting ?

    18:07:57 <tgm4883> I need to write some docs on the mythtv integration

    18:08:05 <CrestedNewt> will do

    18:08:08 <tgm4883> but I need to finish converting everything first

    18:08:10 <bobweaver> thanks CrestedNewt

    18:08:25 <bobweaver> anyone else got anything to says about doc's ?

    18:08:33 <bootidsa> no

    18:08:49 <bobweaver> cool

    18:09:02 <bobweaver> Agenda for docs is now done ! yeah

    18:09:13 <bobweaver> Agenda: New Members Updates and Keeping people busy+happy

    18:09:24 <bootidsa> I noted that Acer was mentioned on Target Platforms

    18:09:28 <bobweaver> docs kinda help with this

    18:09:53 <bobweaver> we *NEED* more Unity people esp nux people to help me

    18:09:54 <bootidsa> Ican only help with Artwork, sorry.

    18:09:55 <tgm4883> IIRC, there is no target platform other than x86/x86_64/ARM

    18:10:24 <bobweaver> anyone know Unity 3d devs ?

    18:10:38 <bootidsa> not well enough.

    18:10:44 <jhodapp> bobweaver, yes Smile :)

    18:10:47 <bobweaver> can talk with them to put up with my bs ? get them to become new members ?

    18:11:07 <bobweaver> cool jhodapp

    18:11:21 <bobweaver> anyone else got ideas to bring in new members ?

    18:11:31 <bobweaver> fbook g+ ect ?

    18:11:37 <bootidsa> magazine ?

    18:11:39 <bobweaver> spam the forums ?

    18:11:46 <jhodapp> bobweaver, I think those are good methods, but having some cool defined tasks to do would help

    18:11:52 <tgm4883> well besides social networking, I think we need to have a community type meeting

    18:11:55 <CrestedNewt> don't spam - gets people backs up

    18:12:02 <tgm4883> but I was going to bring that up during the meeting agenda item

    18:12:22 <bobweaver> cool maybe we should come back to that ?

    18:12:35 <tgm4883> sure

    18:12:36 <bootidsa> Yes the google plus side of things is vacant .. and this where we could shine happy to contribute .. whio does the group on G+ ?

    18:12:48 <tgm4883> the ubuntu tv team Wink ;)

    18:13:10 <bootidsa> What is 'there' profile link on G+ ?

    18:13:24 <tgm4883>

    18:13:26 <bobweaver> I have admin rights to g+ most the team does if they do not then contact mhall

    18:13:34 <bootidsa> I>@E> who do I send links to to celebrate Ubuntu TV ?

    18:13:34 <bobweaver> or mailing list

    18:13:41 <tgm4883> bootidsa, I think there is a better link, I just don't recall it right now Smile :)

    18:13:47 <tgm4883> mhall119 knows

    18:14:03 <bobweaver> bootidsa, yeah contact mhall119

    18:14:14 <bobweaver> he is are community manager

    18:14:18 <bootidsa> tgm4883, OK can you send it to when you have a moment ?

    18:14:31 <tgm4883>

    18:14:45 <tgm4883> that is the better link Smile :)

    18:15:10 <bobweaver> cool well lets think about new member's and come back to that unless you have something that you are dieing to say

    18:15:32 <bootidsa> Ok I'l just +Ubuntu TV in myb posts .. but an email would be sufficient really.

    18:15:53 <bootidsa> not at mo.

    18:16:03 <bobweaver> Agenda: new members done ?

  • 18:16:29 <bobweaver> Agenda: Unity 3d
    Advancements and hold backs

    18:16:48 <bootidsa> pass. brb.

    18:16:56 <bobweaver> ok so I have made a new standalone mode that one can now use and frame is def comming togeather

    18:17:21 <CrestedNewt> good job!

    18:17:23 <bobweaver> people can test and also give me feed back though it is no where near done

    18:17:46 <CrestedNewt> I can test as an EU if that helps

    18:17:47 <bobweaver> CrestedNewt, if you like after the meeting we can talk and this is something thta I would like to see in docs

    18:18:01 <CrestedNewt> sure

    18:18:04 <bobweaver> let me take a pic real quick

    18:18:26 <jhodapp> nice bobweaver

    18:19:11 <bobweaver>

    18:19:33 <bobweaver> as you can see there is now a binary that builds when unity 3d builds and one can launch that

    18:20:21 <bobweaver> some of the hold backs that I am having is that I am just learning nux and having some of the layering is hard for me but I am learning

    18:20:28 <bobweaver> stupid widgets

    18:20:31 <bobweaver> Smile :)

    18:20:46 <bobweaver> but it is now in are trunk and one can use this

    18:21:07 <bobweaver> I have not finshed by any means but there is least a start

    18:21:34 <bobweaver> if anyone has questions about it feel free to email me or ping me on are channel

    18:22:15 <bobweaver> I have not finshed channel view nor coverflow yet but got the binary there and it is now something that one can test

    18:22:29 <jhodapp> bobweaver, have you ever chatted with any of the Nux developers in #ubuntu-unity before?

