The Plan

The plan to merge Ubuntu TV code back into Unity-2D

In the following document "shell_branch" is lp:~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell and "TV trunk" is lp:ubuntutv

  1. [DONE] Merge lp:unity-2d into shell_branch
    • Pay special attention to the new dependency on UnityCore

    • Merge commit by commit, trying to avoid skipping new features/bugfixes like we did in the past
  2. [DONE] Finish the missing shell features. The full list can be found below (removed now).
  3. [DONE] Merge shell_branch into lp:unity-2d
  4. [IN PROGRESS] Merge lp:unity-2d into TV trunk; branch is at lp:~s-team/ubuntutv/shell_merge
  5. Merge back selected features from TV trunk to lp:unity-2d (see below)
    • [TODO] go through the diff to see if there is more than the list contains

Backport from ubuntu-tv

The list below (not complete, I'm afraid) lists commits that make sense to be merged back upstream from ubuntu-tv.

  • 795 [dash] only dismiss onFocusOut in Desktop mode
  • 801 [lib] move AbstractButton into Unity2d + 813 [dash] add missing import Unity2d to MultiRangeButton.qml

  • 808 [dash] ListViewWithHeaders: embed bodyLoader into a generic item that will allow for opening/closing animations.

  • 809 [dash] ListViewWithHeaders: do not navigate to the category headers if they are disabled.

  • 915 [dash] abstract the CategoryHeader

  • 812.3.1 [plugin] add unity2dConfiguration to root context
  • 905 [shell] updateMask when dashMode changes. Needs to be upstreamed.
  • 933 When setting up synchronisation with screen's VBlank, avoid conflicting with the nVidia driver specific way of doing it.
  • 935 Rendering optimization flags. To be upstreamed.

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