Multitouch Testing

Call For Testing

Call For Testing: Multitouch

Do you have multitouch hardware? A macbook with multitouch track pad? A magic trackpad? A super fancy touch screen laptop? Do you want to help ensure users have an amazing and exhilarating multitouch experience?

We are looking for volunteers to test Unity's multitouch functionality. The goal of this testing is to catch, and fix bugs before they reach a major audience.

If you want to be part of the team you will need:

 1. A computer with some kind of multitouch hardware.
 2. A computer than can run Unity
 3. An Internet connection

If you want to take part in this adventure, go to:
and follow the detailed instructions.

Thanks for helping making Ubuntu even better!

Testing Instructions

Follow the instructions on the desktop qa testing tracker, Complete each of the 5 tests and report your results.


Just create an account in the desktop test tracker, and you will be good to go for testing.


Can I install [K,X]ubuntu instead?

For the moment we are only interested in Ubuntu results, sorry.

Desktop or Alternate? i386 or amd64?

As you wish, the more different configurations, the merrier.


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