Unofficial Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy) Add-on CD


This is currently under development, you can read about it on the forums, here.

Currently, there are 5 sections to this page.

  1. This description
  2. Generally Approved Packages
  3. Packages Under Consideration
  4. Recently Suggested Packages
  5. Generally Rejected Packages

Note: Please feel free to edit sections 3 and 4 to add your own comments, preferably with your forum and/or launchpad user-name. It would be appreciated if you did not edit sections 2, and 5 without approval.

Sections 1, 2, and 5 are rather self explanatory. Section 2 lists the packages that will almost definitely be in the CD, and section 5 lists the packages which will almost definitely not be included in the CD.

Section 3 is made for discussing packages which aren't decidedly rejected or approved of for inclusion yet. Please feel free to add your comments about any pros and cons of the package in general or why it should or should not be included in the CD.

Section 4 is made for adding packages you think should be included. Please explain it's basic functionality and any especially useful unique functionality, even if it is a well known package. You may also optionally state your reasoning why it would be particularly useful for this CD.

Using the CD without burning it

If you want to use the CD straight from the HD without buring a copy, see MountIso.

Making your own CD

There is a related project to make CD creation easy. There is a wiki page (Add_On_CD_Creation) and a forum thread here. If you use these tools, please follow the guidelines here, e.g. don't put excluded packages like DeCSS on your CD if you make it available for download.

Generally Approved Packages

  • Java Runtime - Many programs require the java runtime to run.
  • Java Firefox Plugins - Java is also common on web pages.
  • nVidia and ATI binary drivers - commonly used, very essential for playing many games with video acceleration.
  • Thunderbird - The mail-reader companion to Firefox, because many prefer it to evolution, and it is cross-platform, unlike evolution, so recent converts may be mor efamiliar with it.
  • Security Updates - All of the security updates for a freshly installed system.

Packages Under Consideration

  • Downloader for X - much better resume abilities than Firefox. Has an option to split downloads into multiple pieces and download them in parallel. This can really help on a dial-up modem sometimes.
  • WWWoffle - an interesting looking caching program so you can look through web pages offline, which might also be useful.
  • Binary Video Drivers - nVidia and ATI official binary drivers will be included, are there other common ones not on the main CD that should be included?
  • Media Playback Packages - Probably FFMPEG and other legal codecs, free-beer, to decode the most common formats, including as Divx & Xvid, H.264, MP3, MPEG-2, and others.

Recently Suggested Packages

  • emacs
    • AUCTeX
  • teTeX
  • octave, octave-forge, gnuplot

Generally Rejected Packages

  • Xubuntu-desktop - Is available as a separate unofficial CD by Virak to avoid bloat, the torrent of the approximately 200mb CD image is here or here.

  • W32codecs - in several countries this is illegal, even redistribution.
  • Libdvdcss - in several countries this is illegal, even redistribution.


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