Add support for XMPP (and possibly other protcols) to the messaging app.

Release note

* Support for XMPP in the messaging app.


Ubuntu Phone should come with support for messaging and not only SMS. It would be wonderful if this would be integrated in one app and be a feature that does not exist on Android (hangouts kind of does this but very poorly and does not support more than one protocol). The messaging app already uses telepathy so it should be possible to add the GUI for this, without much/any work on the backend.

In my opinion we should start with XMPP, because it is already well supported by Telepathy and an open protocol.

Also, Facebook supports XMPP. If there isn't WhatsApp on UbuntuPhone we could at least let people communicate with their Facebook friends, which would increase the value of the Phone a lot.

A good example how this can be done is Maemo:

User stories

  • Bob wants to set up his Jabber account on the Phone
  • Alice wants to message his friends via Jabber
  • Bob wants to see the status (online, busy, offline...) of his friends in a contact list
  • Alice wants to send a file via Jabber
  • Bob wants to see his current messaging status via an indicator

Unresolved issues

Advandced stuff- like merging several contacts into one (e.g. one friend has XMPP and SMS) or adding support for more protocols (e.g. ICQ) -- should be handled by a seperate spec.


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