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  • Welcome New Members and Developers
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • Ubuntu Europe Federation Board Meeting at Ubucon Europe
  • LoCo Events

  • Ubucon Europe 2019: 2nd Batch of Calls Approved
  • Canonical Design Team: The 10 new rules of open source infrastructure
  • Ubucon Europe 2019: 2nd Call For Volunteers
  • Ubuntu Cloud News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Press
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 16.04, 18.04, and 19.04
  • And much more!

Welcome New Members and Developers

Congratulations to this contributor!

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 135307 (-66)
  • Critical: 377 (+2)
  • Unconfirmed: 66643 (+38)

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see:


  • Ukrainian: 87.56% (33979/2676)
  • German: 85.93% (38443/1)
  • Spanish: 85.26% (40260/2831)
  • French: 80.73% (52661/5948)
  • Bosnian: 79.91% (54876/155)

Hot in Support

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions

Ask (and answer!) questions at:

Ubuntu Forums Top 5 Threads

Find more support at:

LoCo News

Ubuntu Europe Federation Board Meeting at Ubucon Europe

Diogo Miguel Constantino Dos Santos (diogoconstantino) gives us a short explanation of the role of the Ubuntu Europe Federation and advises that the Federation will participate in Ubucon Europe 2019. The board meeting is open to the public with an open invitation to all European LoCo teams to join the Ubuntu Europe Federation.

LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

Looking beyond the next two weeks? Visit the LoCo Team Portal to browse upcoming events around the world:

The Planet

Ubucon Europe 2019: 2nd Batch of Calls Approved

We are advised that after another two weeks these new submitted proposals are in the schedule. Links to the schedule as well as the means to submit your proposal are provided.

Canonical Design Team: The 10 new rules of open source infrastructure

Stelphan Fabel writes about his keynote at Cloud Native/OpenStack providing ten rules of open source infrastructure. These are: consume unmodified upstream, infrastructure is a product, automate for the future, run at capacity on premises; public cloud as overflow, workload placement matters, plan for transition, security is not special, embrace shiny, and go micro. Links are provided.

Ubucon Europe 2019: 2nd Call For Volunteers

With UbuconEU2019 less than 3 months away, support is requested to help make the event a success. If you have the Ubuntu spirit and can help write articles, review & translate texts, create visual content and more, you too can help.

Ubuntu Cloud News

Canonical News

In the Press

BT will use Ubuntu and OpenStack to power 5G transformation

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols tells us that BT (formerly British Telecom) Group communications company have chosen to use Charmed OpenStack on Ubuntu to automate the deployment of their 5G cloud core network. The build infrastructure is provided as well as comments from Neil McRae, BT Group's chief architect, and Canonical CEO Shuttleworth. Six cities in the UK serve as launch sites for use in BT's EE mobile network, with BT's rollout of cloud-based 5G Core network starting in 2022.

Additional coverage selected by our editors:

In the Blogosphere

Mesa 19.1.3 Led By Fixes For Intel & Radeon Vulkan Drivers

Michael Larabel reports on the changes and fixes in the Mesa 19.1.3 point release. Prominent in the collection of open-source graphics drivers are changes in Intel "ANV", Radeon "RADV" Vulkan, and a fix for shader tracing crash in RADV, as well as other fixes. A link to the complete change list is provided. We are told of the prospective schedule for the 19.2.0 version release.

Linux Kernel 5.2 Series Is Now Ready for Mass Deployments, Upgrade Now

Marius Nestor tells us that the Linux 5.2 kernel is ready for the masses. Seeing the 5.2 kernel as a major release; many desired new features are listed , as well as performance improvements, and security enhancements. A link of course is provided should you want to read more about Kernel 5.2.2.

Dash to Panel Just Got a Major Update

Joey Sneddon writes that a brand new Dash to Panel GNOME Shell extension (v20) is available. Many updates are listed that Joey feels give users greater control and users will love. Great news is that it supports GNOME Shell 3.8 and up, so can be used with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04. With a link provided, Joey warns us that as of this writing, v20 is still awaiting review so v19 shows up on the GNOME Extensions website.

Ubuntu 19.10 Development Continues With Latest GNOME Updates, ZFS, Optimizations

Michael Larabel reminds us 19.10's freeze dates are approaching. He provides us with the Canonical public Trello board that shows Ubuntu 19.10's progress. Michael specifically feels worth watching are Nvidia graphics, ZFS on Linux integration, a possible new plymouth splash screen, GNOME performance boosts and more.

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 40

"Big roundup of security updates from the past 2 weeks including Docker, ZeroMQ, Squid, Redis and more, plus we talk with Joe McManus about some recent big fines for companies breaching their GDPR responsibilities and it’s EOL for Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish."

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S12E16 – Glider Rider

"This week we’ve been learning about the crazy world of flat earthers. In a change to our scheduled programming we discuss Alan’s new lean podcasting experiment, bring you some command line love and go over all your feedback."

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: S01E60 - Rumo ao Monte da Lua

"O drama do abandono da arquitectura de Intel a 32bits e as novidades da Ubucon Europe 2019. Sem esquecer pormenores muito pouco interessantes da vida dos intervenientes deste podcast…"

Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Developer Membership Board: Mon, July 29, 3pm – 4pm
  • Security Team: Mon, July 29, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Kernel Team: Tue, July 30, 5pm – 6pm
  • Desktop Team: Tue, July 30, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Technical Board: Tue, July 30, 7pm – 8pm
  • Ubuntu Translations: Thu, August 1, 3pm – 4pm
  • Ubuntu Foundations: Thu, August 1, 3pm – 4pm
  • Community Council: Thu, August 1, 5pm – 7pm
  • Ubuntu Membership Board: Thu, August 1, 8pm – 9pm
  • Ubuntu Membership Board: Thu, August 1, 10pm – 11pm

For more details and farther dates please visit:

Updates and Security for 16.04, 18.04, and 19.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 16.04 Updates

End of Life: April 2021

Ubuntu 18.04 Updates

End of Life: April 2023

Ubuntu 19.04 Updates

End of Life: January 2020


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