Xubuntu 14.10 Beta 1

This is the first beta towards Xubuntu 14.10 to be released in October 2014. The release announcement for Xubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 can be found at http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-10-beta-1/.

Both the Torrent and direct downloads are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/utopic/beta-1/.

New features and enhancements

  • Inxi, a tool to gather system information, is now included
  • To allow users to use pkexec for selected applications instead of gksu(do), appropriate profiles are now included for Thunar and Mousepad
  • The display dialog has been updated, multiple dispays can now be arranged by drag and drop
  • The power manager can now control the keyboard-backlight and features a new panel plugin, which shows the battery's status, other connected devices with batteries and controls the display's backlight brightness
  • The themes now support Gtk3.12
  • The alt-tab dialog can now be clicked with the mouse to select a window
  • Xubuntu minimal install available - information on installation and testing will follow shortly.

Bug fixes

  • Setting-related menu items earlier available only under Settings manager are now shown and searchable in Whiskermenu (1310264)

  • Presentation mode in Xfce4 power manager is now working (1193716)

  • apt-offline is now functional, previously "Something is wrong with the apt system" (1357217)

New application versions in the Xubuntu packageset

  • Catfish (1.2.1)
  • Xfwm4 (4.11.2)
  • Updates to xfdesktop4 (4.11.7), xfce4-panel (4.11.1), login screen (lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.9.0)
  • xfce4-appfinder (4.11.0)
  • xfce4-notifyd (0.2.4-3)
  • xfce4-settings (4.11.3)
  • xfce4-power-manager (1.3.2)
  • xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin (1.4.0)
  • Light-locker-settings (1.4.0)
  • Menulibre (2.0.5)
  • Mugshot (0.2.4)

Other changes

  • XChat is removed from the default installation; we recommend trying the Pidgin IRC feature if you need to connect sporadically. Otherwise, if you prefer XChat, it's still available for installation in the repositories.

Known Issues

  • Video corruption when booting a virtual livesession (1357702)

  • Failure to configure wifi in live-session (1351590)

  • com32r error on boot with usb (1325801)

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