Here you will find a running list of all our To-Do's. If you're willing to sign up for a task, sign yourself up at the volunteers list, and jump on it! You can get into the IRC channel to communicate with the team members. If you see something that needs to be added to this list, do it!

The Sections

There's several different sections of work where help is needed.

The main areas are:

  • Writing
  • Graphics/Design
  • Editing
  • Programming
  • Translation

If you think you can be of help in one of these areas, sign up for it at the volunteers list, come communicate with us at the IRC channel and get started!


How to help with Writing:

You can help with writing by updating / adding to the wiki, or taking on one of the items from the Pages list to tackle. Be sure to mark it as done when you're finished!

List of Pages

About Ubuntu/Welcome - done

  • What Ubuntu is - done
  • Applications Menu - done
  • Places Menu - done
  • System Menu - done
  • Other top panel items - done
  • Window management - done
  • Workspaces - done
  • Trash - done

Networks - done

  • Network applet, what internet is - done
  • Wireless (if applicable) - done
  • Wired - done
  • VPN - done
  • DSL - done
  • Mobile Broadband ?

Firefox - done

  • How to launch it-done
  • URLs/search bar-done
  • Navigation-done
  • Other browsers, Chromium etc - not done

Media Player - done

  • How to launch it - done
  • Using it - done
  • Codecs

Empathy- done

  • What it is - done
  • Setup (old account) - done
  • Setup (new account) - done
  • Setup (People Nearby) - done
  • Contacts list - done
  • Chat window - done
  • Desktop intergration - done


  • What it can do, how to launch it
  • (A brief tutorial on the user's choice of Writer/Impress/Spreadsheet.) -## Is this needed?
  • Formats and compatability

File Manager - done

  • Basics of files and folders - done
  • Moving/copying/renaming - done
  • Properties dialog - done

Photo and images (I don't know if include or not EOG..)

  • What's Shotwell? (for beginners who never saw a photo manager)
  • How to import photos from your camera
  • How to add tags and sort events
  • Edit a photo (little explanation of what buttons do)
  • Share a photo

Scan an image (random: I'm working with shotwell, if you want to write this section for me you're welcome!)

  • Simple guide to Simple scan
  • Multiple scan

Desktop Customization- done

  • Launch it
  • Themes - done
  • Backgrounds - done
  • Fonts - done
  • Visual effects

Software Management

  • What the Software Centre is and how to launch it
  • Navigation
  • Installation (dummy package)
  • Removal (dummy package)
  • History
  • Paid-apps
  • Updates (whats and whys)
  • How to install updates and how to configure settings

Getting Help

  • Help Center
  • Wiki
  • Ubuntu Forums
  • Ubuntu Manual
  • Launchpad (bugs)
    • - Add links to launchpad mailing list: needs to be done

Additional stuff:

'Did you know?' section (mentioning that users can make Desktop (or panel) shortcuts through dragging or the Right-Click menu.)

'Not to skip' list

  1. Some simple but useful terminal commands are a must


How to help with Graphics/Design:

We need help with UI Mockups, making screenshots of items from the various sections, and possibly more things to come. If you have an idea, post it up here!

UI Mockups

We need some UI mockups!

Screenshots List

General info about screenshots

Read the screenshots guide about the requirements and how to take them.

We need screenshots of all the following:

Format: Section of the tour (screenshot)

Every item from the pages list:

Ubuntu Intro (Screenshots):

  • Applications Menu (Main Menu) (gnome-panel -> main-menu open)

  • Places Menu (Places Menu) (gnome-panel -> places open)

  • System Menu (System Menu) (gnome-panel -> system open)

  • Other top panel items (gnome-panel with running apps)
  • Window management (Window control buttons)
  • Workspaces (gnome-panel > workspaces applet)

  • Trash (gnome-panel > trash icon)

Networks (System>Preferences>Network Connections):

  • Network applet (gnome-panel > network applet; Open and closed, and "Edit connections" menu)

  • Wireless (gnome-panel - Closed > "wireless connected" icon, gnome-panel > network applet - Open, and "Edit connections" wireless menu)

  • Wired (gnome-panel > network applet - Open, and "Edit connections > Wired)

  • VPN (gnome-panel > network applet - Open, and "Edit connections > VPN)

  • DSL (gnome-panel > network applet - Open, and "Edit connections > DSL)

  • Mobile Broadband ?

