The Ubuntu TeX team seeks to look after the various TeX packages in Ubuntu. This involves bug triage/fixing, package maintenance, and QA testing.

List of packages:

  • context
  • lmodern
  • luatex-snapshot
  • tetex-base
  • tetex-bin
  • tetex-src
  • tex-common
  • texlive-base
  • texlive-bin
  • texlive-doc
  • texlive-extra
  • texlive-lang
  • xmltex
  • context-doc-nonfree
  • context-nonfree
  • tetex-doc-nonfree


Launchpad Team: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tex

How to Contribute

Bug List: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tex/+packagebugs


Launchpad Membership Policy

People of all skill levels are free to join, but please be serious about wanting to help. Members will be subscribed to TeX packages in Launchpad and will receive bugmail from them so they can keep updated on bug activity.

Sub-pages :


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