I, Utkarsh Gupta, hereby apply for core-dev.


Utkarsh Gupta

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I am applying because:

  • I'd like to eliminate delays in getting my work sponsored.
  • I'd like to reduce the burden on my sponsors.
  • I'd like to unblock other people & further help them get things done! \o/

Who I am

I am Utkarsh, a 21 y/o undergrad student (batch of 2021). Besides being a student, I am also an Ubuntu contributor and a Debian Developer since 2019, maintaining & working on over 700+ packages, including some key packages like the Ruby interpreter, Rails, GitLab, some Python libraries, Micro, and libgit2. Besides, I also co-maintain the service & act as an FTP Trainee.

I was a Google Summer of Code student twice (once in 2019 and then in 2020), both times in Debian, where I authored my "baby" project, RuboCop::Packaging, which is a linter and an auto-corrector, written in Ruby, helping downstream Ruby teams of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, et al. Since I was lucky enough to be a part of such awesomeness, I am paying it forward by mentoring a GSoC student this year in Debian. And even otherwise, I generally help mentor or sponsor stuff for people. I log/write these things down in my monthly blog posts which can be found here.

I also work on Debian LTS, a project extending the lifetime of all Debian stable releases to (at least) 5 years, where I patch and backport security fixes for packages in the APT archive for oldstable and oldoldstable releases. So far, I've backported & uploaded over 175 packages to the security queue, be it for Jessie, Stretch, or Buster. Sometimes I help w/ debugging arch-specific issues in Ubuntu, but mostly the ones that I understand. And apart from Debian & Ubuntu, I contribute to over dozens of other open-source projects & libraries, mostly on GitHub.

Besides, I am a philatelist, a semi-occassional drummer, an avid reader, and a national-level Badminton player! Big Grin :)

My Ubuntu story

Back in 2017, when I joined university (which I am now about to graduate from), I started to use my friend's Ubuntu machine and simply loved the freedom it gave me. Eventually, I asked him to help me get Ubuntu on my machine as well & learned that it was "free". Anyhow, I did a lot of system poking (and it poked me back, too!) & ultimately started chaos engineering. After learning a lot more about the Linux systems, I wanted to know how "apt" worked and the behind-the-scenes when we do an "apt install". And I was also curious to set up my own repository like APT (but didn't know how, back then). Soon enough, I started going to LUG (Linux Users Group) meetups & met a Debian contributor who told me that he could help me understand all of the things I wanted to know but didn't have much idea about the Ubuntu side of things. But also told me that it's more-or-less similar. So I switched to Debian and fast-forward 1 year later, I became a DD! Smile :)

Now that I knew most of the things I initially wanted to understand, I started to get fascinated with the different architectures. I took a course in my uni that sem & got to know about the basics but it was very different from what I wanted to know & saw. So I started using porter boxes, the ones that Debian provided, to play around and debug few things, here and there. It was then, I learned, how different things can be on one architecture & totally different on the other. Eventually, I got around to understanding some basic Ruby debugging on different architectures & that is when my Ubuntu contributions began.

Back in January & February of 2020, we did the ruby2.7 transition in Debian & Lucas Kanashiro wanted to get this in Ubuntu by March, so as to get this in before Focal's release. So we (me & Kanashiro) worked together to fix all sorts of problem the excuses page showed. I debugged & sent patches for armhf, s390x, and ppc64el specific issues. We used Kanashiro's PPA to get most of the things ready & I learned about the term "delta" and how we can let packages in sync if we rather upload things to Debian. So with my DD hat on, I fixed a bunch of stuff on the Debian side to get Ruby 2.7 in Focal Fossa! \o/

I also worked with Raman Sarda to get Micro (along with other golang libraries) fixed in Ubuntu, one of the packages I maintain in Debian. But ultimately, we ended up fixing things in Debian so as to avoid the unnecessary delta & let things be in sync.