    18:22:43 <bobweaver> but if you know Unity 3d devs esp NUX peps please send my way

    18:22:48 <bobweaver> jhodapp, I try

    18:23:03 <bobweaver> gotten some help but not that many people know about NUX

    18:23:29 <jhodapp> bobweaver, no, but certainly the people who know the most about it (because they created Nux) are in that room

    18:24:04 <bobweaver> jhodapp, I want to see if I can get jason to help me but cn never find him I should send him a email

    18:24:22 <jhodapp> bobweaver, yeah, that's a good idea

    18:24:38 <bobweaver> I asked the whole channel yesterday and today if they would show up for this

    18:24:46 <jhodapp> bobweaver, it sounds like that's one of the best things to spend your time on for right now is getting a solid communication line open with the people who can help you with Nux

    18:24:49 <bobweaver> but IDK if anyof them did

    18:25:12 <bobweaver> jhodapp, you should help me with that as you are can emply

    18:25:28 <bobweaver> pretty plz that is Smile :)

    18:25:34 <jhodapp> bobweaver, I can certainly ping people for you when you can't get their attention

    18:26:02 <bobweaver> thanks jhodapp not sure if they take me for real yet + I ask dumg questions sometimes

    18:26:15 <bobweaver> at any rate I will put that UP on my list

    18:26:39 <bobweaver> any one else got anything to say about Unity 3d or questions ?

    18:26:49 <CrestedNewt> the only way of learning is by showing ones ignorance

    18:26:50 <bobweaver> integration that is

    18:26:56 <jhodapp> bobweaver, no such thing as a dumb question (the only dumb one is the one not asked)

    18:27:17 <CrestedNewt> jhodapp - well said

    18:27:22 <bobweaver> I would also like to say that it is on raring Smile :)

    18:27:36 <tgm4883> no questions from me, I'll probably have some for you once I get the backend stuff to converted so we can test it

    18:27:50 <CrestedNewt> nothing from me

    18:27:53 <bobweaver> I am on raring so we are moving in the right direction which brings up new topic

    18:28:14 <bobweaver> Agenda: Time-Line Due to the limited time that some of us have

    18:28:43 <bobweaver> you all I am srry grinding the midnight oil on this project and I love it but not sure that this is going to be done in 5 months

    18:29:06 <tgm4883> I think feature wise, timeline is up to the people doing the Unity 3D work (bobweaver)

    18:29:22 <bobweaver> we might have to push things back a little but IDWT

    18:29:34 <tgm4883> bobweaver, and feature wise, you only have until March 7th

    18:29:35 <bobweaver> good point tgm4883 that is why I need some help

    18:29:50 <bobweaver> I mean unity 3d has like 20 peps always working on it

    18:30:01 <bobweaver> I have to keep up with that and I also have to add thing's

    18:30:34 <bobweaver> like I spend more time (in the start) fixing unity and not even working on code

    18:31:02 <CrestedNewt> bobweaver - what if you just sat on a LTS release as the basic libs, that do not change?

    18:31:25 <CrestedNewt> then you are not always chasing your tail

    18:31:28 <bobweaver> took me a day of re-writing cmakelist files to get to config but I have gotten some help with that and am past that hurdle

    18:31:40 <bobweaver> CrestedNewt, that is a real real real real real good point

    18:31:44 <bobweaver> and idea

    18:32:05 <bobweaver> I for one love that idea that we will try to release a full version on next lts

    18:32:08 <tgm4883> I still think something is wrong with how this this happening if Unity builds keep breaking

    18:32:15 <tgm4883> but maybe it's just me being a Python dev

    18:32:19 <tgm4883> jhodapp, ^

    18:32:31 <bobweaver> everything up to that will be Mockup stuff

    18:32:51 <bobweaver> tgm4883, it is because *other* libs are always changing

    18:32:51 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - but if Unity is always changing, there is no solid foundation

