In Ubuntu it's important to us to have a good relationship with our Upstream projects and an efficient workflow we both benefit from.

The Upstream namespace on the wiki is all about:

How Ubuntu Works

How to Get In Ubuntu

If your existing software is not available in Ubuntu then here are some steps to get your package in there. This is the recommended method for getting your packages into the distribution. Once you're in Ubuntu and Debian, then maintenance of the package becomes just a matter of updating it.

How to Get Packages Out Fast (aka. quick and dirty)

Launchpad provides a service called Personal Package Archives(PPA). A Launchpad PPA can build packages for i386 and amd64 architectures and multiple Ubuntu releases. It's a great way to get your stuff "out there" quickly. The drawback is that since your PPA package isn't enabled in Ubuntu by default, each user who wants to install your package will first need to manually add a reference to your PPA repository to their system. You can also have multiple PPAs, so if you want to do something like have a stable one for your stable releases and a more experimental (or daily!) PPA builds for developers/testers then that's also available.

Remember that PPAs are great for getting things out there, but getting your packages into Ubuntu in the long term will end up being less work and easier for users to find; however they are a great playground for risky branches or features you might want tested. You can also set up Launchpad to make daily builds of your software.

If you miss a release

You can request to have your package backported to an older release if you've already got a package in the developmental release. This usually happens after the release and your package has gotten into Debian and it gets synced automatically.

Integration with Ubuntu

Generally speaking if you're a GNOME or KDE application then you should follow the conventions for those projects. However we have some useful things that you might want to consider integrating into your application:

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