Meeting opened by akgraner at 23:01

  • <akgraner> hi all - just a quick meeting to go over a couple things that are coming up within the next few weeks

    <akgraner> who is here for the meeting?

    <akgraner> 0/

    <cjohnston> o/

    <tyche> +1

    <scott_ev> +1

    <myrtlebeachbums> +1

    <akgraner> awesome!

    <johnc4510> and me

    <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Meetings/20100506

    <akgraner> is the short agenda - I'll make a better more formal one before the next meeting

    <akgraner> so UDS is next week - who from the News team will be there

    <akgraner> 0/

    <cjohnston> o/

    <johnc4510> Sad :(

    <scott_ev> Sad :(

    <akgraner> Fridge editors count too as part of news team

    <akgraner> any fridge folks going pleia2 you are right?

    <cjohnston> she is

    <pleia2> oops, the meeting is here

    <johnc4510> hey pleia2

    <pleia2> yep

    <akgraner> anyone else - I'm asking b/c there will be interviews from UDS and I was hoping to know who was available and stuff on site

    <cjohnston> I'll volunteer Hope

    <akgraner> cjohnston, Smile :-) thanks

    <cjohnston> lol

    <akgraner> [topic] UDS - Interviews

UDS - Interviews

  • <akgraner> guess I should have done that a minute ago - sigh

  • nhandler won't be there

    <akgraner> so Popey and I will be handling some streaming and video interviews on site at UDS

    <akgraner> humphreybc will be videoing as well

    <johnc4510> we should link that in this wks issue if you know where your putting it

    <akgraner> johnc4510, not a def on the location until we get to UDS

    <akgraner> Sad :-(

    <johnc4510> k

    <akgraner> but it's a little bit closer to being locked it

    <akgraner> so I wanted everyone to know about that

    <akgraner> [Topic] - Fridge Blueprint

- Fridge Blueprint

  • <popey> i might be streaming some

    <akgraner> popey, can you email url to where they can go to see them

    <popey> akgraner: yes, i will use an online service, which i need to test

    <akgraner> if you know that in advance that way we can tell people in this weeks UWN where to check

    <popey> will probably test on saturday

    <popey> i dont want to pre-tell people the url because I might not be able to

    <popey> if wifi reception is bad for example

    <akgraner> great if you know before say Sunday 1900 UTC that would be great

    <popey> or if lighting isnt good enough

    <johnc4510> we can also post it to the fridge closer to time if we don't know by sunday for the issue

    <akgraner> *nods*

    <popey> I'll post to planet and/or fridge if that helps

    <johnc4510> so popey just email us the link anytime to the -news-team list and we'll post it then

    <akgraner> and I won't know url's to other stream until Sunday as well

    <johnc4510> popey: cool

    <popey> but i dont want to pre-announce just in case

    <johnc4510> nods

    <akgraner> *nods*

    <popey> wouldn't want peoples expectations set too high

    <akgraner> popey, set them low then dazzle Smile :-)

    <popey> Big Grin :)

    <johnc4510> lol

    <akgraner> so Fridge Blue Print - anyone not hear that the Fridge is moving to WP

    <akgraner> getting a new theme and all that good stuff

    <nhandler> Who is going to be driving this transition? joey ?

    <akgraner> nhandler, yes - joey

    <johnc4510> i'm so happy, nick and i tried to get it changed for a long time

    <nhandler> I think jono was pushing for this a while ago as well

    <akgraner> woo hoo - nick said the same thing Smile :-)

    <popey> yeah, jono set up a demo site at the last uds

    <johnc4510> nhandler: that's probably what got it thru

    <akgraner> so joey went over the information radiator concept with me and I think mentioned it in here a few times as well

  • <akgraner> http://theagileexecutive.com/2010/03/15/how-to-construct-a-great-information-radiator/

    <akgraner> those are the links joey had sent me to read about - as that is what he mentioned the original purpose vision of the fridge was based on

    <johnc4510> ? are those for statistics ?