And exactly 1-year later, I joined Canonical's Server team to work on Ubuntu full-time & that is when I officially started getting sponsorships from my squad & other people from the community and I am really grateful to each one of them for their time and all the help & reviews! <3

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Package Merges and Syncs

  • [2021-02-24] exim4 (4.94-15ubuntu1) - MP: #398611.

  • [2021-03-02] openvpn (2.5.1-1ubuntu1) - MP: #398987.

  • [2021-04-07] freeipmi (1.6.6-3) - MP: #400724.

  • [2021-05-05] ruby2.7 (2.7.3-2ubuntu1) - MP: #402253.

  • [2021-05-11] exim4 (4.94.2-2ubuntu1) - MP: #402442.

  • [2021-05-17] openvpn (2.5.1-3ubuntu1) - MP: #402809.

  • [2021-05-19] autofs (5.1.7-1) - MP: #398955.

  • [2021-05-25] xterm (366-1ubuntu1) - MP: #403238.

  • [2021-06-21] multipath-tools (0.8.5-2ubuntu1) - MP: #403148.

    • Extensively dropped delta:
      • See changelog of multipath-tools/0.8.5-2ubuntu1.

      • Dropped all delta that was added for udebs.
      • Dropped all delta that was added for i386-only.
      • Dropped stuff that no longer applies but we've been blindly carrying it forward.
    • Forwarded a bunch of stuff to Debian/upstream:

Bug Fixes & SRUs

Autopkgtest & DEP8

  • [2021-03-17] Wrote a DEP8 test for src:at - MP: #399718.

  • [2021-05-23] autopkgtest/gist (disabling $HTTP_PROXY issues) - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-handlebars-assets - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-rails-assets-emojione - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-rails-assets-jquery-colorbox - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-rails-assets-jquery.slimscroll - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-mousetrap-rails - salsa commit.

  • [2021-02-23] autopkgtest/ruby-rails-assets-jquery-fullscreen-plugin - salsa commit.

Proposed Migrations


  • [Ubuntu] PHP 8.0 - Transition wiki.

    • [2021-05-20] php-net-url2/2.2.1-0.2build2 - LP page.

    • [2021-05-26] phpmyadmin/4:5.0.4+dfsg2-2ubuntu1 - MP: #403226.

    • [2021-05-26] No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-core/1.7.2-1build1 - LP: #1929692.

    • [2021-05-26] sync-request/php-twig (3.3.2-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-26] php-doctrine-cache/1.10.2-2ubuntu1 (fix build w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-05-26] No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-ses/1.3.0-1build1 - LP: #1929692.

    • [2021-05-26] No-change rebuild for php-async-aws-sqs/1.3.2-1build1 - LP: #1929692.

    • [2021-05-26] sync-request/php-symfony-contracts (2.4.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-26] php-phpseclib/2.0.30-2ubuntu1 (fix build w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-05-26] No-change rebuild for php-http-interop-http-factory-tests/0.9.0-1build1 - LP: #1929692.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-email-validator (3.1.1-2) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-async-aws-core (1.10.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-async-aws-sqs (1.5.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-async-aws-ses (1.4.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] libphp-swiftmailer/6.2.4-1ubuntu1 (fix build w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/phpunit (9.5.4-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-psr-cache (3.0.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-27] sync-request/php-psr-container (2.0.1-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-28] php-wmerrors/2.0.0~git20190628.183ef7d-2ubuntu1 (fix build w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-05-28] sync-request/php-monolog (2.2.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-28] sync-request/php-amqplib (3.0.0-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-28] php-cache-lite/1.8.3-1 (uploaded to Debian) - Debian tracker page.

    • [2021-05-28] sync-request/php-cache-lite (1.8.3-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-05-28] Retry php-amqplib for all $arch with triggers to unblock from migrating. - link used for re-triggering.

    • [2021-05-28] Working out bootstrapping of php-twig for circular dependency b/w symfony & php-twig - IRC logs from #ubuntu-release.

