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Course suggestions

  • Switching to Ubuntu
    • from Windows
    • from OS X
    • from BSD
    • another distro
  • Command Line Basics
    • navigating the file system from the command line (key concept: where am I)
    • using tar (tape archive) with gzip/bzip (key concept: input file(s) output file)
    • aliases, setting an alias, adding an alias to ~/.bashrc (key concept: saving keystrokes)
  • Ubuntu Equivalent programs (LibreOffice == MS Office, etc)

  • Customizing the desktop
  • Using Ubuntu One
  • Launchpad
    • Why have a Launchpad account
    • Creating a Launchpad account
    • Using your Launchpad account for OpenID
    • Asking questions on Launchpad
    • Reporting bugs on Launchpad
    • How to become an Ubuntero
  • How to get help
    • Asking questions on Launchpad
    • Reporting bugs on Launchpad
  • How to 'use' restricted drivers
    • From the repositories
    • From the vendor
  • Using Shotwell for photo management
  • Whats new in Precise
  • How to Get Involved with the Community (this section isn't really appropriate for User Days as our focus is using Ubuntu, not contributing)
    • LoCo Teams

    • Forums
    • BugSquad

    • Translations
    • Developing
    • Joining teams on Launchpad
  • Seahorse and GnuPG
    • Creating a key pair
    • Use with Launchpad/Code of Conduct
    • Use with Evolution/Email
    • Signed packages in the repositories and PPAs

Instructor Requirements

To make sure attendees get the best possible experience from User Days, we are required to confirm that all instructors meet high standards we wish to have for the event.

  • If you're new to the Classroom Project
    • What is your expertise within Ubuntu (a link to your wiki page is fine) and how does it relate to the class you wish to teach?
    • What experience, if any, do you have teaching Ubuntu (or other related software)? This may include presentations at LoCo teams, LUGs and conferences, other IRC-based events, etc.

    • Are there any folks within the community who can vouch your experience? Who?
  • If you've been involved with the Classroom Project
    • What have you taught in the past?

Please send these answers to Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph ( and José Antonio Rey ( or drop by #ubuntu-classroom-backstage to talk with us

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