Upstream Bug Resources

  • The Upstream Report - Bug linkage percentages for the top 50 projects in Ubuntu, sorted by open bugs. Please note that this report is still in Beta. Instructions for using the report.

  • Bugs that need forwarding to the Upstream bugtrackers.

  • Unlinked upstream bugs - Sometimes people add a link to an upstream bug tracker in the comments of a bug but don't bother creating an upstream task. This is a list of possible targets that can be linked. (Lots of low hanging fruit in this list, but also a bunch of dupes and ones inappropriate to be linked.)

  • How to set a bug watch

  • Why Upstream? - Thoughts from on why sending things upstream is a good idea.

  • There are also some cases where you don't need to file a bug upstream, for those cases please have a look at When not to Forward a bug upstream

Upstream bug trackers

Instructions for how to file bugs in specific upstream bug trackers. (Feel free to add more!)

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