    • [2021-05-29] php-symfony-contracts/2.4.0-1ubuntu1 (fix build w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-05-31] php-symfony-contracts/2.4.0-1ubuntu2 (fix build w/ php-cache-container) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-01] No-change rebuild for php-email-validator/3.1.1-2build1 - LP page.

    • [2021-06-01] php-cache-integration-tests/0.17.0-1ubuntu1 (fix build w/ symfony & php-twig - LP page.

    • [2021-06-02] php-league-mime-type-detection/1.5.1+ds-2ubuntu1 (fix tests w/ PHP 8.0) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-02] php-sabredav/1.8.12-9ubuntu1 (fix autopkgtest w/ PHP 8.0) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-03] sync-request/php-doctrine-annotations (1.12.1-1) (from experimental) - LP: #1929738.

    • [2021-06-03] php-twig/3.3.2-1ubuntu2 (make it build; circular-dependency breakthrough! \o/) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-03] symfony/5.2.6+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (make it build; circular-dependency breakthrough! \o/) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-04] php-cache-tag-interop/1.0.1-1ubuntu1 (fix FTBFS w/ Psr/Cache) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-04] php-doctrine-bundle/2.2.3-1ubuntu1 (make it build; circular-test-dependency breakthrough! \o/) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-07] symfony/5.2.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2 (fix FTBFS & tests w/ PHP 8 & Psr/Cache) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-09] No-change rebuild for phpmyadmin/4:5.0.4+dfsg2-2ubuntu3 - LP page.

    • [2021-06-09] php-twig/3.3.2-1ubuntu3 (re-enable tests & re-add symfony-based extensions) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-11] No-change rebuild for zeroc-ice/3.7.5-2build1 - LP page.

    • [2021-06-11] No-change rebuild for php-uopz/6.1.2-4build2 - LP page.

    • [2021-06-17] php-text-captcha/1.0.2-8ubuntu1 (fix FTBFS w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-17] php-imagick/3.4.4+php8.0+3.4.4-2+deb11u2ubuntu1 (fix FTBFS w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-18] sync'd/doctrine (2.8.4+dfsg-1) (from experimental) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-18] php-symfony-security-acl/3.1.1-1ubuntu1 (fix FTBFS w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-19] phpmyadmin/4:5.0.4+dfsg2-2ubuntu5 (fix uninstallability issues for php-defaults) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-19] php-zend-stdlib/3.3.1-3ubuntu1 (fix tests w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-21] phpseclib/1.0.19-3ubuntu2 (fix build & tests w/ PHP 8) - LP page.

    • [2021-06-22] filed hints w/ Iain (laney) to make php-defaults migrate - MP #404519.

    • [2021-06-23] announced the end of PHP 8.0's successful tranisition on ubuntu-devel@. Thread here! \o/

  • [Debian/Ubuntu] ruby2.7 - debbug #950716 & working w/ Kanashrio for arch-specific issues for 20.04.

  • [Debian] libgit2 - debbug #950716.

  • [Debian] rails - Got Rails 6 into Hirsute.

Milestones and Exceptions

  • Debian Import Freeze:
    • [2021-03-30] sync-request/rabbitmq-server (3.8.9-2) - LP: #1921908.

    • [2021-04-14] sync-request/clamav (0.103.2+dfsg-1) - LP: #1923831.

  • Other types of freeze: Whilst I did not have the opportunity to work through the other sorts of freezes, like Feature Freeze (via FFE), I've read through & understand most of those mentioned in the release schedule.

+1 maintenance

  • Shadowed Lucas Kanashiro on his +1. Report here.

    • Gave back ppc64el build for thunderbird; add update-excuse, LP: #1923505.

