Unity Bitesize Bugs


Bitesize bugs are small bugs tagged by triagers as small and easy-to-fix bugs for Unity. We pick these bugs because they're a good place to start to get you familiar with the code and how the workflow for working with the DX team works out. See Jorge's blog post or Jono's blog post for more information.

Feel free to grab on and work on as many as you want, and when you feel like you want more just let us know. This wiki page is for helping people get started, so feel free to add your own tips and tricks and help us push Unity forward!


  1. Run 11.04.
  2. Find the bug you want to work on from the list of bugs or opportunities.

  3. For the 11.10 cycle we will be adding templates explaining ideal solutions to bugs.

  4. Get the code and do the development and submit it to the team.
  5. Mark the bug as "In Progress" so the next person doesn't start working on it. If you get stuck or change your mind and want to give the bug up move it back to "Confirmed" and unassign yourself!
  6. Your work will be reviewed by someone on the DX team, after they review your code they will instruct you on what to do next.
  7. Celebrate!
  8. Go to step 1.



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