Firefox (Screenshots):

  • How to launch it (Applications > Internet > Firefox, and gnome-panel applet)

  • URLs/search bar (Firefox > URL bar, and Firefox > Search bar)

  • Navigation (Firefox > Navigation icons)

Media Player (Gnome-panel > volume applet > Rhythmbox, and gnome-panel-> Applications > Sound and Video > Rhythmbox):

  • How to launch it (screenshot:)
  • Using it (Rhythmbox -> Media control buttons, Rhythmbox -> Left panel)

  • Codecs (Rhythmbox -> "Add non-free codecs" message window)

Empathy (Screenshots):

  • What it is (logo + main window?)
  • Setup (old account) (Accounts -> Manage Accounts (ctrl+a))

  • Setup (new account) (see above, click Add...)
  • Setup (People Nearby) (screenshot:)
  • Contacts list (login on a dummy account, contacts)
  • Chat window (Empathy -> Chat window)

  • Desktop intergration (gnome-panel -> notifications icon -> Broadcast )

OpenOffice (Screenshots):

  • What it can do, how to launch it (screenshot:)
  • (A brief tutorial on the user's choice of Writer/Impress/Spreadsheet.) -## Is this needed? (screenshot:)
  • Formats and compatability (this should probably have an image of different file formats, ie a ms doc, open office, pdf)

File Manager (Screenshots):

  • Basics of files and folders (~ launched in nautilus)
  • Moving/copying/renaming (nautilus -> right click menu -> move-to/delete/copy, nautilus -> image of "drag'n'drop" cursor icons (shift/control/alt)

  • Properties dialog (nautilus -> right click menu (?) + properties dialog)

Photo and images (gnome-panel -> applications -> graphics -> Shotwell / Image viewer):

  • Eye of Gnome (Eye of Gnome image viewer )
  • Shotwell? (Shotwell - Intro screen, Shotwell - Main view screenshot)
  • How to import photos from your camera (Shotwell -> Import, Nautilus -> popup menu for "import photos")

  • How to add tags and sort events (Shotwell -> tags menu, shotwell -> right-click -> tag photos (? - or alternate method, if exist) )

  • Edit a photo (Nautilus -> "edit photos" menubar, Nautilus -> right click -> Open with ... -> GIMP / Shotwell)

  • Share a photo (? Unknown?)

Scan an image (Screenshots):

  • Simple scan (screenshot:)
  • Multiple scan (screenshot:)

Desktop Customization (Screenshots):

  • Launch it (main menu again)
  • Themes (appearances -> themes)

  • Backgrounds (appearances -> background)

  • Fonts (appearances -> fonts)

  • Visual effects (main window + compiz settings manager? (but not installed by default)

Software Management (Screenshots):

  • What the Software Centre is and how to launch it (gnome main menu)
  • Navigation (main window with emphasis on the right part, icons OR a list of the apps from any categories)
  • Installation (dummy package) (Dummy package window cursor on the "Install" button)
  • Removal (dummy package) (1. List of all installed apps, with dummy app selected and mouse cursor on "Uninstall" button, or 2. Window of the actual package with cursos or "Uninstall")
  • History
  • Paid-apps
  • Updates (whats and whys) (System -> Administration -> Update Manager -- maybe the update tray icon also?)

  • How to install updates and how to configure settings

Getting Help (Screenshots):

  • Help Center (F1 - Main Help Center window)
  • Wiki (Is a screenshot required for this?)
  • Ubuntu Forums (See above)
  • Ubuntu Manual (See above)
  • Launchpad (bugs) (See above)


How to help with Programming:

I have no idea. I think that the best answer to this is that you need to get on the IRC channel and talk to the programming team, and see what methods they're using and how to get going.