    18:33:14 <jhodapp> tgm4883, what's the issue exactly, I don't quite follow

    18:33:20 <CrestedNewt> without a solid foundation, bobweaver can't move forwards

    18:33:39 <tgm4883> jhodapp, bascially, things in Unity keep changing and causing bobweaver to have to redo work

    18:33:48 <bobweaver> kinda

    18:34:09 <bobweaver> it was more that Unity would not build due to changes in libs

    18:34:15 <bobweaver> but this has been fixed

    18:34:29 <bobweaver> you know nux3 to nux 4

    18:34:38 <bobweaver> libunity changing

    18:34:39 <jhodapp> yes, that's a major change

    18:35:12 <tgm4883> CrestedNewt, meh, not necessarily true. Sure things in Unity are changing. But lets take it from my perspective (admittedly a Python one). I import another library in python and use one of it's functions. That library might change over time, but as long as it still returns values that I would expect (not changing from a list to a dict) then my code is fine

    18:35:19 <jhodapp> there's 2 options there can keep tracking the latest of all of these libs (which might be a good idea), or you can say we're targeting version x or each lib like unity and nux

    18:35:21 <bobweaver> I mean every one of unityshell/plugins/* needed new cmakelist file because it would not work

    18:35:33 <bobweaver> not work = not installing and linking libs

    18:36:10 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - I'm not a coder but was a problem and change manager for alarge international oild company looking after systems for europe

    18:36:37 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - but i also understand where you are coming from

    18:37:08 <bobweaver> jhodapp, both good ideas and I am tracking all bugs and changes to both tunk and stagging but then I see that staging is now going to chang to something else and who knows whta changes are going to come with that or if them libs are eeven goinng to make it into main

    18:37:52 <bobweaver> that is my concerns as I could only find libs in stagging to make this work due to nux 4

    18:37:57 <bobweaver> and other libs

    18:38:28 <bobweaver> and if stagging is changing to something else and what if compiz from stagging is not included into main then kahput

    18:38:32 <jhodapp> bobweaver, you're talking about package staging, right?

    18:38:40 <bobweaver> yeah the ppa

    18:39:00 <bobweaver> sorry about that Unity stagging ppa is what I am talking about

    18:39:13 <jhodapp> bobweaver, ok, popey might be able to give you insights into your uncertainty there

    18:39:16 <tgm4883> jhodapp, bobweaver one of our previous discussions was a point in time when Unity wouldn't even build by itself (without bobweaver's additions)

    18:39:27 <tgm4883> which seems bad IMO

    18:39:40 <bobweaver> and was bad

    18:39:41 <jhodapp> tgm4883, unity trunk wouldn't build?

    18:39:43 <bobweaver> belive me

    18:39:46 <tgm4883> jhodapp, yea

    18:39:56 <tgm4883> so bobweaver says, I didn't try it Wink ;)

    18:40:20 <bobweaver> would not build because main(ubuntu ppa) unity for raring is calling stuff from stagging . and it was a mess

    18:40:32 <jhodapp> tgm4883, seems weird, a change usually won't get merged into trunk unless it passes the tests and the continuous integration build by QA

    18:40:37 <bobweaver> like libs in main had not yet landed from stagging

    18:40:46 <bobweaver> nux 4 compiz ect

    18:41:25 <bobweaver> sence then I have changed the way that I am building this but once again I am not sure as to which one of the libs that Unity team is going to pick for there main

    18:41:39 <bobweaver> but what hurt more was not just the libs

    18:41:54 <tgm4883> I still think something is wrong here. From my point of view, the same issues would plague any Unity developer

    18:42:05 <jhodapp> tgm4883, precisely

    18:42:27 <bobweaver> it was the fact that cmakelist(s) needed to be re-wrote because they where erroroing out on config (cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_.......)

    18:43:14 <bobweaver> mainly plugins and makeing room for new binary for tv

    18:43:20 <jhodapp> bobweaver, did you have anyone else try the same thing when it was failing just to confirm?

    18:43:52 <bobweaver> you can look at change logs of branch to see what I had to do it is documented there

    18:44:04 <bobweaver> jhodapp, yeah

    18:44:06 <tgm4883> to continue progress in this meeting, I move to put this item on hold and continue. Either coming back to this at the end of the meeting (time permitted) or continue this discussion in the #ubuntu-tv channel

    18:44:20 <bobweaver> unity team said "that si what where are fixing right now "

    18:44:33 <bobweaver> good idea tgm4883

    18:44:33 <jhodapp> bobweaver, ok

    18:45:03 <bobweaver> New Agenda : Meetings Pick a day and time for recurring weekly meetings

    18:45:26 <tgm4883> #subtopic Meetings Pick a day and time for recurring weekly meetings

    18:45:29 <bobweaver> I like this time what do you all think about that ? is it good for you would sat be better ect

    18:45:41 <tgm4883> I like this time

    18:45:47 <bobweaver> jhodapp, ?

