Ubuntu Users FAQ

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the ubuntu-users mailing list.



What is this list for?

ubuntu-users is a mailing list staffed by volunteer community members to provide technical support to Ubuntu Users.

Users of Ubuntu and officially supported derivatives (Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu) can get support here. Users of derivatives (such as Backtrack and Linux Mint) are not officially supported.

What is this list NOT for?

Anything that is not specifically a request for or response to technical support.

Please remember that due to the size and nature of the ubuntu-users mailing list it's not possible to maintain the off topic banter and expect to keep the helpful volunteers subscribed that benefit all.

Simply linking semi-relevant web links and expecting discussion to evolve is not considered on topic for this list. There are many places online you can share interesting stories but please bear in mind the reason for why this list exists.

Anyone repeatedly instigating off topic conversation is likely to be individually moderated by the team to ensure further input is on topic and constructive.

Please don't send "testing" emails to the list. If you think you have a problem sending or receiving emails relating to this list please see Where can I go with further questions or concerns?

Who can use this list?

Anyone who is willing to adhere by the mailinglists etiquette and Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

How can I subscribe / unsubscribe from the list mail?

Subscriptions can be managed at ubuntu-users -- Ubuntu user technical support, not for general discussions.

Where can I read the list contents in my browser?

By the ubuntu-users archives although other archives are available online such as Nabble.

How can I post to the list via a news reader?

Nabble provides an unofficial news to mailing list gateway to the ubuntu-users list.

What is the mailing list etiquette?

The mailinglists etiquette for all official Ubuntu mailing lists.

What is the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (CoC)?

The Ubuntu Code of Conduct covers the behaviour expected of members of the Ubuntu community.

Why was my post rejected from the mailing list?

There are a number of reasons posts are rejected from the list, the most common are:

  • You posted from an email address that is not subscribed to the list; that email account will not receive replies. To ensure that you *do* see the replies we require that posts come from subscribed addresses.
  • The post was over sized (there is a 40kb size limit) - if you need to post images please use an online hosting service like flickr, picasa and imageshack and link to them to reduce the size of your email.
  • The post was in a language other than English - while we understand Ubuntu is multilingual, to make the list useful to the most number of people please keep all conversation in English. Should you require support in another language the best place is to look for your LoCo.

  • The post was deemed inappropriate for the list - this usually means it's been identified as either spam or not in line with the Code of Conduct

Can I send a test email to the mailing list?

No. It is not realistic to expect that the several thousand subscribed users should be subjected to individual testing emails. If you have any issue with the list that you feel you need to investigate please contact the list owner <ubuntu-users-owner@lists.ubuntu.com>

Often the list owner will have access to information or suggest methods that prevent the need to create more noise on the list.

Anyone posting test emails to the list without first contacting and discussing with the list owner will be immediately moderated by the list owners.

Where can I go with further questions or concerns?

If you have further questions or concerns that have not been answered here please either contact the moderation team via the list owner email address <ubuntu-users-owner@lists.ubuntu.com>

If you have any questions regarding any issues posting to or receiving emails from the list please also contact the list owner <ubuntu-users-owner@lists.ubuntu.com>

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