    • Re-triggered ruby-httpclient for amd64 to unblock migration but unsuccessful. Figured the root cause - yet another $HTTP_PROXY issue.
    • Fixed s390x failures for phpmyadmin:
    • Fixed FTBFS of phpmyadmin:
    • Extensive PHP work to unblock others:
      • 4 no-change rebuilds.
      • 12 syncs from Debian experimental.
      • 4 uploads fixing FTBFS w/ PHP 8.0.
      • Re-triggered blocked packages with -proposed enable so as to get the actual failures.
  • Shadowed Christian Ehrhardt on his +1. My report here.

    • Added hints for schleuder; MP #404025.

    • Fixed ruby-httpclient via 2.8.3-3 in Debian.

    • Requested removal of ruby-gitlab-pg-query from Impish (-proposed) - LP: #1931257.

    • Re-triggered python-django-debug-toolbar/1:3.2.1-1 for amd64 and it passed & migrated.

    • Fixed ruby-rails-html-sanitizer via 1.3.0-2 in Debian to make it work with newer API of ruby-loofah.

    • Re-triggered ruby-stackprof with glibc as triggers on amd64; it passed & unblocked glibc.

    • Re-triggered ruby-ferret with glibc as triggers on amd64; it passed & unblocked glibc.

    • Re-triggered ruby-hiredis with glibc as triggers on armhf; it passed & unblocked glibc.

    • Added hints for ruby-excon on s390x; MP #404113.


Seed Operations

  • [2021-05-31] MP #403505/systemd-container for Bionic - MP: #403505.

  • [2021-06-01] MP #403562/prips for Impish - MP: #403562.

    • [2021-06-02] MP #403602/prips for Hirsute - MP: #403602.

    • [2021-06-02] MP #403603/prips for Groovy - MP: #403603.

    • [2021-06-02] MP #403604/prips for Focal - MP: #403604.

    • [2021-06-02] MP #403605/prips for Bionic - MP: #403605.

  • [2021-06-17] MP #404326/python-aws-requests-auth for Impish - MP #404326.

    • [2021-06-22] MP #404489/python-aws-requests-auth for Hirsute - MP #404489.

    • [2021-06-22] MP #404490/python-aws-requests-auth for Groovy - MP #404490.

    • [2021-06-22] MP #404491/python-aws-requests-auth for Focal - MP #404491.

    • [2021-06-22] MP #404492/python-aws-requests-auth for Bionic - MP #404492.


Bug Triages

Areas of work

As a part of day job:

  • I mainly work on Ubuntu Server packages, since I am part of the team.
  • I am starting to help with +1 maintenance (Foundations).
  • I also do a lot of work for and with the CPC team, for instance, working on MIR requests, packaging keylime, et al.

Besides, I work on a bunch of other things on the community side:

Things I could do better

There's so much to do but oh, so little time! Sad :(

Some places where I can do better are:

  • More documentation work, including wiki edits, adding and editing guides, et al.
  • Fixing more bugs in backlog or giving them the attention they need.
  • Squashing more community bugs and try to keep the number of bugs as low as possible but I understand that's very ambitious of me!

Plans for the future


There are few things I'd like to make happen or at least work towards it:

  • Make Ubuntu Server even better & awesome! Big Grin :)

  • Unblock fellow Ubuntu contributors.
    • Help them with their stuff whenever possible.
    • Assist them in transitions, et al, whenever time allows.
    • Sponsor packages for people.
  • Become more involved with Ubuntu and join some delegated team(s) one day, like Release Team, SRU Team, MIR Team, et al.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Two things that I don't like much (which I'd like to help fix) are:

  • Lack of documentation. I'd like to encourage everyone to document more, starting with myself.
  • Lots of old bugs. There are a bunch of old bugs, sitting for $someone to take action on them. I'd like to be that $someone for as much as I can do.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.


Robie Basak

General feedback

Utkarsh is a colleague on the Canonical Server Team. I've been working with him since he joined in February. Our goal has been for Utkarsh to specifically gain sufficient expertise and experience to qualify to become an Ubuntu Core Developer, since this directly helps with the work that we do on our team.

