Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 703 for the week of September 26 - October 2, 2021.

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  • Cloud-init SRU 21.3-1 released into Bionic, Focal, and Hirsute
  • Impish Indri Online Release Party Planning!
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  • Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, and 21.04
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Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 137625 (-431)
  • Critical: 319 (-6)
  • Unconfirmed: 68778 (+82)

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  • Ukrainian: 88.02% (38771/1244)
  • German: 86.84% (42563/679)
  • French: 81.44% (60038/7308)
  • Spanish: 80.79% (62142/4392)
  • Swedish: 77.37% (73233/1049)

Hot in Support

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LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

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The Hub

Cloud-init SRU 21.3-1 released into Bionic, Focal, and Hirsute

James Falcon tells us an SRU (Stable Release Update), has placed Cloud-init 21.3-1 into Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 & 21.04. This can be had now with updates, and will also make it to certified cloud images in a few days. More details can be found in the provided links.

Impish Indri Online Release Party Planning!

Monica Ayhens-Madon writes about Release Party Planning for Ubuntu 21.10's upcoming release on 14 October 2021. She starts with a reminder that Ian Weisser noted the release coincides with Community Office Hours making it perfect for a release party, so this post sets out how that can be accomplished. If we have any questions, party ideas, or want to chat, then this is the right post.

Canonical News

In the Blogosphere

Latest Ubuntu Linux Kernel Security Updates Fix 12 Vulnerabilities, Patch Now

Marius Nestor alerts us that Canonical has pushed security fixes for Ubuntu 21.04, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating systems. Providing details of the kernels impacted by various CVEs, we are also told how they could be utilized to attack our systems if we don't patch. We are told of the kernel versions that contain these fixes, and advised to upgrade asap.

Quick Look at Yaru Theme Changes in Ubuntu 21.10

Joey Sneddon in this post runs us through "the most notable" visual changes we'll find in Ubuntu 21.10. Joey walks us through many of these changes, provides screen pictures highlighting some of what we'll see, and notes many improvements and bug fixes. In conclusion he advises that Yaru now has Xfce support.

Valve Releases Proton 6.3-7 with Support for Life is Strange: True Colors, DXVK 1.9.2

Marius Nestor provides the added game support in this latest release, with a caveat for Original Sin 2 games. Fixes and improvements to some games are provided as well the addition of DXVK 1.9.2 that amplifies games support is noted. Further is an update to VKD3D-Proton for support to the Direct3D 12 API on top of Vulkan. Marious postulates that Valve intends to make as many games available as possible before their launch of Steam Deck later this year.

Xfce’s Apps Update for September 2021: New Releases of Thunar, Mousepad, Whisker Menu

Marius Nestor gives us the September 2021 "Xfce's Apps Update" which includes updates to Thunar, Whisker Menu, and more, before noting the work continues on Xfce 4.18.

In Other News

ODROID-N2+ SBC gets Ubuntu 21.10, Chromium OS with Panfrost open-source GPU driver

Jean-Luc Aufranc writes that Hardkernel's single board computer, the ODROID-N2+, features Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indiri as an operating system option. Screenshots are provided running the development version of Ubuntu 21.10 booting from Petitboot.

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 133

"This week we look at a Wifi lookalike attack dubbed “SSID stripping” plus updates for ca-certificates, EDK II, Apache, the Linux kernel and even vim!"

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S14E30 – Final Episode Recorded

"This week we’ve been watching The Matrix, giving up Facebook and buying a new car. We make predictions for the next 14 years, bring you some command line love and go over your feedback to conclude this, the last episode of Ubuntu Podcast ever!"

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: 162 - 3 segundos

"3 segundos contam ou não? Oiçam os primeiros minutos deste episódio e fiquem com a nossa opinião sobre esta questão. Oiçam o resto do episódio de aprendam e divirtam-se com os espetaculares Diogo e Tiago, ou pelo menos contem com companhia enquanto lavam a loiça…"

Late Night Linux: Episode 144

“Ubuntu sets out its enterprise stall and makes a big move for Snaps on the desktop, excellent gaming news, disquiet downstream of GNOME, KDE Korner, and details of a new show in the LNL family.”

Linux Action News 208

"Canonical gives Linux admins a lucky break, the details on Android's slow shift to an upstream Kernel, a breakthrough for Linux gaming, and our take on GNOME 41. Plus how AlmaLinux just rounded out their offering."

Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Developer Membership Board: Mon, October 4, 7pm – 8pm
  • Ubuntu Backporters: Wed, October 6, 4pm – 5pm
  • Community Council: Wed, October 6, 11pm – Thu, October 7, 12am
  • Ubuntu Membership Board: Thu, October 7, 10pm – 11pm
  • Ubuntu 21.10 RC: Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

Times shown are UTC. For more details and farther dates please visit:

Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, and 21.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 18.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2023

Ubuntu 20.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2025

Ubuntu 21.04 Updates

End of life: January 2022


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