Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 737 for the week of May 22 - 28, 2022.

In this Issue

  • Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board
  • How are we improving Firefox snap performance? Part 1
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • About organizing UbuCon Asia 2022 - In-person + online hybrid format

  • LoCo Events

  • Mir Release 2.8.0
  • Anbox Cloud 1.14.0 has been released
  • Announcing the Multipass 1.9.1 bug fix release
  • Call for testing: ubuntu-frame, mir-test-tools & mir-kiosk (Mir 2.8 - screenshots)

  • Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Artwork Contest
  • Other Community News
  • Ubuntu Cloud News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Press
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 21.10, and 22.04
  • And much more!

General Community News

Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board

Robie Basak writes again about the Developer Membership Board election, reminding us of the four members who have stepped down. Robie once again asks for any Core Dev or MOTU to consider applying for a position on the DMB board, as five required nominations haven't yet been received.

How are we improving Firefox snap performance? Part 1

Oliver Smith reminds us of the aim of Ubuntu Desktop, which firefox plays a large part in, thus why performance matters. Providing a reminder of the benefits of firefox as a snap and some of the tradeoffs, we are again reminded why firefox is now a snap. The article then moves to performance, including cold-start, warm-start & other performance metrics, and provides some example benchmarks. Some reasons for different timings are provided, as well as ways the benchmarks may be able to be improved; in fact, some fixes have already landed. Finally we're provided tools (created by Marco '3v1n0' Trevisan) should we wish to create our own benchmarks on our own hardware which can be recorded on the discourse thread.

Attention in the media:

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 139419 (+105)
  • Critical: 320 (-6)
  • Unconfirmed: 69729 (+84)

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see:


  • Ukrainian: 86.71% (41800/1068)
  • German: 86.04% (43915/118)
  • French: 80.22% (62239/6898)
  • Spanish: 79.34% (65000/4281)
  • Swedish: 76.18% (74957/937)

Hot in Support

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions

Ask (and answer!) questions at:

Ubuntu Forums Top 5 Threads

Find more support at:

LoCo News

About organizing UbuCon Asia 2022 - In-person + online hybrid format

Youngbin Han (sukso96100) makes a call for additional organizers to arrange the UbuCon Asia event this year. Youngbin lists a tentative overview with a link to the working document. Prospects are encouraged to make contact via "email, private message or whatever" to join the team.

LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

Looking beyond the next two weeks? Visit the LoCo Team Portal to browse upcoming events around the world:

The Hub

Mir Release 2.8.0

Michał Sawicz announces the release of Mir 2.8, and provides some highlights, a changelog and list of enhancements and bugs-fixed. Many links are provided for more specific details.

Media attention:

Anbox Cloud 1.14.0 has been released

Ruth Fuchss reports "the Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.14.0". We are given a link to component versions, and a short summary of key features and improvements found in this release. Many links are provided if we need specifics, a list of bug fixes, and lastly a set of upgrade instructions.

Announcing the Multipass 1.9.1 bug fix release

Christopher Townsend reports on the release of Muiltipass 1.9.1 which fixes "a couple of regressions in 1.9.0". Christopher notes that it also "enables the snapcraft:core22 image" for snap development.

Call for testing: ubuntu-frame, mir-test-tools & mir-kiosk (Mir 2.8 - screenshots)

Michał Sawicz tells us ubuntu-frame (64-mir2.8.0), mir-test-tools (2.8.0-snap116), and mir-kiosk (2.8.0-snap130) have been updated to the latest release of Mir 2.8. This should not impact existing usage, but a request to help help test them is made. The command to enable the candidate package is provided, and we're told they are expected to be promoted "to stable in a week".

The Planet

Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Artwork Contest

The Lubuntu team is announcing a Kinetic Kudu artwork competition, seeking both a desktop and greeter/login background images. We are told the contest closes on 4th August 2022, with entries to be posted on a provided thread on Lubuntu's discourse. Rules, ownership and other details are provided.

Other Community News



Ubuntu Cloud News

Canonical News

In the Press

New audio server Pipewire coming to next version of Ubuntu

Liam Proven writes that the next release of Ubuntu (22.10) will "switch audio servers to the relatively new PipeWire". We're told not to worry, and that most users won't even notice the change. We are given a brief history of sound servers and the Linux sound playback stack, before told of some of PipeWire's advantages: including that of sound servers, and how PipeWire 'plans' to simplify media handling, use less CPU, offer better latency, and work well with GNOME and the Wayland display server.

Further in the media:

In the Blogosphere

NVIDIA's List Of Known Wayland Issues From SLI To VDPAU, VR & More

Michael Larabel tells us NVIDIA has "posted a list of their known Wayland implementation issues/shortcomings". Michael says that whilst NVIDIA has made progress, "there isn't yet driver parity to X11". Michael then lists various known NVIDIA Wayland limitations, also providing links for those who require more details, and notes "it's easy to see why NVIDIA had Canonical change Ubuntu 22.04's NVIDIA default to X.Org".

Ubuntu Users Get New Kernel Security Updates, Three Vulnerabilities Patched

Marius Nestor alerts us to Canonical publishing new kernel security updates for all supported releases of Ubuntu that fix three vulnerabilities. Giving us details of the CVEs fixed, how the flaws could be used to impact our systems if left unpatched, as well as releases impacted for each, we are given the linux kernel versions which include the patches for each release, and urged to upgrade our systems asap.

Ubuntu On Air: Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba - May 27, 2022

"With our recent move to Firefox being a snap instead of the deb package, we’re continuing to address performance and outstanding improvements and want to share our latest progress and approach. We will be joined by the leader of the desktop team (Ken), our product manager (Oliver), and a snapd engineer (Phillip)."

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 161

"This week we take a look into BPFDoor, a newsworthy backdoor piece of malware which has been targeting Linux machines, plus we cover security updates for Bind, Vim, Firefox, PostgreSQL and more."

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: 196 - Ubuntu memória

"1/3 de nós ficou estarrecido com a audição de uma melodia, algo exótica, enquanto relembrava os primórdios do Ubuntu para pequenos, mas poderosos, equipamentos. Os outros 2/3 trocaram de monitores entre si… Houve ainda tempo para actualidades e para continuar a transcrição da entrevista do Mark, fiquem até ao fim!"

Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Developer Membership Board: Mon, May 30, 4pm – 5pm
  • Technical Board: Tue, May 31, 7pm – 8pm
  • Ubuntu Backporters meeting: Wed, June 1, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Community Council: Wed, June 1, 11pm – Thu, June 2, 12am
  • Ubuntu Membership Board: Thu, June 2, 10pm – 11pm

Times shown are UTC. For more details and farther dates please visit:

Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 21.10, and 22.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 18.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2023

Ubuntu 20.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2025

Ubuntu 21.10 Updates

End of life: July 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Updates

End of life: April 2027


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