Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 691 for the week of July 4 - 10, 2021.

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  • Welcome New Members and Developers
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • LoCo Events

  • Call for testing: mir-kiosk 2.4.1-snap124
  • Hello zstd compressed .debs in Ubuntu!
  • LXD - Container Manager
  • Lubuntu 20.10 End of Life and Current Support Statuses
  • Ubuntu Cloud News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 20.10, and 21.04
  • And much more!

General Community News

Welcome New Members and Developers

Congratulations to this contributor!

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 137528 (+57)
  • Critical: 332 (-5)
  • Unconfirmed: 68726 (+22)

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see:


  • Ukrainian: 88.00% (38817/1282)
  • German: 86.83% (42602/11)
  • French: 81.43% (60093/7174)
  • Spanish: 80.75% (62269/4011)
  • Swedish: 77.03% (74323/1472)

Hot in Support

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions

Ask (and answer!) questions at:

Ubuntu Forums Top 5 Threads

Find more support at:

LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

Looking beyond the next two weeks? Visit the LoCo Team Portal to browse upcoming events around the world:

The Hub

Call for testing: mir-kiosk 2.4.1-snap124

Alan Griffiths makes a call out for help in testing mir-kiosk 2.4.1, providing the command needed to use the candidate snap.

The Planet

Hello zstd compressed .debs in Ubuntu!

Balint Reczey writes about changes he and Julian Andres Klode made in Debian and Ubuntu that would help speed up package installation and upgrades. He writes about the process of getting it into various Ubuntu and Debian releases, giving thanks to Dimitri John Ledkov (for help with Debian) with links to the parts still awaiting review. Finally we are told that given the archive-wide support for zstd, Ubuntu will be using zstd compressed packages starting with Ubuntu 21.10.

LXD - Container Manager

Alan Pope starts by giving details of his new job and the testing he performs in that role. We are told both his personal and work computers run Kubuntu 21.04, with testing often requiring other releases or distributions. To test other systems, Alan uses LXD. He gives us a brief rundown on how to use it to test other releases of Ubuntu, or other distributions such as Fedora 34. We are provided many links, and Alan ends with the "I (heart) LXD".

Lubuntu 20.10 End of Life and Current Support Statuses

Dan Simmons announces that Lubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) will reach End of Life on Thursday, July 22, 2021. "After July 22nd, the only supported releases of Lubuntu will be 20.04 (until April 2023) and 21.04 (until January 2022)." Support links for upgrade and more information are provided.

Ubuntu Cloud News

Canonical News

In the Blogosphere

Ubuntu 21.10 Release Date & Planned Features

In this updated post by Joy Sneddon, we are given what Joey labels an "Essential Guide" to Ubuntu 21.10. Along with the various freeze, beta & release dates, we are told the dailies already contain GNOME 40 which is expected to be changed to GNOME 41 before release. Mention of the zstd compression is of note; NVIDIA graphics on Wayland & other improvements are also mentioned, along with a quick summary of changes.

GNOME 40 Arrives in Ubuntu 21.10, This is What it Looks Like

Joey Sneddon writes that Ubuntu 40 has arrived in Ubuntu 21.10 and can be found in the daily images if you wish to give it a try. Giving us a quick overview of what he saw, we are also provided an embedded video and numerous screenshots to help us picture it. We are reminded the development cycle still has months to go so "nothing you see today is final".

Ubuntu Touch OTA-18 Is Coming July 14th with Performance Improvements, Various Changes

Marius Nestor tells us the UBports Foundation has announced a call for testing of Ubuntu Touch OTA-18 update for Ubuntu Phone devices. In outlining some of the new features and app improvements is a call out for those willing to help test OTA-18. Reminders are given that it may not yet be stable, but should be by the planned release on 14 July 2021. News of a UBports Platform Development Kit for testing upcoming Ubuntu Touch 20.04 images on a virtual machine on Linux or macOS is also outlined.

KDE Frameworks 5.84 Released with Expandable Tooltips, Performance Improvements

Marius Nestor reports on the new additions, improvements, fixes, and updated dialogs found within the more than 170 changes in this monthly update to KDE Frameworks.

Ubuntu OnAir: Tutorial of tutorials | Community office hours

"Sit in with Monica and Rhys to talk through how you write and contribute a tutorial, about anything, to the official Ubuntu tutorials page📕💖 We go through the tutorial on tutorials, answer questions ✋ take feedback 📣 give ideas, and make a start on a brand new tutorial 🤓"

Ubuntu OnAir: Let's Ask AskUbuntu! | Community Office Hours

"It's a 'questioning' week's UbuntuOnAir when we invite AskUbuntu to come join us! 🤔 Rhys and Monica will be chatting with AskUbuntu moderators, and the amazing work they do to answer support questions! 👩‍💻🔧"

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 123

"Is npm audit more harm than good? Plus this week we look at security updates for DjVuLibre, libuv, PHP and more."

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S14E18 – Timing Chefs Watch

"This week we’ve been configuring new-ish HP Microservers and entering our first game jam. We discuss Project Kebe, an open source Snap Store implementation, and respond to all your wonderful feedback."

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: 150 - Morcela

"Voltou a competição de wallpapers Ubuntu, o Constantino quer correr aplicações Android no Ubuntu enquanto continua a investir no OBS Ninja, e o Carrondo a ver se põe tudo em ordem lá em casa…"

Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Developer Membership Board: Mon, July 12, 7pm – 8pm
  • Technical Board: Tue, July 13, 7pm – 8pm
  • Community Council: Wed, July 14, 11pm – Thu, July 15, 12am

Times shown are UTC. For more details and farther dates please visit:

Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 20.10, and 21.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 18.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2023

Ubuntu 20.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2025

Ubuntu 20.10 Updates

End of life: July 22, 2021

Ubuntu 21.04 Updates

End of life: January 2022


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