Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #60 for the week September 30th - October 6th, 2007. In this issue we cover the freeze of the Gutsy archive, a Gutsy countdown script for websites, Philipp Kern joining the MOTU Team, the release of UbuntuBolivia by the Bolivian LoCo Team, Ubuntu Forums interviews, and, as always, much much more!

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In This Issue

  • Archive Frozen for Gutsy Release
  • Gutsy Countdown Script
  • Philipp Kern Joins MOTU Team
  • Bolivian LoCo Team To Release UbuntuBolivia

  • Ubuntu Forums Interviews
  • In The Press and In the Blogosphere
  • Meetings and Events
  • Updates and security for 6.06, 6.10, and 7.04
  • Translation stats
  • Bug Stats

General Community News

Archive Frozen for Gutsy Release

The archive for the upcoming Gutsy release has been frozen. This freeze means that only uploads that fix specific release-relevant bugs will be accepted between now and the release.

Gutsy Countdown Script

Matthew Nuzum has added a countdown script to the homepage. You can add it to your website by copying and pasting the code provided in the link below. Each day the image will update showing the days remaining before the release. There are no cookies or any type of tracking involved with the Javascript code. Modifications to the images are welcome and sharing such changes are encouraged. Spread the fever!

Philipp Kern Joins MOTU Team

Having been with Ubuntu for quite a while, Philipp Kern finally is part of the MOTU team. Philipp has been actively taking care of his Debian packages in Ubuntu since 2005. His pet project in Debian and Ubuntu is Gobby, a collaborative editor, for which he is upstream, and the libraries needed for it. Philip is also active in the Ubuntu backmerging team.

LoCo News

Bolivian LoCo Team To Release UbuntuBolivia

The Bolivian team, in collaboration with 7th Bolivia's Free Software National Congress (, have created a custom Ubuntu edition called "Ubuntu Bolivia." Distribution of 1,000 packs with a hardcover including two CDs and "Powered by" stickers will begin next week.

The distribution is aimed at people without an Internet connection so they can enjoy a complete Ubuntu system. The packs include a Live CD and installer plus an add-on CD with additional software. The next version will be based on Gutsy Gibbon and will include native language support for quechua, aymara and guaraní (if available).

More info: (Spanish)

In The Press

  • The Next Leap for Linux - In a widely publicized article, Larry Magid at the NY Times provides an overview of using Linux and Ubuntu on the desktop. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, is quoted as saying “Linux is a political idea — an idea of freedom. They don’t want to be tied to Microsoft or Apple. They want choice. To them it’s a greater cause.” While "Linux has always had a reputation of being difficult to install and daunting to use...those reasons for rejecting Linux are disappearing." Dell is selling Linux desktops and Lenovo, who already sells Linux machines in China, will soon offer Linux-based computers in the United States. Larry states that "Ubuntu is generally regarded as one of the more consumer-friendly versions of Linux, so the Linux PC experience is similar to what you would get with a Windows-equipped Dell." While the article does not emphasize the large community surrounding Ubuntu, it does describe how to download and order a free CD, and the large number of applications available without scouring third-party websites.

In The Blogosphere

  • Ubuntu beta, now with flash and flashiness - Stephen Shankland at CNET, talks about the inclusion of Compiz Fusion, and a preview version of Gnash, an open-source incarnation of Adobe Systems' Flash software for animations and video streaming. Compiz Fusion "uses OpenGL graphics technology to make windows transparent, map desktops to the faces of a cube, let windows wobble as if made of JELL-O or zoom them for quick magnification. Various 3D effects can be downloaded and plugged in."

  • Upcoming Ubuntu release to improve features for educators, general, power users - Christopher Dawson says "Ubuntu continues to emerge as a leader in mainstream Linux distributions and is increasingly friendly to the average end user." Usability continues to improve with Gutsy Gibbon and is still an important issue because "if all of the money saved by using an open source OS in your school is eaten up by training and setup costs, and the good will of the open source community is negated by your angry, confused users." Advances in video and driver components, including PDF printing from any application, make Ubuntu more user friendly for schools.

  • Is Linux right for your mother? - Michael Horowitz, at CNET, believes that the cost of running Linux is only 20% of running a Mac. The claim is based on the fact many vendors are selling refurbished computers for very low prices, that can run Ubuntu easily, but not other operating systems. Applications like Open Office and Firefox provide a free alternative for web browsing and productivity suites. Some previously purchased software may be able to run under Wine.

  • Upgrade Ubuntu from Feisty to Gutsy - The How-To Geek covers many of the features of the upcoming Ubuntu release. Screenshots of upgrading from Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 are shown. Caveats are mentioned such as reinstalling kernel modules needed for vmware and conflicts caused by previously installing Automatix.

  • Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and Linux on the Desktop - Prashanth Ellina talks about his experience of upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy beta, commenting that "the first thing [he] noticed after upgrade was the amount of polish and attention to detail." The ability to group windows with Compiz Fusion allowed him to greatly reduce window clutter. Easy installation of codecs mitigates the problem of playing videos for new Ubuntu users. Prashanth says with hardware prices dropping, the cost of software will stand out, and coupled with the disappointment with Vista, users will be driven to Linux.

Meetings and Events

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Forum Council Meeting

  • Start: 12:00 GMT
  • End: 13:00 GMT
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting

Launchpad Users Meeting

  • Start: 16:00 GMT
  • End: 17:00 GMT
  • Agenda: Come find out what we’ve got planned for Launchpad 1.1.10 and ask your questions of the Launchpad team.

QA Team Meeting

  • Start: 16:00 GMT
  • End: 17:00 GMT
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting
  • Agenda: The Ubuntu QA Team, which deals with bug triage, iso testing and other testing activities.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Community Development Team Meeting

  • Start: 15:00 GMT
  • End: 16:00 GMT
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting

Nebraska LoCo Meeting

  • Start: 21:00 US/Central
  • End: 22:00 US/Central
  • Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-nebraska

Community Spotlight

Ubuntu Forums has started a series of interviews, to get to know a little better who's behind a nickname. These interviews have been discussed among UF staff and K.Mandla has got them rolling with ubuntu-geek [1] and aysiu [2], both of them well known and part of the UF soul. More will follow, with other staff members and regular and long term UF contributors.



Updates and security for 6.06, 6.10, and 7.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

Ubuntu 6.10 Updates

Ubuntu 7.04 Updates

Bug Stats

  • Open (32745) +805 # over last week
  • Critical (18) +1 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (17204) +590 # over last week
  • Unassigned (24674) +771 # over last week
  • All bugs ever reported (125747) +2308 # over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

Translation Stats

  1. Spanish (21346) +1786 # over last week
  2. French (40781) +1058 # over last week
  3. Swedish (50559) -907 # over last week
  4. English-UK (58005) +1447 # over last week
  5. German (65426) +1566 # over last week

Remaining string to translate in Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon", see more at:

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