I started with my usual reference when I've been asked in the past my expectations for a core dev applicant: In this document, I say: "I don't necessarily expect detailed direct experience in all of these, but I do expect to see direct and deep experience of at least some of them and a general understanding of most of them." Utkarsh decided to go for direct and deep experience of all of my topics, far exceeding my expectations.

It does help that Utkarsh started off as a Debian Developer already. I don't remember ever having to correct anything technical in any review. We did adjust some expectations around Ubuntu-specific process, but these were all relatively minor and Utkarsh has always been keen to do everything required, beyond reproach, as soon as he understood what was expected. Since we have covered all the major Ubuntu development processes I can think of, I'm confident that he already exceeds the Ubuntu process understanding of many existing core devs at this point.

He's also done very well with the social side, seeking guidance and sponsorship both from colleagues at Canonical in other teams, as well as from non-Canonical Ubuntu community developers. I'm confident that he will seek guidance when he needs, knows where to get that guidance, and is aware enough not to step on anyone's toes.

According to the sponsorship miner, Utkarsh's first sponsored upload was in February 2021, so applying directly for core dev in June is a short time compared to average. In mitigation, Utkarsh is already a DD, was working with Lucas on the Ruby 2.7 transition in Ubuntu in early 2020, and has far exceeded my expectations in direct experience and understanding in most Ubuntu processes in the short time that he has been on my team.

Since Utkarsh has far exceeded everything I asked of him to reach this core dev goal, I can only give him my shining endorsement! As a DMB member, I intend to abstain as I usually do for applications from direct colleagues, unless the remaining vote is unanimously positive and my vote is required for quorum.

Specific Experiences of working together

We most recently worked together on a merge of multipath-tools. This is a package that has evidently suffered from inattention during previous package merges - for example in carrying dead delta that no longer has any function, not upstreaming, and so forth. Utkarsh has spent considerable effort in making this situation better, with much upstreaming underway - albeit held up in Debian due to the bullseye freeze. The cruft is too large to practically tackle in a single cycle, but Utkarsh has reduced the technical debt here by a sizeable chunk and I hope this approach will continue and the delta will continue to be cleaned up over the next few cycles.

Areas of Improvement

I can't think of anything. Keep up the good work, but please try not to burn out!

-- racb 2021-06-28 14:56:00

Bryce Harrington

I've worked directly and extensively with Utkarsh on the PHP 8.0 transition, and reviewed/sponsored a number of the packages in the above list.

The PHP transition work has been particularly challenging due to several interlocked build and test interdependencies (doctrine x twig x symfony x psr), as well as a large variety of packaging tactics required to resolve packages. He and I are in polar opposite time zones so our collaboration was via daily hand-offs rather than pair-work, which required Utkarsh to be self-sufficient and resourceful at identifying how to deal with each different kind of problem, and to be proactive at reaching out to archive admins, release team, and upstreams to get advice and direction. I've been able to trust that giving him a rough guess about some problems with a package is enough for him to work from, and can depend on him returning at the next hand-off with either solutions or much finer grained details. Because of this, we've been able to make very solid progress day-by-day through the various PHP knots.

He is active in Debian and strives to set a good example at getting changes forwarded to Debian, or even landed in Debian first and pulled in. I readily admit he's more attentive to this than I am!

I'm pleased to see him identify documentation as an area he'd like to help work on, as insufficient or obsolete documentation seems to be an endemic problem in Ubuntu. Particularly needed are docs for packaging process corner cases such as how to handle particular types of issues that crop up in transitions and in +1 maintenance; docs could help us morph that from an art to a science.

-- bryce 2021-06-15 20:50:35

Christian Ehrhardt

General feedback

I did sponsor quite a few packages of Utkarsh by now, but more importantly also often was part of discussions around his debugging, fixing, communication around this. I'm rather sure that he will be a good core developer. He came to us with a lot of Debian expertise already and a refreshing energy and passion for whatever he works on. He quickly picked up more complex tasks like transitions and seed changes and such. Most importantly (to me whenever I'm asked to sponsor someone), not only did he do well - if in doubt he wasn't too shy to ask which I consider almost a requirement to not break things with the power granted by becoming a core-developer.