    <akgraner> since I can now access the blueprint

    <akgraner> does anyone have ideas for it

    <akgraner> so I can add them to the blueprint

    <johnc4510> well we could set up something like a roadmap for the news team for the coming releases ???

    <akgraner> johnc4510, he meant it as we are the temperature gage so to speak of the community

    <akgraner> yep Smile :-)

    <tyche> Why restrict it to releases? There are other things going on in the Ubuntu community.

    <akgraner> to attach to the blueprint

    <johnc4510> nods

    <akgraner> well each cycle teams have roadmaps and goals for that cycle

    <tyche> What one might call "Ubuntu Community at a Glance"

    <akgraner> tyche - yeah I think the Fridge Team is already doing a great job of that btw

    <akgraner> but we needed to get some more imput for the blueprint and ideas to go over at UDS

    <tyche> I'm talking about white-boarding it, like your link showed.

    <johnc4510> akgraner: agreed, i was thinking more of setting it up in community form...what the dev teams are doing, loco teams...etc....toward the release

    <akgraner> yes, but everything on the whiteboard is usually on a wiki as well

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> maybe i'm not thinking right here

    <johnc4510> i think i need a better explaination maybe

    <akgraner> setting the Fridge up that way?

    <akgraner> or blueprint

    <akgraner> johnc4510, you have confused me now

    <johnc4510> lol

    <tyche> What I'm talking about is a semi-graphic showing a title, a status indicator, and holding a link for more information.

    <akgraner> ahh - that was one example joey gave me

    <tyche> Great minds, etc. Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> lol

    <akgraner> so anyone have ideas for the blueprint?

    <akgraner> I'll put up a wiki after the meeting - I am so new to the Fridge part - you all know better than me

    <akgraner> so I am deferring to you all for all that in put

    <johnc4510> are you asking what the new fridge set up should and shouldn't provide to us?

    <akgraner> yep Smile :-)

    <akgraner> what do you think it was missing

    <akgraner> what worked

    <johnc4510> we need to be able to embed images and video

    <akgraner> what hasn't

    <tyche> Mostly, organization. Everything was on the front page.

    <nhandler> The link to the forum is a pita

    <akgraner> do you want peer reviewed material written as original content for the Fridge people can submit

    <johnc4510> we also need a way for non-team members to post to the quay for approval by us

    <akgraner> then x number of news team members review and ack or nack it

    <pleia2> yeah, that'd be great

    <nhandler> johnc4510: I think joey said that non-team members will be able to save stories as a draft somehow but not publish (don't quote me on that)

    <nhandler> akgraner: If x == 1, then yes

    <akgraner> Should there be a separate Calendar added for LoCo teams

    <akgraner> so those meetings can be seen by community

    <akgraner> easily

    <nhandler> akgraner: I think we can use the events feed from the LD for that

    <johnc4510> well, we can't really post all the loco team events to the fridge calendar

    <johnc4510> it would be a mess

    <akgraner> right so should there be a LoCo Calendar

    <johnc4510> nods...at least i think so

    <akgraner> people have complained - that they can't access that stuff in one place easily

    <akgraner> what if they don't want to sign into LP

    <akgraner> etc

    <akgraner> should there be the Calendar for the Classroom events as well

    <nhandler> akgraner: The LD should handle the LoCo stuff. We can then pull from the LD if we want to display certain info

    <johnc4510> classroom event i think can still go on the fridge calendar

    <johnc4510> but

    <nhandler> johnc4510: ClassRoom already has its own calendar

    <johnc4510> each event that is all day type should only be listed once

    <johnc4510> with a link to the agenda

    <johnc4510> k

    <akgraner> nhandler, I just now learning what all LD is and is not for - but was told by mhall that the events calendar was not for LoCo Team meetings so I guess I need to understand what is for

    <nhandler> akgraner: I guess that depends on what "meeting" means

    <nhandler> akgraner: For instance, I consider a release party a type of LoCo meeting

    <akgraner> team meetings

    <akgraner> like this

    <tyche> One thing you will HAVE to do (based on my own experience) is convince people that they NEED to include a location and agenda.

