Ulrik Rasmussen

Tried Ubuntu at the Breezy release, and was sold instantly. I had tried installing Linux a couple of times before that, but would always find myself in dependency hell or similar, which until now had scared me away. Now I'm using Ubuntu as my only operating system, and has really begun to see the future of Linux as a serious alternative to desktop operating systems such as Windows. As I finished gymnasium (HTX) last year, I'm currently having a break from school. During this time, I work as a developer for a small software company, until next year, where I plan reading Computer Science on the University of Copenhagen.

Contact information

Name: Ulrik Rasmussen

Nationality: Danish

Location: Taastrup, Danmark

Cell: +45 20 43 68 71

Email: N0SP4M.ubuntudk@hwiz.dk (remove N0SP4M. prefix)

Web site: http://hwiz.dk

Free and Open Source Software activities


Current: Developer at Multiflash


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