Areas of Improvement

From the cases working together he was fine on the technical level, sure he is young and will gain more experience but there is not much he needs to do/change to achieve that. You will see that he is now facing the quote: "so much to do but oh, so little time" truth of reality. Therefore in terms of areas to grow I guess the most important one will be the ability to juggle the multitude of tasks we all have concurrently going on. But we will try to guide him on that one as well so I'm confident he'll master that as well.

-- paelzer 2021-06-16 10:42:56

Gianfranco Costamagna

General feedback

I did sponsor ~10% of the packages mentioned above for Utkarsh by now, and I triggered lots of autopkgtest retries with his queries and his triggers.

He is a good Debian developer, knows how to package things, and how the whole migration stuff works. He *never* gave me a bad package to sponsor, everybody do mistakes, but he really know how to make good packages, how to unbreak things, how to clean up stuff to make it suitable for release. His work on php transition has been really appreciated.

Areas of Improvement

None, I'm pretty sure he will be a good core-dev, lets see if he can fix also non php packages! Smile :)

-- costamagnagianfranco 2021-06-17 04:20:50

Unit 193

He does Ruby, he does it well, and he's eager to forward fixes upstream. What else is there to say? +1

-- unit193 2021-06-17 21:29:29

Lucas Kanashiro

I have sponsored only 3 packages for Utkarsh in Ubuntu (merges and bug fixes), check the list below:

Apart from that I also did run some test re-triggers, did some pair bug triage sections, and also worked with him in a +1 maintenance shift.

Utkarsh is a DD for a while and he knows how things work. He knows packaging good practices and one of the good things is that he is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it. I trust him to become a core-dev mostly because of the work we have been doing in the Debian Ruby team for some years, he maintains many packages there, he is helpful and also support newcomers frequently. During the last ruby transition (ruby2.7 during the Focal development cycle), he was not yet an Ubuntu contributor but he was willing to help with it, he did fix a bunch of failures we got only in Ubuntu (for instance, Debian does not run autopkgtest in all supported architectures) and uploaded to Debian, so they could be synced in Ubuntu. I did not find a way to quantify his contributions for the ruby2.7 transition but he definitely helped to make it smoother for us from the Debian side.

I believe he has been improving his packaging skills a lot and I bet he will keep it up. I also think Utkarsh's very friendly way to interact with people is a plus and I think he can contribute a lot to the Ubuntu community.

-- lucaskanashiro 2021-06-18 14:38:29

Sergio Durigan Junior

I am a colleague of Utkarsh in the Ubuntu Server team. I have sponsored a few packages for him in Ubuntu:

Although we haven't had the opportunity to do much work together, I think Utkarsh is on the right path to improve his packaging skills and I know he is eager to contribute to the team and to the Ubuntu community in general. His work helping Bryce on the PHP transition is a testament to that. I think he will be a good member and contributor to the project.

-- sergiodj 2021-06-21 23:42:00

Josh Powers

I have had the pleasure of working with Utkarsh on a number of MIRs and SRUs. He communicates very well as others have said and has quickly learned the processes and what is required of him. I have no concerns with his ability to continue to grow and learn and look forward to seeing him apply for additional responsibilities down the road.

-- powersj 2021-06-23 17:12:49

Colin Watson

As an archive admin, I assisted Utkarsh with the PHP 8.0 transition. He communicated clearly, and although there were some glitches due to unfamiliarity with the bootstrapping process, he was able to resolve them without too much apparent difficulty.

-- cjwatson 2021-06-28 10:34:30


=== General feedback ===
## Please fill us in on your shared experience. (How many packages did you sponsor? How would you judge the quality? How would you describe the improvements? Do you trust the applicant?)

=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
## Full list of sponsored packages can be generated here:
=== Areas of Improvement ===

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