    <nhandler> akgraner: You mean *IRC* team meetings

    <akgraner> nhandler, yes

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> nods

    <nhandler> akgraner: I don't think we need to include that stuff. The IRC meetings will usually only matter to the people in that LoCo

    <akgraner> hehe - I gotta get y'all a crystalball to read my mind Smile :-)

    <nhandler> They usually have their own calendars for that

    <akgraner> nhandler, with the move to cross-collaborate

    <cjohnston> I still want to make a LD that is only for IRC meetings.. in which you can rsvp

    <tyche> If you look through the last few UWN's, you'll see a lot of "not listed as of publication" in those slots.

    <akgraner> and invite projects to talk to loco teams and stuff there is no easy way to see when teams are doing what

    <nhandler> tyche: I know when I've helped people add events, I link them to the wiki page and make sure they include that info

    <tyche> I know. But there's still a lot of them who just haven't bothered to read how to do it, and don't ask for help.

    <akgraner> other loco teams are also curious as to how x team or another conducts their meetings

    <akgraner> and with searching their wiki pages etc still no easy way to located that information - but that amy be just me

    <tyche> I know that, at one time, it was all filtered through one poor person (me) to add the information, and I used to go crazy tracking down people to get information.

    <johnc4510> nods

    <nhandler> akgraner: I don't know, I still find that if I want to know when a certain team has there next meeting, it is easier to go to the wiki. I like a calendar to know what events are going on today

    <johnc4510> nods

    <johnc4510> i just drop into their channel and ask when the next meeting is

    <akgraner> one central calendar also paints a create picture in one stop to gage the activity of the LoCo Teams as a whole

    <akgraner> I guess I am looking both locally and globally

    <nhandler> I guess the question is, would the community want this?

    <nhandler> Maybe send an email to loco-contacts to find out

    <akgraner> we can do that

    <akgraner> I was just asking the question

    <akgraner> and I also see no harm in trying and if it's not received well then you take it down

    <akgraner> no harm

    <pleia2> fwiw, changing the "It is used for #ubuntu-meeting." on our /calendar page might help a bit if we want to keep it as a general meetings calendar (everyone is confused about whether it should really be -meeting only or not, since it SAYS its only for -meeting but people tell them otherwise, and some don't bother with location...)

    <johnc4510> nods

    <nhandler> akgraner: It would be a pain to setup, as you would need to hunt down each loco to add their meetings

    <akgraner> why can't the contacts add themselves?

    <cjohnston> I think if we are going to do a LoCo meeting calendar, it needs to be seperate than the fridge calendar... otherwise its gonna be so overrun, you wont be able to read it

    <akgraner> I'll send an email

    <johnc4510> well, it's not strickly -meeting...for instance if it an event, like bug day, it might not be in -meeting

    <nhandler> akgraner: They can, but it will take time for them to do it

    <akgraner> cjohnston, yes - no one is disagreeing

  • johnc4510 agrees with cjohnston

    <pleia2> johnc4510: right, but that's not what it says on the page, look at the text on fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar

    <pleia2> johnc4510: that's my point Smile :)

    <johnc4510> pleia2: oh, i agree

    <akgraner> that was never an issue - the questions was can we have a separate link to a LoCo Calendar

    <nhandler> akgraner: links are easy enough to add

    <akgraner> that's all Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> i say yes....then if they don't use it we can scrap it, or if they do...great

    <tyche> The flip side of that is what do you include in the UWN.

    <akgraner> and how the Calendar is populated we can work out

    <akgraner> tyche, we aren't there yet - still blueprint for UDS

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> yeah we can make that decission later...

    <tyche> Right now, Teams are adding their LoCo meetings to the calendar in order to have them published in the UWN.

