Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #6

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue #6 for the weeks of July 2, 2006 - July 15, 2006

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In This Issue

  • Chicago LoCo Team

  • Kubuntu meeting
  • New KOffice and Amarok
  • Edubuntu Community Grows
  • Feature Of The Week - Baobab

General Community News

Cell Broadband Engine SDK/Simulator on Ubuntu Linux - Howto Get an early peak at the Cell Processor and how it works, by running the simulator on Ubuntu.

New Chicago LoCo Team

A new Ubuntu LoCoTeam has organized it's first meeting. Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 6:00PM CST (2300 UTC). Meeting will be held at Buffalo's Wild Wings, located at 149 North York Street in Elmhurst, IL 60126. If you are interested in joining us, pleast reply via the Ubuntu Forums thread located at . Thanks everyone and we hope to see you there!!!

Security Updates

Security vulnerabilities found in the following packages have been fixed in all affected Ubuntu releases:

USN-318-1: libtunepimp vulnerability

USN-308-1: shadow vulnerability

USN-309-1: libmms vulnerability

USN-310-1: ppp vulnerability

USN-311-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

USN-312-1: Gimp vulnerability

USN-313-1: vulnerabilities

USN-314-1: samba vulnerability

USN-315-1: libmms, xine-lib vulnerabilities

USN-316-1: installer vulnerability

USN-317-1: zope vulnerability

USN-318-1: libtunepimp vulnerability


Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

  • Fixes for numerous printing bugs
  • Updates to the Add/Remove tool to make new commercial applications available (RealPlayer and Opera)

  • A bug fix for upgrades of dovecot from Ubuntu 5.10 to 6.06 (bug #51038)

  • A fix for a pmount bug which caused it to fail in certain locales (bug #49655)

  • Fix for bug #38272, which fixes the EmulateWheelTimeout pointing device option in xorg.conf

  • kcemirror now installable

Ubuntu Development Team Meeting

At this week's development team meeting, we reviewed the status of the proposed feature specifications for the Edgy release. There are now 90+ official feature goals for Edgy, and this list is nearly final. We also agreed to change the meeting time rotation so that it is more convenient for more developers.


Kubuntu Meeting

At the Kubuntu Meeting we welcomed Kenny Duffus into membership and discussed several other issues. Thanks to nixternal for doing the minutes.

The next meeting is on Monday July 17th at 13:00UTC on #ubuntu-meeting.


All the KDE packages in main have been merged and updated to their latest versions. Most of the packages in universe have also been merged and updated. Many thanks to the great team of MOTU and soon-to-be-MOTU who have helped with this. We are now in a freeze while we prepare the first testing CD, Knot 1.

New Dapper Packages

KOffice 1.5.2 was released with lots of bugfixes and packages are available for Kubuntu Dapper.

And Amarok 1.4.1 was released with stream support and a new icon theme.

Rosetta for KDE

The KDE translators had an occasionally heated debate about Rosetta and the problems of duplicating work. Most of the issues raised are due to be sorted out by improvements to Rosetta over the next few months but if you are using Rosetta it could be useful to contact your upstream translation teams and see how best to get your work upstream.


New Edubuntu Community Members

This week we welcome new Edubuntu community members, Lisa Savage (Alias Vegas) and Rodrigo Parra Novo (rodarvus)! Unknown by many, Lisa was responsible for the Edubuntu-Young wallpaper that got shipped in Edubuntu 6.06, while Rodrigo is the Technical Lead for Edubuntu and employed by Canonical Ltd. Rodrigo used to work for Conectiva and Nokia and his past experience will definitely make an impact to the next version of Edubuntu due for release in October 2006!

Edubuntu community members are known for their high impact and sustaining contributions to the Edubuntu project, be it on coding or non-coding work. If you would like to be part of the Edubuntu community, join us and have yourself added for consideration at the next Edubuntu Council at

Edubuntu Specs for Edgy Eft

The following Edubuntu-specific and Edubuntu-related specs were officially approved for development and possible inclusion for the Edgy Eft release:

Edubuntu Cookbook Meeting

The Edubuntu Cookbook meeting happend last July 6, 2006 and the following agreements came about on shaping the future of the book project:

  • The project will be now known as the "Edubuntu Handbook."
  • Division of work will be reflected on the team wiki page at . Volunteers can also sign up on this page but shouldn't commit no more than 3 chapters.

  • The source format for the handbook will be in Docbook, but will accept contributions in other formats if a volunteer is not well-versed with the source format.
  • The project will be hosted in the Documentation Team svn server

In The Press

Newsforge discussed the relationship between the Ubuntu sister distributions and their derivatives.

Feature Of The Week - Baobab

Ever needed to find out how large an entire directory was, including all the files in all the sub-directories off that directory? That's exactly what Baobab is for.

Baobab is in Ubuntu's Universe repository; install it through Synaptic (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager).

Use it by selecting a directory in Nautilus (Gnome's file manager, reachable through Places->Home Folder) then right-clicking and selecting Scripts->Open In Baobab or by choosing Applications->Accessories->Baobab.

The image below shows Baobab in action, with Nautilus behind it, both showing the same section of directories & sub-directories.

Submitted by Brian Burger, Madpilot

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