    18:45:56 <bobweaver> CrestedNewt, ?

    18:46:00 <CrestedNewt> I am flexible - some friday nights I'm out, some saturdays I'm out Big Grin :)

    18:46:05 <tgm4883> I don't like anything that gets into people's weekends

    18:46:17 <bobweaver> that is a good point

    18:46:19 <CrestedNewt> keep it to friday nights then?

    18:46:31 <tgm4883> so mon - thurs might work better, but i'm in the US so it's friday morning for me Smile :)

    18:46:44 <CrestedNewt> I'm in the UK

    18:46:51 <jhodapp> bobweaver, works for me

    18:46:57 <bobweaver> lets wait for jhodapp and his input. I wish that we could also get will to show up he is AWESOME

    18:47:01 <CrestedNewt> so I'm on GMT anyway

    18:47:11 <bobweaver> well then settled ever fri at this time

    18:47:17 <CrestedNewt> kk

    18:47:20 <bobweaver> if alright with you all

    18:47:28 <bobweaver> #vote

    18:47:28 <meetingology> Please vote on:

    18:47:28 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    18:47:33 <bobweaver> +1

    18:47:34 <CrestedNewt> +1

    18:47:46 <bootidsa> +1

    18:47:55 <tgm4883> +1

    18:48:09 <tgm4883> bobweaver, I think you need votesrequired as well

    18:48:23 <bobweaver> er I dont know how to use this bot lol

    18:48:29 <bobweaver> #endvote

    18:48:29 <meetingology> No vote in progress

    18:48:32 <bobweaver> lol

    18:48:39 <tgm4883> next topic

    18:48:50 <bobweaver> form-factor

    18:48:50 <bobweaver> josephjamesmills would like to work on using different form factors but can not figure out on his own, maybe if Unity people show up

    18:48:54 <tgm4883> or I forgot the thing I was going to bring up Wink ;)

    18:49:11 <tgm4883> I'll come back to it

    18:49:31 <tgm4883> This seems similar to the other Unity 3D items

    18:49:42 <bobweaver> well that is pretty much covered in getting me some friends that will put up with my bs and teach me about form-factor

    18:49:54 <bobweaver> unity 3d team

    18:50:25 <bobweaver> I just need like 4 hours with a unity 3d dev to do a goolge hangout

    18:50:52 <bobweaver> to teach me the stuff that I do not understand though I am RE unity 3d ok for the time being

    18:51:26 <bobweaver> Next adgenda : from the wiki they are all covered . so if you got anything to add now would be the time

    18:51:35 <tgm4883> community meetings

    18:51:56 <tgm4883> I think the last meeting of the month should be a community meeting, where people could show up and ask any questions they have

    18:51:57 <bobweaver> tgm4883, what do you mean ?

    18:52:06 <tgm4883> hopefully this would get more people involved

    18:52:12 <bobweaver> that is a great great great IDEA !!!!

    18:52:26 <tgm4883> also, we wouldn't have to advertise every meeting every week every where, just the last meeting

    18:52:30 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - that sounds like a great idea - but it needs to be focused

    18:52:38 <tgm4883> CrestedNewt, focused on what?

    18:53:09 <bobweaver> tgm4883, on are channel or should we make a channel ? #ubuntu-tc-community-meetup or whatever

    18:53:12 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - sometimes at these types of meetings some ppl try and take over for their point only

    18:53:27 <bobweaver> we can regulate that CrestedNewt

    18:53:29 <tgm4883> bobweaver, on this channel

    18:53:35 <CrestedNewt> ok

    18:53:35 <bobweaver> lol tgm4883

    18:53:41 <tgm4883> bobweaver, it would just take the place of our normal meeting

    18:53:50 <bobweaver> on this channel ?

    18:54:02 <tgm4883> bobweaver, isn't that where our normal weekly meeting will be?

    18:54:15 <bootidsa> you advertis it on Google Plus too !

    18:54:29 <bobweaver> I will make youtube video

    18:54:39 <bobweaver> and put on g+ about this ?

    18:54:48 <bootidsa> yep.