    <akgraner> *nods*

    <johnc4510> thus this discussion

    <akgraner> That was another issue for another day

    <nhandler> tyche: How many LoCos are doing that?

    <akgraner> about UWN

    <johnc4510> brb

    <tyche> Sorry, I tend to take a holistic approach to things

    <akgraner> tyche, if you don't know off the top of your head we can figure it out this weekend

    <tyche> There are at least 5 that I can think of, right off hand.

    <tyche> But I couldn't name them, easily.

    <akgraner> so I think there are some great ideas here for the blueprint - I'll work on getting that written up and out to everyone

    <johnc4510> back

    <akgraner> so you all can tweak before UDS

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> k

    <akgraner> sound like a plan?

    <johnc4510> nods

    <nhandler> Yep

    <nhandler> I think the new fridge will develop more once we have a physical wp installation to play with

    <cjohnston> DC, cameroonian atleast

    <akgraner> [action] akgraner to add ideas from meeting to blueprint then sent to mailing list

akgraner to add ideas from meeting to blueprint then sent to mailing list

  • <tyche> May I suggest that instructions for adding events to the calendar(s) be put on the page(s)?

    <akgraner> tyche, good idea!

    <nhandler> +1 tyche

    <tyche> INCLUDING: Times are listed in UTC

    <akgraner> *nods*

    <nhandler> tyche: Listed in UTC, but added in localtime

    <johnc4510> with link to agenda's if they have one

    <akgraner> [topic] publishing UWN for May 9 (this Sunday) and May 16th (next Sunday)

publishing UWN for May 9 (this Sunday) and May 16th (next Sunday)

  • <akgraner> so UWN is normally published on Sunday's - I'll be traveling both the 8th and the 15th - and Should providing there are no travel issues or wifi problems be able to publish from Brussels on Sunday

    <akgraner> and the same goes for the return trip the following weekend as I get back home on the night of he 15th

    <johnc4510> have a sprout for me

    <johnc4510> Smile :)

    <akgraner> I should have almost all the content ready (at least links) for this issue late tomorrow

    <tyche> >>BAD PUN<<

    <johnc4510> Smile :)

    <johnc4510> akgraner: np...we'll get it done

    <akgraner> in the event I am unable to help get it out the door - who besides out regular crew can be on stand by to lend a hand should johnc4510 need it?

    <akgraner> basically summarizing some articles

    <tyche> I will be here on the 9th

    <akgraner> cjohnston, will pull the stats on Sunday before he leaves so that is covered

    <akgraner> tyche, thanks

    <johnc4510> this wks. issue will be full again i think...the second one will taper off some

    <cjohnston> and on the google docs page incase someone messes with it

    <akgraner> Pen said she would copy my google doc and do some stuff off line as well

    <akgraner> johnc4510, tyche scott_ev will you be available as well this weekend?

    <johnc4510> akgraner: you need to give me the link to the google docs page just in case please

    <akgraner> myrtlebeachbums, I need to give you the links as well

    <johnc4510> i will...as always

    <akgraner> johnc4510, I think you have it

    <myrtlebeachbums> k

    <akgraner> Smile :-) but I'll send it again

    <johnc4510> kk

    <akgraner> it anyone else wants to help out just let me know and I'll give ya a section of the newsletter to help with

    <johnc4510> i haven't bookmarked it so please resend it

    <MTecknology> I'd love to find the time to help out Sad :(

    <akgraner> We will also be adding content nightly at UDS - and by we I guess I mean me and whomever wants to help from there

    <johnc4510> MTecknology: just jump in HEE HEE

    <akgraner> ok one last thing

  • imbrandon got the UTC time wrong Sad :(

    <MTecknology> johnc4510: I've done that in too many places Sad :(

    <johnc4510> Smile :)

    <akgraner> [topic] - 200th ISSUE

- 200th ISSUE

  • <akgraner> woo hoo

    <MTecknology> party Smile :)

    <johnc4510> w00t!!!

