• This page describes the logo font used by Ubuntu from 2004‒2010. For 2010 onwards, see the Ubuntu Font Family.


Download the font: ubuntu-title.otf or and follow the FontInstallHowto.

Andy Fitzsimon of the ArtTeam has created the official Ubuntu Title Typeface.

Ubuntu-Title is licensed under LGPL.

It is packaged and available in Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) as the ttf-ubuntu-title package in the universe component.

You may also download the font directly from the designer's website.

Where it should be used

with a derived logo such as edubuntu or kubuntu it is recommended that this font be used. Changes to kerning are permitted however kerning reductions are advised against.

Printed Documents

This is a title font and therefore not to be used in body text. Use it for topic headings in ubuntu-related printed documents or in digital documents where fonts can be embedded or subset such as PDFs.

Extending This Font

Ubuntu-Title was made using Inkscape and FontForge.

http://nitrofurano.linuxkafe.com/linux/UbuntuTitle_0706252006.zip (1021kb) - 7 different weights for UbuntuTitle (from skinny to bold), in ttf, otf and svg font formats - some fixes and intensive testing are needed, but very probably useful for Ubuntu related graphisms

more to be added soon

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