Programming To-do's:

  • Allow installation of tours for all users, install to /usr/share/ubuntu-tour/tours
  • In new-lang-system branch only, creating a new way of dealing with language dialects.
  • The app needs several methods for determining when a step of a certain tour is complete. These need to be put into nice functions which can be called by simple comments, issued from javascript. This can include things like:
    • Process detection
    • DBus <- I don't know how useful DBus will be, because apps would need to be patched.

      • some apps have dbus support already. If its there, we can use it.
    • Simply the user clicking a 'Forward' button <- We ought to have some sort of indicator as to which it is (automatic or manual).


How to help with Translation

All of our pages need translation! If you speak a second language and can help with this, sign up at the volunteers list and sign up for what you can help translate. Then, pick your page and get started. You should probably talk to the Writing team on IRC to see what pieces are finished before you do so.


All these languages have been volunteered: Please add more to this list!

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Indian languages
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian


How to help with Editing:

We need help with editing. All these pages are being written quickly, and will need spellchecking / revision / reauthoring work. You should get on the IRC channel and talk to the writers' team to see what's finished and ready for editing.


Leave notes here for the rest of the team, or to record your input on this project.

General Notes

  • All initial topics should be intended for beginners (tour to be made extensible so anybody can create other more advanced tutorials). I like the idea of maybe linking sections to more advanced material, like a manual page, screencast, etc.
    • I think everything we provide should be considered for 'beginners'. However like I said in the chat, it we make the app extensible ok Smile :) I think that's the intention of the .. but it could be better organized for things like what your talking about.

  • Include everything they need, without regard to "free"-ness. Though free is certainly preferred, keeping information away because it's not "free" is a turn-off for people. As long as we have a little disclaimer Wink ;) The commercial side of Ubuntu cannot advocate non-free things, but the community, lets face it, they get Ubuntu or Linux in any flavor to circumvent certain things. Each has their own reasons for going to ubuntu, I just like it cuz it works !! Well, now that I think about it, it might not be that much taboo anymore, with the inclusion of paid apps in the Software Cent(re|er)

  • Each section will contain an overview and have the option to skip all of that section, or leap to specific pages. Make the important sections ask for comfimation to skip (skip/don't skip/come back later). Note that size is likely to cause multiple pages in some cases. I was thinking about making the size fixed (like the install slideshow) to prevent the need for scrolling. I hope to make about 3/4s of the expected clicking unnecessary, so we don't want to require scrolling. Thoughts?

Other Notes

Also, for the browser, I'd like to see it cover more than one browser, even if only Firefox/Chrome, and have it autodetermine/ask what one to show. (It could check what the default browser is)

Programas / temas a incluir:

0) Algumas informações sobre Ubuntu

1) Conectar a uma rede

2) Abra o navegador e visitar uma página web ( / comunidade?)

3) Abra um tocador de mídia, mídia de importação e jogar uma canção, (usando o Media Player para música) organização e definir o usuário com Ubuntu One

4) permite ao usuário adicionar uma conta através Gwibber / Empatia

5) Instalar software e atualizar o software (via centro de software do Ubuntu, adicionando um PPA e um pacote deb) (podemos permitir que o usuário instale um pacote fictício). Apenas mostrar os administradores deste.

6) Que o usuário faça a sua primeiro documento no OpenOffice

7) Personalizando o desktop (temas, fontes, wallpapers, etc)

8) mostra o usuário como obter ajuda (Launchpad, Wiki, ubuntuforums, UMP, etc)

9) Addressing problemas de driver (talvez fazer drivers perto do começo. Algo como drivers wireless não seria bom para trabalhar sem.)

10) Utilizando o gerenciador de arquivos

11) Gerenciamento de configurações (aparência, teclado, tela de login e etc)

12) Teste Ubuntu (Execute o aplicativo de teste do sistema para verificar se tudo funciona ok)


Contribute your Ideas to the project

Ideas go here! Got something brilliant to add? What would you like to see in a beginner's intro-tour of Ubuntu?

  • More than one msn client. For webcams emesene, but I still use Pidgin.
  • More than one browser (see above), Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Opera, Midori?
  • Burg loader, it makes you're dual boot machine much better.
  • A separate topic for how you have to configure multiple user accounts on one pc.
  • Make a topic how people have to find files on their pc (my brother used the softwarecenter for this :P )

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