    <akgraner> the 200th Issue will be publish July 4th Weekend

    <akgraner> so it is approaching fast

    <akgraner> some of the interviews we will conduct at UDS will be for this issue

    <akgraner> and not that we want hide or not be transparent - but some of that we want to be a surprise for readers on that weekend

    <tyche> akgraner: Do you have someone who can do transcription?

    <johnc4510> i hope you have mark, jane and jono at the top of the list

    <akgraner> yes and couple people have said they would help

    <akgraner> johnc4510, yep they are on the list

    <johnc4510> akgraner: so, these are video interviews??

    <akgraner> yes about UDS

    <akgraner> like last time

    <akgraner> but the 200th issue one - will be print

    <akgraner> email - however you want to say it

    <akgraner> but I can see if we can get short video clips from them about UWN as well

    <akgraner> Here is the link to the 100th Issue

    <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue100

    <akgraner> over the next week if you have suggestions for this issue - I'll have a wiki page up for you to add to

    <johnc4510> good, we need to get the outline started

    <akgraner> is there anyone who wants to suggested anything now?

    <johnc4510> time is running

    <akgraner> that maybe wasn't included in the 100th that you were like - dang we should have done x

    <akgraner> we have about a minute - I didn't intend to keep everyone this long sorry

    <johnc4510> the thing that is changing in some cases are the different people

    <akgraner> anything else before I close the meeting

    <johnc4510> nope

    <johnc4510> just that we need to get started on this...outline especially

    <akgraner> thank you every one ! Any objections to monthly news meetings?

    <johnc4510> no

    <nhandler> Nope

    <nhandler> Just get them on the fridge

    <akgraner> nhandler, Smile :-)

    <imbrandon> nope, great idea, i just need to pay better attention to the clock, and i think -meeting would be better

    <MTecknology> I liked the email announce too

  • johnc4510 says...if that's it....later all

  • nhandler can't remember the reasoning for using -news instead of -meeting

    <imbrandon> nhandler: there was another meeting in there at 2300

    <imbrandon> but not 22 or 24 Wink ;)

    <akgraner> -meeting is not always going to be available

    <johnc4510> as we get further along on the 200th issue planning we don't want everyone knowing what's going to be in it

    <akgraner> and -meeting does not have Mootbot-UK

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <johnc4510> it is suppose to be news lol

    <akgraner> so - anyone want to chair the meeting next time

    <cjohnston> when is it

    <johnc4510> i can if you or someone else doesn't want to

    <akgraner> I sent out a survey - Thursday 2300 was the most popular time

    <cjohnston> which thursday

    <akgraner> any thursday

    <imbrandon> first thursday's of the month seem good, since this is

    <akgraner> I think everyone who wants to should have a turn at leading meetings

    <akgraner> so since cjohnston volunteered -

    <cjohnston> so thursday the third?

    <cjohnston> i what?

    <johnc4510> i did, not cjohnston

    <johnc4510> lol

    <johnc4510> cjohnston: lol

    <akgraner> How does June 3rd, 2010 - 2300 sound

    <cjohnston> as long as its not a work day i can

    <cjohnston> im good with it

    <imbrandon> sounds good to me

    <johnc4510> k

    <akgraner> [action] next news team meeting - June 3rd, 2010 - 2300 in ubuntu-news - cjohnston to chair

next news team meeting - June 3rd, 2010 - 2300 in ubuntu-news - cjohnston to chair

  • <akgraner> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:05

People Present

  • akgraner
  • cjohnston
  • tyche
  • scott_ev
  • myrtlebeachbums
  • johnc4510
  • pleia2
  • nhandler
  • popey
  • MTecknology
  • imbrandon

Actions Recorded

  • akgraner to add ideas from meeting to blueprint then sent to mailing list (./)

  • next news team meeting - June 3rd, 2010 - 2300 in ubuntu-news - cjohnston to chair - he agreed (./)


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