    18:54:48 <tgm4883> yea the idea would be for us to advertise it on all social media, website, etc

    18:54:59 <bobweaver> tgm4883, that is a great idea

    18:55:02 <tgm4883> and since it's once a month, we wouldn't be spamming everyone all the time

    18:55:04 <bobweaver> so plush

    18:56:34 <bootidsa> netsplit !

    18:57:00 <bobweaver> I would like to set up a community found that is for getting us "team members" hardware

    18:57:06 <bobweaver> how can we do that ?

    18:57:28 <bobweaver> jhodapp, that is more question for you

    18:57:32 <bobweaver> I think

    18:57:32 <tgm4883> bobweaver, do we need that?

    18:57:38 <bobweaver> I do

    18:57:40 <tgm4883> what kinda hardware?

    18:57:45 <tgm4883> kind of*

    18:57:47 <bobweaver> armel boards

    18:57:53 <tgm4883> ah

    18:57:55 <bootidsa> I have a spare Revo .. ?

    18:58:13 <jhodapp> bobweaver, it's a good question, but I'm with tgm4883...what's wrong with using your PC?

    18:58:15 <bobweaver> even if was remote at canonical office

    18:58:28 <tgm4883> jhodapp I think it's for ARM stuff

    18:58:37 <tgm4883> which I don't think he can test on a normal PC

    18:58:43 <bobweaver> jhodapp, I was thinking that this most likly would be on arm and I can not afford anything

    18:58:48 <jhodapp> tgm4883, yes, but why do you need to run on ARM today?

    18:58:49 <bobweaver> I am super super super poor

    18:58:52 <tgm4883> specifically with how usable it is on ARM

    18:58:54 <CrestedNewt> I can try and talk to ARM as their head office is only about 45 mins away from me

    18:59:09 <tgm4883> CrestedNewt, I don't think ARM makes any hardware?

    18:59:19 <bobweaver> not today but raising money for devs can take time

    18:59:21 <jhodapp> tgm4883, they make reference boards

    18:59:39 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - no they don't but they have influence as the manufacturers basically build under license

    18:59:53 <tgm4883> IMO, it needs to be off the shelf hardware

    18:59:55 <CrestedNewt> of their tech

    19:00:09 <bobweaver> listen I do not even want a board shiped to house I am just going to need stuff to test code on and run valgrind

    19:00:30 <CrestedNewt> I'm with tgm4883 - lets get it out as a STB first - make other big brands sit up and take notice

    19:00:30 <bobweaver> I can chroot and make virtual but that is not a real test

    19:00:33 <tgm4883> bobweaver, jhodapp perhaps it's something that the canoncal testing lab can do

    19:00:46 <bobweaver> I want to make sure that my code runs on arm and is not leaky

    19:00:48 <tgm4883> CrestedNewt, I completely disagree with that, and that isn't our target anyway

    19:01:01 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - ok

    19:01:17 <jhodapp> but to bobweaver's point, considering how to get hardware today isn't a bad idea

    19:01:22 <tgm4883> CrestedNewt, it's much easier to work with something open, rather than hack a tivo to run it on

    19:01:28 <jhodapp> maybe we can ask for some community donations

    19:01:42 <bobweaver> Like at next UDS if we could have boards to test valfrind reports

    19:01:45 <bootidsa> kickstarter !

    19:02:06 <CrestedNewt> tgm4883 - agreed - I'm looking at mounting on the back of a screen with HW readily available

    19:02:11 <bobweaver> IDK all I know is that I can not afford to by any because I have to feed my dog

    19:02:12 <bobweaver> that is how poor I am

    19:02:40 <jhodapp> bobweaver, nobody is asking you to buy one, use your PC for now

    19:02:50 <bobweaver> bottom line is this. there is no why what so ever that I can afford anything like this and if it is going to go to skunkworks then what ?

    19:03:08 <bobweaver> It was just a idea

    19:03:48 <bootidsa> here's my G+ if anyone wants to hangout or follow me

    19:03:55 <bobweaver> ok any dire things to cover ?

    19:04:03 <tgm4883> nope

    19:04:04 <cm-t> thanks bootidsa && hi *

    19:04:24 <CrestedNewt> bobweaver - I'm with tgm4883 that it should only be off the shelf stuff. At the end of the day, if Ubuntu will run on it, Ubuntu-TV should also run on it

    19:04:42 <bobweaver> +1

    19:04:46 <tgm4883> +1

    19:04:58 <bobweaver> lets take this to are channel

    19:05:03 <bobweaver> #end meeting

    19:05:05 <tgm4883> our*

    19:05:06 <bobweaver> #endmeeting

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