Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 758 for the week of October 16 - 22, 2022.

In this Issue

  • Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) released
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • LoCo Events

  • UbuCon Asia 2022 - Proposal review results and ticket information available

  • Subiquity 22.10.1 has been released to stable
  • Anbox Cloud 1.15.3 has been released
  • Ubuntu bug fix anniversary
  • Ubuntu Cloud News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Press
  • In the Blogosphere
  • In Other News
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 22.04, and 22.10
  • And much more!

General Community News

Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) released

Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team reports the release of Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu). We are given the products that are released (which include flavors) and some brief details of what's included, with many links provided for more, including downloading the newly released products.

Interested in the flavors? Release announcements as follows:

This release was widely covered, the following is a collection of articles selected by our editors:

Media coverage of the flavors:

In the enterprise:

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 140552 (+170)
  • Critical: 320 (+4)
  • Unconfirmed: 70299 (+93)

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see:


  • Ukrainian: 87.11% (41014/1125)
  • German: 86.36% (43388/249)
  • French: 80.39% (62381/6914)
  • Spanish: 79.98% (63694/5919)
  • Swedish: 76.96% (73293/591)

Hot in Support

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions

Ask (and answer!) questions at:

Ubuntu Forums Top 5 Threads

Find more support at:

LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

Looking beyond the next two weeks? Visit the LoCo Team Portal to browse upcoming events around the world:

The Hub

UbuCon Asia 2022 - Proposal review results and ticket information available

Youngbin Han updates us on UbuCon Asia 2022. We are told the review of proposals has completed, with results sent out via email. Instructions on accepted proposals are given in this post, as well as given ticket information, and other useful links related to UbuCon Asia 2022.

Subiquity 22.10.1 has been released to stable

Dan Bungert tells us Subiquity 22.10.1 has been released to the stable snap channel. We are told this is the version found on Ubuntu 22.10 Server media, and given a detailed report on the new features and bug fixes it contains.

Anbox Cloud 1.15.3 has been released

Simon Fels reports the Anbox Cloud team has announced Anbox Cloud 1.15.3; an "out of order release that applies to the Anbox Cloud Appliance". A link to the component versions is provided, along with details on the new features and improvements, bugs fixed, and upgrade instructions.

The Planet

Ubuntu bug fix anniversary

Jeremy Bicha gives us an introductory history of his Ubuntu journey, illustrating that contributing works to great effect. The first encounter was Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, his first contribution was helping test release candidate images of Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala), where he discovered bugs which resulted in filing bug reports. Jeremy briefly mentions some of the progress in filing, uploading, sponsoring, and processes, including stable release upgrades, that got the bug fixed. We're also told of the introduction of Unity, Jeremy's working on getting GNOME available for Ubuntu users, his first Ubuntu Developer Summit, becoming a Ubuntu Core Developer, Debian Developer, and this year joining Canonical. Finally we're told as this started 13 years ago, and with Ubuntu's use of "alphabetical adjective animal release names" we're back to K or "kinetic kudu". We are encouraged to help test release candidates, consider the upcoming Ubuntu Summit, and told newcomers are still sponsored just as Jeremy was 13 years ago.

Ubuntu Cloud News

Canonical News

In the Press

The easier way to install Steam on Linux gets bleeding-edge graphics support

Kevin Purdy tells us "Installing Steam on a Linux system just got a little easier" as Canonical has announced their Steam snap supports "bleeding edge" Mesa graphics APIs. With a reminder of what snap packages are, we are told Canonical worked with Valve to "bake in the Mesa drivers and Proton and Wine wrappers" allowing some "Windows-via-Linux games". We are told this includes "support for removable media, high-DPI displays" and more, including some clues on how it works, and changes that will occur. Many links are provided.

In the Blogosphere

What Is Ubuntu Pro and How Can You Use It?

Jack Wallen writes about the recently enhanced Ubuntu Pro: a security and maintenance subscription offering 10 years of security coverage of the OS and over 23,000 apps. This coverage has been expanded "beyond commercial use and into personal and small-scale deployments". This post informs readers of Ubuntu Pro, telling us what is required, including giving commands that will enable it.

KDE Plasma 5.26.1 Finally Fixes the Infamous “Korners” Bug, Other Issues

Marius Nestor tells us the KDE Project has released KDE Plasma 5.26.1 addressing various bugs and making improvements. Marius walks us through some of the notable enhancements, plus some bugs fixed, before noting there are 73 changes in all. We are given a link to the full changelog, and advised to keep our eye out for this update.

Debian and Ubuntu Users Get Kernel Security Updates to Fix Recent Wi-Fi Stack Flaws

Marius Nestor tells us Debian GNU/Linux 11 "Bullseye" has received security fixes for 17 issues with CVE and other details provided. Marius then moves to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS which have also received security fixes with CVE and other details provided. Links for more details, kernel versions with patches, plus a reminder to upgrade our systems & reboot is provided.

The Unity desktop in 2022 - A trick of nostalgia or the real deal?

On his blog Dedoimedo takes us on a memory lane visit. He gives us his take on the new Unity desktop release. In relating the details, while he finds some things to nit pick about, in the end he remarks "This is a solid, solid desktop, and you may seriously want to consider it for your Linux desktop."

In Other News

Ubuntu Touch development - Wanna sponsor ARM64 CPU power for CI build infrastructure?

Mike Gabriel makes a plea to the community to aid the UBports Foundation in their time of need. The effort to port Ubuntu Touch to an Ubuntu 20.04 base is in jeopardy as the current server sponsor will soon decommission the build server. "So, the UBports core development team is currently desperately looking for a sponsor (or a few sponsors) who can provide us with (datacenter-hosted) ARM-based CPU power."

Ubuntu 22.10: What’s New?

"Ubuntu 22.10 is primed...and to help ratchet up the excitement I’ve put together a short video to showcase the release’s most exciting new features."

Ubuntu On Air: Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba

The latest Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba includes Heather Ellsworth (hellsworth), Philipp Kewisch (kewisch), Adam Szopa (adamszopa), Oliver Smith (local-optimum), Ken VanDine (kenvandine), and Rudra Saraswat (rs2009). "Kinetic Kudu will have been released to the world the day before the Indaba so what better way to celebrate than to have an episode with a core group to talk about what cool new stuff you can get excited about in the new release! We are also excited to have Rudra join us to represent our newest official flavor: Ubuntu Unity! If you have questions that you’d like to ask about what’s new or what’s yet to come, please join us!"

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 181

"It’s the release of Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu, and we give you the all the details on what’s new and improved, with a particular focus on the security features, plus we cover a high priority vulnerability in libksba as well."

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: 217 - Drupal, with Ricardo Amaro

"Esta semana fomos ao jardim dos CMS e apanhámos um Drupal. Como não percebemos nada de Drupal, convidámos o Ricardo Amaro da Associação para nos explicar tudo, pôr-nos a par dos casos de utilização e capacidades, de como é desenvolvido, e de como a sua comunidade se organiza lá fora e cá em Portugal. E ainda para nos contar como foi o recente Drupal Day que aconteceu em Lisboa."

Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Main Inclusion Requests (MIR) Status: Tue, October 25, 2:30pm – 3:00pm
  • Ubuntu Foundations: Thu, October 27, 3pm – 4pm
  • Ubuntu Desktop Indaba: Fri, October 28, 4pm – 5pm

Times shown are UTC. For more details and farther dates please visit:

Updates and Security for 18.04, 20.04, 22.04, and 22.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 18.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2023

Ubuntu 20.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2025

Ubuntu 22.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2027

Ubuntu 22.10 Updates

End of Life: July 2023


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