Ubuntu Urdu Translators Team:

Ubuntu Urdu Translators team is trying to translate Ubuntu in Urdu language. Members of the team would actively check Urdu support available in Urdu and would get in touch with developers to request any modifications or additions needed. We would actively watch bugs related to Urdu support in Ubuntu. Any one willing to contribute please join us. We currently have only 32 members and we obviously need help.


Once you are a member, please don't forget to join our mailing list, Ubuntu Urdu Translators. It is the place where we would be discussing, plans, strategies, translations, etc. Getting in touch with the community is very important to maintain steady progress. Joing the mailing list you would be able to contribute your suggestions and affect the team policies and goals.


There are tools available to help you with translation of any software into Urdu.

  • Urdu Word Bank Glossary of commonly used terms, phrases and words with their Urdu translation. You can edit and add new translations and use the existing database as a reference.

  • Request Help, you can always request for help on Urdu Web's mehfil forum. We are currently using the forum to deal with the requests for new additions in Urdu Word Bank.

  • Ubuntu Urdu Translators mailing list for general discussion and questions.

If you are unable to view Urdu properly on Ubuntu please download and install Nafees Web Naskh font. You can also install msttcorefonts or BBC Urdu's Urdu Naskh Asiatype. To learn how you can install additional fonts see FontInstallHowto. To change your keyboard layout see UrduKeyboard .


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