Some drivers do their own PCI device detection rather than using the kernel driver model's MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE facility, which means that hotplug cannot detect them. The following is a list of the ones we know about. The first priority in fixing these ought to be those drivers that form part of the installer (marked {INSTALLER}) and that were listed by discover1-data (marked {DISCOVER}); items marked with both these tags represent installer regressions from Warty, and items marked with only the {DISCOVER} tag may represent regressions in the installed system. Please make sure that bugs are filed on all regressions, and link to the bugs.

Beware of drivers marked {WATCHDOG}, some of which can cause reboots without appropriate userspace support.

  • drivers/atm/fore200e.c
  • drivers/char/ip2main.c
  • drivers/char/rio/rio_linux.c
  • drivers/char/rocket.c
  • drivers/char/specialix.c
  • drivers/char/stallion.c
  • drivers/char/watchdog/alim7101_wdt.c {WATCHDOG}
  • drivers/isdn/hisax/bkm_a4t.c
  • drivers/media/radio/radio-maestro.c
  • drivers/media/video/stradis.c
  • drivers/message/fusion/mptscsih.c {INSTALLER} {DISCOVER} (#6786)

  • drivers/mtd/devices/pmc551.c
  • drivers/mtd/maps/l440gx.c (only looking for host bridge?)
  • drivers/mtd/maps/scx200_docflash.c
  • drivers/net/gt96100eth.c
  • drivers/net/skfp/drvfbi.c {INSTALLER}
  • drivers/scsi/BusLogic.c {INSTALLER} {DISCOVER} (#7137)

  • drivers/scsi/advansys.c {INSTALLER} {DISCOVER} (#6681)

  • drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c {INSTALLER} (use aic7xxx instead?)
  • drivers/scsi/cpqfcTSinit.c
  • drivers/scsi/eata_pio.c {INSTALLER}
  • drivers/scsi/fdomain.c {INSTALLER} {DISCOVER} (#6681)

  • drivers/scsi/initio.c {DISCOVER}
  • drivers/scsi/pci2000.c {DISCOVER}
  • drivers/scsi/pci2220i.c {DISCOVER}
  • drivers/scsi/qlogicfc.c {INSTALLER}
  • drivers/scsi/qlogicisp.c {INSTALLER} {DISCOVER} (#6681)

  • drivers/telephony/ixj.c
  • drivers/video/igafb.c
  • drivers/video/sis/sis_main.c

This list was generated by 'grep -ilr pci_find_device . | xargs grep -L MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE | sort' in a linux-source-2.6.10 2.6.10-19 source tree, followed by a manual check of the output.


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